My Goal For 2014 Q2

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In one of my first posts this year I set out a series of six goals which I wanted to achieve over the course of 2014. I decided to break the year into quarters, and set a sub goal for each quarter. The subgoal would either be to directly achieve on of the six main goals, or to help me on my way to achieving them.

My goal for the first quarter of the year was to fuck 7 new girls. As of last Saturday, that goal has been achieved (edit: I actually fucked an 8th a couple of days after I started writing this). Through a mixture of Tinder, cold approach, and POF I made it happen. It was very frustrating at times, but I had a lot of fun (even though I was worried I had picked up an STD at one point after raw dogging some girls). I would have prefered for all the lays to be cold approach, but the goal wasn’t specific.

Another one of my goals was to save £2.5k. I’ve managed about £500 so far. Although I’m behind with that figure, this is a big thing for me. Saving is something I’ve never been disciplined enough to do in the past, so that fact that I’m getting in the habit of not spending all of the money I make is a great start.

At some point soon I’ll do a retrospective on the last 3 months. I learned some things and identified some weaknesses in my game, so it’ll be worth doing a post on. I should really do that now, but I’m too excited at the prospect of setting my next goal.

Without further ado, my target for 2014 Q2 is (drum roll…):

Get my first daygame lay

Simple to state, but as my previous forays into daygame have proved, not so simple to achieve. As with all goals, the methodology for achievement is:

  1. Make a definite goal
  2. Plan how you intend to achieve that goal
  3. Take action

I’ve stated the goal, so I now need a plan. I think it’s always best to plan backwards from your goal in order to let the goal itself dictate how it can realistically be achieved. So lets work backwards from the end goal of a daygame lay:

How do I get a day game lay? By taking a girl I met during daygame on a date, and fucking her.

How may girls will I need to take on dates before one of them will have sex with me? For online / club game, taking 3 girls on dates will pretty much 100% guarantee me I’ll fuck one of them. I don’t think 3 is enough for daygame though. Going on dates from day game doesn’t seem to get me the same results as with night game. I’ve gone on dates with 4 girls from day game and laid none of them. I’m going to say it could take me 6 day twos to get laid from day game.

How many girls will I have to open to get one day two from daygame? I have no idea. All I know is that it’s more than 10 and less than 50. I’m going to say 30.

How many girls do I have to open to get six dates, and therefore a lay, from day game? 30 x 6 = 180

How many sets will I have to open a week to get to 180 in the quarter? 180 / 12 = 15

How many hours a week will I need to sarge to get in 15 sets a week? I think I’ll average 2 sets an hour. Yes, it’s possible to do twice that, but with initially high levels of daytime AA, plus factoring in time for instadates, I think this is realistic. That means I’ll need to sarge 7.5 hours per week.

What will my sarging schedule need to look like in order to get in 7.5 hours a week? The following schedule should do it:


6:00pm Finish Work
6:30pm Arrive at Oxford Street
6:30pm – 8:00pm Sarge


6:00pm Finish Work
6:15pm Eat diner at work
6:45pm Arrive at Oxford Street
6:45pm – 7:45pm Sarge
8:15pm Arrive home
8:45pm Arrive at gym


Kept free for dates or seeing friends, with option to do another 90 minutes of sarging if I’m free.


6:00pm Finish Work
6:15pm Eat diner at work
6:45pm Arrive at Oxford Street
6:45pm – 7:45pm Sarge
8:15pm Arrive home
8:45pm Arrive at gym


Kept free for dates or seeing friends, with option to do another 90 minutes of sarging if I’m free.


10:00am Wake up
10:30am -12:00pm Laundry / cleaning
1:00pm -3:30pm Sarge at Saturday Sarge
4:00pm – Arrive home
5:00pm – 6:00pm Shopping
7:00pm Start predrinking for nightgame


11:00am Wake up
12:30pm-1:00pm Gym
2:30pm-5pm Sarging
5pm – 9pm Dates
10pm Food prep / ironing for the coming week

This schedule will lead to 8.5 hours day gaming a week. Considering I will want to be doing career development work most nights on top if this, it’s actually a very demanding schedule. Even with this it will be hard to get the 7.5 hours in. This coming week for example I have an appointment Tuesday night, date Wednesday night and a girl staying with me all day Sunday so it’s going to be hard to fit those 7.5 hours I need in.

