The journey begins

Posted: January 11, 2010 in Uncategorized

Different guys tend to respect differing qualities in other guys. For example, some men respect a man who can fight, while other’s think this is just a bit too primal and so aren’t impressed. Other men respect a man who can make loads of money in business, but other’s believe this to be overly capitalist and not the true value of a man’s worth. There is one quality that nearly all men universally respect in other men though. The ability to repeatedly and effortlessly woo women.

Being able to seduce women with ease always seems to people to be an innate ability that just can’t be taught. Either you’re born with buckets of charisma and can make women swoon with a mere look, or you can’t. Like it’s just luck of the draw in life’s genetic lottery.

This is what most people think, and I only recently discovered that they were wrong.

It turns out picking up women is the same as playing the violin, being a good fighter or being good at maths. Yes, some people have a natural talent for it, but all these are skills that can be learned.

I’m getting ahead of myself here. Let me tell you my story. Since it’s a quite unremarkable story I’ll be brief so as not to bore you. You’ve probably already heard this story before. Not the exact same thing, but almost. On blogs just like this one. Hell, this is probably going to sound just like your story. This is because, dear reader, I expect I am very similar to you.

I was never that popular at school. I wasn’t a total outcast or anything, but at the same time not at the top of the social pecking order by any means. This didn’t seem to bother me much until I hit 14. That’s when the testosterone really started to kick in for the first time and I began wanting to fuck every pretty girl in the school. This would have been fine, except I soon found out that the feeling wasn’t reciprocated. Not only was it not reciprocated by the odd girl, it seemed that the entire female population of the school didn’t want anything to do with me sexually.

This was a source of immense frustration. While wondering why this was, I noticed that nearly all the girls went for the same guys. The super arrogant, super popular minority of guys which I despised. I was (god help me) nice, they weren’t and yet these same few guys fucked all the good looking girls at school. I obviously just assumed they were naturally popular and good with the ladies. I was later to find out that these guys were what people would call alpha males, while I was very much a beta male. The alpha males get laid with ease, beta males have to get lucky

I went on thinking that’s the way life would always be for me. Sure, I got laid occasionally, but not often enough and the girls often weren’t that attractive. Then at the end of last year I heard about game. Mentions of it here an there in forums. Email newsletters about it. Whole websites devoted to it. Turns out there are many other guys out there who started off as beta males just like me. Then they learnt the art of game, and were able to use it to pick up and bed beautiful women at will. They were pick up artists.

So I purchased a copy of the Mystery Method from Amazon and read it intently. I vowed from then on to no longer be a frustrated beta male. I would use game to change myself and forge a new identity. I would transition from beta to PUA.

So that’s where I am now. I have done some studying and I am ready to field test what I have learnt in some of the many bars and clubs that litter the streets of London. I still have so many questions. I really don’t know where to begin other than going out and trying it.

This is what makes this blog a bit different. Most PUA blogs seem to be written by people who are already pretty competent in game. This one is written by a neophyte. So I invite all you other guys who are just like me to join my in a journey. To stop being that guy who never gets the girl. Learn from my successes and from my failures. Use what I find out when taking on the sexual market place to help you with your own game.

This isn’t just the start of a journey, it’s a call to arms. It’s time for us together to stop being betas, and become pickup artists.

Then, dear reader, we shall all be swimming in a sea of pussy.

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