Sarging is like walking the daygame path. It’s the raw effort required to obtain results. That’s only one part of the equation though. You also need a good map to help you navigate the path effectively. My map will come in two forms. Firstly, I’m going to buy Krauser’s Daygame Mastery book. Everything I’ve heard about it leads me to believe that this is the daygame book. Secondly, for the first time ever since starting game I will be paying for tuition. I hate the idea of a boot camp. I don’t think you can learn a complicated skill like game in just one weekend. It’s a bit like learning the piano. People don’t go on a weekend piano bootcamp and expect to be able to play well at the end of it. They get regular lessons with a teacher. The teacher gives them guidance and corrects mistakes. The pupil then goes away and practices, and the cycle starts again with the next lesson, and on until competence is achieved. I’m going to take this approach to learning game. Over the next three months I hope to be getting hour long one on one lessons with the guy from gaydame, probably once every couple of weeks.

My quest for daygame competence starts on Monday.

There’s a lot I want to achieve this year. After holding down a full time job, hitting the gym 3 times a week, sarging and dating it didn’t look like I’d have time to do much else. Recently I’ve had some tasks that I just haven’t got started on for weeks, like giving my flat a deep clean and getting really good at JavaScript.

Despite being very busy, I thought I must surely be able to fit in a up to 5 hours a week to work on these things. So I sat down to work out how much free time I had in a week after work, cooking, shopping, sarging, dating and gyming. Sure enough there was plenty of free time remaining most weeks to get in at least 5 hours of productive work. That’s what the maths said, but in reality I never seemed to have free time. There were lost hours in my life, probably over a dozen per week.

It didn’t take me long to work out how these dozen lost hours were being spent.

Blogs. Twitter. Youtube videos. Porn. I was frittering away my precious time online. As a result, I decided to ban the Internet.

This is actually slightly more extreme than it sounds. I don’t want to completely cut out the Internet. It’s an amazing resource, that amongst other things had provided me with knowledge that gets me laid. The actual rules which I imposed on myself are as follows:

  • No internet on weekends
  • No internet for 1 weeknight a week that isn’t a gym night
  • Whatsapp is excluded from the ban (need to talk to girls)
  • Internet usage is excluded from the ban if it’s used to directly aid a productive pursuit (for example looking up information when working on a new programming project which will help my career, use of WordPress for blogging).
  • Internet usage is excluded from the ban if it’s used to aid me logistically (finding venues to take a girl that weekend, getting directions)

I’ve done this for about a week so far, and although I’ve strayed a little, I’ve already seen great gains in productivity. I just have huge chunks of time where I’m just sat there thinking, “What do I do now”? Since I don’t really watch TV the only answer to that question is to do productive work. So far I’ve tided part of my flat, bought a book on node.js, got a development environment set up, and started learning to code on this platform. A tidy flat is good for bringing girls back, and the technologies I’m learning could lead to contract work that pays $600 – $1000 per day. My time is now well spent, thanks to lack of Internet.

When Game Doesn’t Seem Like Game

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When people think of game, they usually think of some sort of learned behavioural skill or thought pattern. For example having good body language and defeating shit tests are behavioural skills. Being present to the moment and having a sense of entitlement are thought patterns. There are, however, many decisions you make during night game, that don’t seem like they are part of the game skill set. Despite this, they can have a massive impact on your success rate. For this reason, the ability to make good decisions can be seen as being part of good night game. I think of it as the strategy side of night game.

As you get better at game, you will find that there are probably multiple girls in the club on a given night who will spend a lot of time with you. Time in the club is a precious resource. Most people can get in at most two 4 hour sessions of club time per week. They may even have to miss a few of these sessions every month due to money / time constraints. This means which girls you spend your time with in the club is important. There’s a huge opportunity cost of spending too much time with the wrong girls.

To help with this, I have categorized girls, and outlined do to deal with each type to maximize your use of time. Note that these are all girls who you’ve opened and hooked, and now seem willing to spend time with you.

Girls who want free drinks. This is actually really rare in London, although I did run into a girl like this the other night. The difficult part is that not every girl that asks you to buy her a drink falls into this category. In fact, most girls that ask me to buy them a drink want to fuck me. I’m not going to go into too much detail about this here because I could write a whole post about it. Basically, if they seem interested in getting to know you as a person (not grinding you, getting to know you) and are showing involuntary signs of attraction to you (eg pupils dilated aka Anime eyes) and they ask you to buy them a drink, they’re probably not tooling you (doesn’t mean you should buy them one though! Just don’t give up on the set). If they seem overly flirty on a superficial level, not interested in learning more about you, and they buy you a drink, then they’re attempting to waste both your time and your money. Move on.

Polite timewasters. This phrase was coined by my natural wing. These are girls who will happily spend a long time talking to you, but who are in no way sexually interested in you. They are actually fairly rare, as a girl often won’t spend much time with you in a club if she isn’t interested. The key to finding these girls out it physical escalation. If she won’t even let you pull her in close or hold her hand after 15 minutes of talking, the girl most likely falls into this category. You really are wasting your precious time here. Move on.

Down to fuck (DTF) girls. The night game jackpot. These girls are very physical very early on and may even escalate on you. You should be looking to extract them quickly for sex. I’d say within 15 – 60 minutes of meeting them. The key sign here is although they’re interested in talking to you, they are even more interested in getting physical with you.

Girls who like you but won’t fuck that night. She’s interested in you. Will let you kiss her after 20 minutes of chatting. Happy to ditch her friends for most of the night to talk to you. When it comes to optimizing the use of your precious time in the club, this is actually the most difficult girl. On the one hand they’re a strong future prospect for sex. On the other hand, it’s not going to be tonight. The thing with these girls is once you’ve spent a certain amount of time talking to them, you’re losing nothing by sending her back to her friends then going off and finding a new girl. This is because once you’ve chatted for about 30 minutes (this is by no means a set figure), got her to invest, and built comfort with some wide rapport and a little deep rapport, then any further time spent with her that night is wasted. Best case scenario would be that spending all night with her vs 30 minutes with her leads to a first date lay vs a second date lay because she spent more time getting to know you in the club*.

What I would suggest with these girls is that once you’ve done enough to secure the date, you move on and try and find a girl for that night. This is where it gets complicated, and is something I struggle with. There’s three reasons it’s hard to walk away at this point:

1. You probably quite like the girl (if I don’t like a girl’s personality 30 minutes in I push for SNL and eject if I don’t get one). It’s hard to leave a girl you like spending time with to go back on the hunt. It’s like being in the warm end of the pool, getting out and immediately jumping into the cold end. You go from kissing and chatting nicely with your girl, back to getting back turns and bitchfaces from other girls you’ll approach. That’s a tough decision to make.

2. You risk her flaking on you as a result of her seeing you hitting on / making out with other girls. Some girls will actually become more attracted to you when they see this. I actually attribute one of my lays last year to jealousy induced by me tonging another girl in front of the one I ended up sleeping with.  Having said that, some girls will react the opposite way and have nothing to do with you if they see you going for it with other girls.

3. She might actually be an inbetweener (see next category), who’s willing to fuck you tonight, but just not so DTF she’ll do it within 60 minutes of meeting you. This is where it gets tough. There’s always the possibility that she’ll come home with you at the end of the night, so by leaving her you could be chucking away a SNL. I’m going to talk about how to deal with this in the inbetweeners category.

The Inbetweener. I call this type of girl the inbetweener because she’s inbetween DTF and ‘Interested but won’t fuck you tonight’. This girl shows interest in getting you know you. She allows some escalation but isn’t massively sexual with you. Any early (within 60 minutes of meeting her) attempts to get her to come home with you are instantly rejected. Despite all this, unlike the previous type of girl, if you stick in there, get to know her, have fun with her, escalate a bit, this girl may well come home with you. The “Not tonight girl” has already made her mind up early on, and certainly will never SNL. In contrast this girl will wait and see how she feels later in the night. All is to play for here.

I haven’t found a way to distinguish this type of girl from the previous type early on yet. The only way I know she isn’t a “Not tonight girl” is when she comes home with me, usually right near the time the club closes. By then if she doesn’t come home with you you’ve wasted prime sarging time when you could have just taken her number. I’m sure there will be a way to tell with a very high degree of accuracy what type of girl you’re dealing with early on. Girls always subtly sub communicate so much about themselves in a seemingly minor ways. Once a player has enough reference experiences to separate the signal from the noise and link certain outcomes to certain early behaviour patterns, I think he can predict the future of the set with scarey precision.

I’m not good enough yet to predict that well, so I have to treat not tonight girls and inbetweeners the same. The way I deal with this is by using what I refer to as Breaks. After about 30 minutes, when I have her hooked, invested and comfortable with me, I take a break from her. I take her number and tell her, “I want to spend some time with my friends now. I hope to come and see you later tonight, but just in case I don’t give me your number”. I then take her back to her friends, and go and sarge in a different part of the club. 30 minutes later, I’ll come back and see her again, for 15 minutes, then leave for another 30 minute solo sarge ‘Break’. Every now and again I’ll see if I can get her to leave with me. Rinse and repeat till you leave with another girl you met on a Break, or the night ends and you leave with this girl. If this doesn’t happen then Plan B is to take her on a day 2. This way you make optimal use of your time in the club. I’m only just starting to do this, as due to my introvert I find it hard to go from 30 minutes of deep conversation back to cold approaching. As I force myself into the cold end of the pool, I think I’ll see a nicely increased success rate from this tactic.

People these days hate on Mystery’s 7 hour rule because they’ve met DTF (category 3) girls and closed them within less than an hour. They use this to ‘prove’ the rule is invalid. In fact it holds for at least 80%+ of girls.

My Goal For 2014 Q1

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In my post about my goals for 2014 I stated that I’d give my primary focus to one goal at a time, probably focusing on one per quarter. For the first quarter of 2014 I have decided to focus on my first goal, which is to fuck 20 new women this year.

Obviously I don’t intend to reach this goal over the course of 3 months (the first quarter of 2014). What I will do is focus on quantity. My goal for 2014 Q1 is to sleep with 7 new women. I think this is a good goal for the first part of the year for a number of reasons.

If I achieve it I will be ‘ahead’ of my goal to get 20 notches by the end of the year, meaning that my first goal of 2014 should then be fairly easy to achieve after that.

This time of the year isn’t the best for daygame because of the weather. I know I’ll use the weather as an easy excuse not to daygame, so I’m more likely to fail at my daygame goal (getting my first day game lay ever) if I go after that in the first quarter. In addition to this, my biggest sticking point with day game at the moment is AA. This is partly because it’s on the street and not in a club, and partly because I do day game sober. At the moment I am doing 1/2 of all sarges stone cold sober. I’m also doing some street approaches. Doing these things over the next 3 months will help to lessen AA for when I come onto my day game goal later in the year. If I attempted the day game goal in the first quarter, I think I’d fail due to AA.

Getting 7 lays in about 13 weeks will require lots of approaches. Lots of approaches mean lots of opportunities to fail and succeed, and analyse those failures and successes in order to improve. This will maximise my chances of achieving my goal of fucking an HB8+ this year. I think when I’m focusing on laying an HB8+ my success rate will drop because I’ll be approaching hot girls almost exclusively. It’ll be good to be doing this after I’ve already racked up high numbers so this doesn’t compromise my lay count goal.

Plan of Action

I think achieving things is on a basic level a 3 step process:

  1. Make a definite goal
  2. Plan how you intend to achieve that goal
  3. Take action

I’ve got point 1 covered, but if I never work out what I need to do week in week out over the next 12 weeks I will fail to achieve my goal. That would be like setting out on a journey to a distant destination without a map. If you don’t know how to get where you want to go, you’ll never make it there.

This lead me to a question. What will I have to do to sleep with 7 girls in 3 months? I decided, that although I could be better at game I have enough seduction skill to achieve this already. If I just open enough girls in 3 months I’ll fuck 7 of them.  This lead me to another question. How many girls do I need to open in order to have a very high probability of fucking 7 of them? My guess was 250. Sure I may get the lays with far fewer women opened, but I want to almost guarantee it. Trouble is, that’s 20 a week. Not impossible, but, very very high.To make things easier, I don’t see why around half my lays shouldn’t come from online dating, which when used on a mobile device would allow me to spend a greater amount of time per week contacting girls than if I just did cold approach. In the end I decided I’d need to do 12 cold approaches a week and contact 10 girls online.

I’ve already been putting this plan into effect. I keep track of my approaches with a counter app on my phone and I’m making sure I hit the dozen weekly. So far I’ve laid two new girls. A good start but I’ve got a feeling I’ll have to step the approaching up a notch next month in order to guarantee I hit my goal.

My Goals for 2014

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My goals for 2014 are similar to 2013. The mainly relate to pussy and money. They are as follows:

  1. Sleep with 20 new girls
  2. Get my first day game lay
  3. Fuck my first HB8+
  4. Save £2,500
  5. Visit Japan
  6. Get my front end development skills up to senior level

Last year I did say I was more concerned with quality than quantity. As my 20 notches goal shows, I’ve changed my mind on that slightly. There are a couple of reasons for this. Firstly is the player self image. More about this in an other post, as it’s an interesting topic all on it’s own. The crux of it is that if you bang a lot of girls you’ll view yourself as a player and therefore act like a player, without even thinking about it. This leads to more success. Secondly is that to some extent, quality is a product of quantity. I really believe that if I try hard to bang 20+ girls this year, I’ll actually have more of a chance of banging an HB8+ than if I try and “go for quality” and just focus on the hotter girls. It seems counter intuitive but I think it’s true. In the last year I slept with more HB7-7.5s than ever before, because I slept with more women. RooshV  very eloquently explains how this works. Simply adding points to my bell curve may well help get my highest quality lays up.

To some extent, quality is a product of quantity

I still really want to break day game. As I move into my mid thirties in the next few years, I’m forsee that I’ll want to transition away from the clubs to street game. AA is still holding me back here. I’ve also come to realise the fact that most of my sarging is done under the influence of alcohol but I’m sober in the street is part of the problem. As such I’m making sure 50% of all of my night game is done sober from now on, to help prepare me for success in the street.

The obscure sounding career goal is step one in my (as of now fairly vague) plan to gtfo of my day job. More on that another time.

I think the hardest will be getting the HB8+. I still view these girls in my mind as being too good for me, and as a consequence of this mostly don’t open them. I’m not good looking enough to get them on looks alone, so I’ll need a healthy does of solid game. So I need to work on both my inner and outer game to lay my first 8+, and when you consider that, in addition to that most HB8+s are in limited supply, you can see I have a challenge ahead.

The biggest thing I’m changing from previous years is how I’m going about setting goals. Firstly, I limited myself to half a dozen goals. Some were left off, but I’ve noticed that in previous years there were just too many. If you want to do achieve a tough goal you have to focus the majority of your effort on one goal at a time. With 6 goals for a year I just about have enough time and focus to give each of them the attention the need. I’ll see how it goes, but in future years I may even knock it down to 3. To be honest, even a single goal as big as getting a day game lay or banging an 8 would be worthy of devoting a whole year of effort to on their own.

Secondly, I’m setting a main focus goal every quarter. Each quarter of the year I’ll pick on of the goals and give that the majority of my focus. Yes, I do realise the year only has 4 quarters, not six. I think some of my goals will be achieved in the background, with very little active focus given to them.

In my next post I’ll talk about the first quarters goal.

As with my last field report this relates to a girl I already met in a club and had been one one date with. The girl in question was of Iranian descent, but spent the majority of her life growing up in this country. She was very sexual. I’ve always wanted a Middle Eastern girl because of the looks, and this one was the same: long, dark semi curly hair, dark eyes, wide hips, small waist, big tits. When I first met her in the club I thought she was an 8. When she turned up to the first date and I was sober and she wasn’t tarted up as much, I’d say she was a 6.5.

The previous date had ended with me throwing her against the wall in a lift, grabbing her around the thighs and picking her up so her legs were around my waist whilst passionately kissing her. Despite this she wouldn’t go home with me, but I had high hopes for the second date.

I apologise in advance that readers won’t get much out of this in terms of analysing what made the seduction successful, as it was pretty much a lock by the time this date came around, and it’s the second date that this field report relates too.

I was between jobs so had a free week day, and she had a job interview near my flat. We met one tube stop from me and went to lunch. We chatted about career, family and food. No real game stuff except talking about my plans and ambitions for the future. Girls like a guy with plans and ambitions.

After lunch we walk back to the tube station. We stand talking outside for about 5 minutes. Since she’s showing no signs of leaving despite us just being stood outside of the station, it’s looking pretty obvious that she’ll come home with me. I ask if she wants to and she instantly accepts.

Once in my flat we go straight to it. There’s no LMR. I fuck her doggy after sucking on her large tits, and come a bit too early.

After sex we talk about how she’s a part of a all girl fetish / sex club that hold regular meetups and go to fetish events like Torture Garden together. She says they’re looking for men to go to sex parties with. She shows me pictures on her phone of other girls in the group, most of them naked. Nice.

As is often the case, you learn little from success and a lot from failure. As such, I didn’t really learn much from this, but it was an enjoyable lay all the same.

2013: Year Review

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If I had to sum up my progress this year in a nutshell, I would describe it as steady but not earth shattering. As you will see I’ve made incremental progress, but despite this nothing I’d consider really game changing has happened.

Firstly, lets talk about the sex. As with both Krauser and Tom Torero the only stat I know for sure is my new notch count. I don’t know what my open or number close or date numbers are. In terms of approaches I would estimate that I made at least 250, and at the very most around 400. That’s all cold approaches, night game or day game, It does not included the girls I contact using online dating, which is fairly large.

Total new notches for 2013: 16
Online: 3
Night game: 13
Day game: 0
Social Circle: 1

This is a 1/3rd increase from last years notch count of 12. I would also say that my quality has increased over last year. It’s had to quantify, but I’d say it’s gone up on average by half a point. I still did a few rotters this year though.

That’s the lays, but I also had a whole set of goals for 2013. A good thing about having a blog is that your goals are kept on public record, so that both you and others are able to hold you to account. According to this very blog, my goals for 2013 were as follows. The crossed out ones are the ones I was successful in meeting. Comments are in italics.

  1. Become competent at IOS (iPhone/Pad) programming. Due to the ever changing tech market I decided this really wasn’t the best use of my time.
  2. Get a new job with slightly more responsibility. Earning a fair amount more cash now too.
  3. Expand my seduction community social circle by at least a couple of (decent) people. Have realised I’ll never have a huge social circle, it’s not in my nature. Still can do with expanding it slightly.
  4. Go to meet ups regularly. I found a social meetup I like where I can mix socialising, networking and sarging. Need to work on the social side of things.
  5. Make 2/3 new friends outside of the community. I made one friend this year. Yay. Will expand on this next year, but again never going to have a huge social circle, and I’m OK with that.
  6. Travel abroad at least twice. Paris and Belgrade.
  7. Do two interesting things a month. It can be a trip abroad or just going to a restaurant which is a little different. Didn’t keep up with this habit.
  8. Stop smoking.
  9. Stop spending loads of cash on sexual services. Have cut down, but not completely cut it out yet.
  10. Continue reading a book a month. More or less.
  11. Sleep with a dozen women (although I’m more concerned with quality these days).
  12. Start regularly approaching girls in the day time. I made a big effort for about 6 weeks, but I have so much AA in the daytime that it stops sarging being fun or productive.
  13. Get my first day game lay. (As the weather gets warmer next year I’m really going to push for this one. I can do it through sheer volume of approaches if I have to. I don’t think it’s possible for me to do 100 day game approaches and not get laid). See above.
  14. Keep my flat tidy. Did better than last year, but not enough to cross this off.
  15. Get a 6 pac (I’m so close but need to stop dieting now) Came close but only started dieting in November. 2 months wasn’t enough.

I achieved about half of my goals. All in all I feel like I moved forward this year, but my life is fundamentally the same. I want to make changes so big that I feel like I’m almost living a new life. My goals for next year (I’ll post about these soon) should reflect this.

I think my two main problems (apart from my lack of discipline) were that I set too many goals, and didn’t focus on one goal at a time. I will addresses these points in the way in which I go about setting next years goals in my upcoming post.

Field Report 2 of 12: Huge Boobies

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This is a 3rd date with a girl who I met almost a month ago in a bar. The previous two dates went well. She gave me a hand job in her car on the first date, but I’m yet to bang her.

The girl’s pretty. A high 7 or low 8 if you like Indian looking girls (I say looking because she’s mixed race, not actually Indian), but only a 7 if you don’t like this type. She’s very tall for a girl, standing at probably over 6ft when in heels (I’m 5’9″). She has the voluptuous Kim Kardashian type body and always dresses in a glamorous way to show it off: heels, tight, short skirt, epic cleavage. She gets eyed up by men a lot. She just seems the type who’d end up dating some 6ft3 built semi criminal badboy, but she denies liking this sort of man.

In terms of personality she’s very confident and assertive, and won’t shy from confrontation. I think this is a bit of an act to a certain extent, and deep down she is softer than she makes out. I’ve told her this.

For our third date we meet in central London 20 minutes later than planned because she has difficulties finding a parking space. I have a mini rant about how having a car and living in central London is just a waste of time. With the tube network it’s just unnecessary and when you factor in finding parking spaces, having a car becomes a bit like a ball and a chain limiting your movements in some cases.

When we finally make it to the Soho bar (as per a recommendation on a forum) the place is fairly busy. It’s a cocktail bar with no menu. The bar tender just asks me to tell him what sort of stuff I like, and based on this he makes me a cocktail. Nice. She asks for fresh orange juice and he says they don’t have any. She complains about this and points out the fact there’s a whole orange behind the bar. He tells her that would require him to squeeze her an orange juice, and that’s not happening. The guy’s quite funny actually. Eventually she decides on a fruit juice cocktail. After making it the bar tender cuts a huge over sized slice of orange and sticks it in her glass, telling her she can nibble on that if she gets hungry. She’s not impressed. I’m in stitches. I point out a free space at a table and she sits down while I pay.

We chat about various medial ailments we have. I moan about my IBS. I got it this year and it keeps making my stomach swell up to the point I look fat, despite a recent diet bringing my bodyfat percentage down to below average. I tell her how I’m making it my mission to bring it under control next year, despite doctors not being that helpful about it (many doctors claim IBS can’t be cured).

I know another decent bar in the area which probably won’t be quite as loud or crowded so we go there for a second drink. We talk about our musical tastes. She’s really into her music so blasts me for my choices. I tease her about trying to be too cool for school with her musical tastes. I go a little sexual with the conversation, telling her she acts all tough but when I get her into bed I’m going to put her across my knee and spank her before fucking her hard. She notes that my personality changes a fair amount when I drink. She says I get noticeably more chilled out, give much less of a fuck about anything and get a lot more sexual. In other words my game gets a lot better after 2 – 3 drinks. This is something I’ve noticed recently too, and will be something I address in a future post. I need to sort this out if I’m ever to do as well in day game as I do in night game.

We go back to her car and make out a little. I tell her to drive us to get food then back to mine to eat. She says we’ll end up fucking if that happens. I tell her maybe. She tells me she can fuck me whenever she wants. I tell her I may well surprise her. She refuses to go back to mine. She wants to make out some more, but I say I best be heading home. My thinking is she can’t have everything physical on just her terms.

She drives me to a station, and on the way she suddenly winds down the window when stopped at lights. She shouts to this arab guy in the car next to us asking what he wanted (turns out he gestured to her to wind down her window, I never saw this). He says she looks really nice, then looks at me and says, “That must be your brother with you” before speeding off. People who know about game know this is a ploy to frame me as someone who couldn’t possibly be her boyfriend. The girl picked up on this saying that it was obvious he was saying this to be a twat, as I couldn’t be her brother because of our different ethnicities. Usually if a guy gives a girl I’m with a compliment like this to hit on her I’d say something like, “It’s really nice of you to say that, thanks” in a voice that contains a hint of condescension, with the frame basically being, “Aww, isn’t he nice (and non sexually threatening)”. In this case it happened so fast I didn’t get a chance. I will admit this threw me a little bit. As I start to date better looking women I need to get better at handling male competition, both outwardly and emotionally, as I’m going to run into it more and more often.

Not much really happened on the date. We’re still in contact and she wants to meet up when I get back to London after Christmas. I’d say I’m fairly likely to get the lay, but I don’t like the fact it’s been 3 dates without any sex. It’s possible that she’s just keeping me around as an option. All in all she’s a girl I’d casually date, but her personality isn’t the type I’d go long term with.

Things I did well:

  • No huge mistakes made

Things I did badly:

  • Could have spoke more about her job when she brought it up. It’s quite an emotionally charged job so it’s a good topic of conversation and helps me get to know her better.
  • Need to be able to game the same sober as drunk
  • Need to get batter at handling guys hitting on girls I’m with

In order to continuously improve I have decided to post field reports for my next dozen ‘interactions’, with an interaction being either a date or a sarging session. I will write up each of the next dozen, whether they go well or go badly. I’m hoping to spot patterns to help me determine both what I’m doing right, and what I’m doing wrong. I’ll also be posting to a number of forums to get feedback. This is something I haven’t done regularly in a long time, so I’m hoping it will help take me to the next level.

About a week ago I met a cute Bulgarian at a club. I’m not going to go into much detail about the initial interaction, as this field report is about the resulting date. I opened her when she was with a group of her friends. Isolated her within 2 minutes by taking her to a secluded outdoor seating area to smoke. Chatted to her for 15 minutes. Went for the kiss, got told I was moving too fast. She wanted to go back to her friends, so we swapped numbers.

After that I didn’t think she was very interested due to the way she ended our chat fairly abruptly. Turns out I was wrong, because midday the next day she texts me first. This is rare for a girl. She seems to want to chat a lot via text, and comments that I don’t text back much. We agree to meet at a bar close to where both of us live, on the following saturday.

Saturday comes around and I’m just not feeling that energised about the date. I feel like I’ve had a fairly good year this year on multiple levels, and now I’m just hibernating until I start my new job in January. An old FB texts me before I leave asking if I want to come round to bang. I tell her I can’t tonight, I’m going out. Even if I wasn’t my sex drive seems fairly low at the moment anyway.

I turn up 10 minutes late and the first thing I notice is that she’s not as hot as I remember. I thought she was a high 7 if not an 8 but now she’s looking like she’s barely scraping a 7. We walk to the bar I’ve chosen, and conversation is strained. I’m in a very introverted mood and my conversational machinery hasn’t warmed up yet.

In the bar I find us seats. It’s a long wall seat on one side of a little table, and a chair the other side. I motion for her to seat on the wall seat and then get us drinks from the bar. The space next to her is taken up by her coat and handbag, so I sit opposite her. I think I can just spend 30 minutes getting to know her face to face, then bounce to another venue where I can get closer, sexualise, touch and escalate, with the ultimate goal being taking her home tonight since we’re so close to my place. The combination of location and the fact she’s agreed to meet on a Saturday night lead me to think a first date lay should be possible.

She soon asks if I’d prefer to sit next to her, “Unless you’re scared?”. I smile and move next to her. The distance is now fine to go for the kiss.

There’s a couple sat next to us, their table close to ours. It seems that a group of the man’s friends are also in the bar. One of them comes and blows out the candle on their table as a joke. This will become relevant later…

We talk about Bulgaria. I tease her about how she lives in the mountains and has to feed her fathers goats every day. We talk about our jobs, families, and hopes for the future. Although I wouldn’t describe her as being closed, she doesn’t seem to give me a lot to work with in terms of conversation. It just feels like a mix of her not having much in the way of life experiences / opinions on things and a lack of natural personal chemistry between us. There’s a muted vibe and I certainly don’t give it 100%. For example, when talking about travel there are long, engaging stories I could, but I don’t. We just aren’t connecting on a deep level, and I’m not really laying on the seductive vibe either.

Now back to the table next to us. One of the guys fuckwit friends decides to start throwing ice at him. He throws a few cubes over the course of 10 minutes. Although it’s not aimed at me and the girl and never hits us, it’s just disconcerting that it’s coming close. The Bulgarian asks if the guy’s aiming at me and I explain the situation. Here’s where I feel I pussied out. I think I should have gone over to the group and told the guy I didn’t want him throwing ice in our direction. Thing is in situations like this I always play “what ifs” in my head. Like what if he refuses to stop? What if he’s abusive? What are my chances of beating him in a fight if it goes that way? What about him and his mates? This is obviously way over thinking things, and it seems like man on man confrontation is something I need to work on.

I kiss close the girl and we have another drink. As we both finish our second drinks I know I should pull the trigger and take her to one more bar for one more drink, escalate more then try and take her home. But I just sit there. For some reason I don’t have the urge. She says, “Time to leave?”. I say yes, walk her to the tube, and we part ways. Although she’s responding to my texts, she’s a lot more distant than she was. I don’t think this one is going to happen.

Now for the analysis.

What I did right:

  • Good logistical setup
  • Escalated to the kiss

What I did badly:

  • Didn’t put enough effort into making interesting conversation
  • Shied away from man vs man confrontation when it would have been appropriate
  • Didn’t take enough control of the date in terms of venue bounces
  • Didn’t pull the trigger

The main learning point here is in regards to pulling the trigger. There came a point in this set where I realised there wasn’t enough personal chemistry between us for this to be about anything other than sex. I wouldn’t even want to see her again for a second date. When I realise that on a date I need to stop running the whole bf style K-Selected game and run the faster, more aggressive and sexual R-Selected game. I have come to realise that I can come across very differently on dates as compared to when I first meet a girl. In short when I meet a girl in a club I’m more drunk and more sexual to how I am on a date. Alcohol and gaming differently on dates is something I’m going to cover in future posts.

One More Set

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In the past 4 weeks I’ve got 4 new notches past 5 weeks I’ve got 5 new notches (plus a hand job from a 6th girl), including a 3 week run with a new SNL each week. With 6 weeks left in the year I have already beaten last year’s notch count by a small margin. This all sounds great on paper, but I have a problem.


It’s plain to see that the quantity is there, but I want to drastically increase the quality of the women I fuck. When I talk about quality in this context please note I mean only the physical attractiveness of the girls. Chastity / personality isn’t what I’m talking about. To be more specific, I’d say my average lay is just above the HB6 mark at the moment. I want that average to creep up to a HB7. At the moment I have never laid a girl who I could legitimately call an 8.

Something is obviously going wrong when I’m interacting with the hot women. At the moment I’m not sure what this is. When you’re trying to do something and not succeeding, the first thing you need is data. You need lots of experiences of failure so you can spot patterns. An example of a pattern would be the fact I realised I earlier this year that I was mostly only getting SNLs when the girl asked me to come home with her, or at least massively hinted that we should go home together. Female sexual nature being what it is, if you are waiting for a girl to initiate the extraction to the sex location, you’ll be missing out on a lot of SNLs, simply because many girls will never initiate this. In the later part of this year I’ve asked women to come home with me more regularly, so have got more SNLs since then. I broke the pattern of not trying to extract girls who were ready to leave the club with me. I still don’t do this quite as much as I should, but now I have identified the mistake I can work on this.

These patterns may or may not be mistakes which are stopping you getting what you want. You change what you do in order to break the pattern. If this new approach gets you what you want, great. If not back to the drawing board.

Spotting these patterns requires large amounts of data. If something happens irregularly you won’t spot patterns that easily. If something happens to you all the time the patterns / mistakes will probably be blindingly obvious to you.

So how do I gather data as it relates to trying to fuck hot women? Approaching.

I need lots of data, therefore I need to approach lots of hot women. I know some people in the community talk like approaching is all there is to it. Do 2,000 sets and you’ll from then on be amazing with women. This is obviously not true. There’s a lot of work that needs doing besides approaching. That’s fine. I’m doing much of that work. Having said that, what I need to do now in order to improve is to gather data by approaching large numbers of hot women.

To make sure I get the approaches in I plan to set approach targets. This is something I haven’t done in ages, but I think having set numerical targets is the only way I’ll break the habit of just doing around half a dozen approaches a week, at most.

I’m going to set may targets small at first. I don’t want to constantly be missing them and feeling like I’m failing, and give up. Once I’m consistently hitting them I can start to up them. Here are my targets:

10 sets a week of which:
At least 4 sets must be day game
At least 5 sets must be on HB8+ girls

Hopefully by January I will be hitting this and able to up it to around 15 a week., with 10HB8+ girls. A few months of that and I should have all the data I need to work out what’s going wrong.