Fun, fun, fun

Posted: February 11, 2010 in Uncategorized

When scouring the message boards looking for wingmen or meeting new wingmen for the first time, I find I hear one thing repeated time and time again: “I’m just doing this to have fun”.

People just starting out in game always seem to go out of their way to tell you that having fun is, to them, the most important thing about learning game. I very much disagree with this attitude, and here’s why:

1. Although having and being fun may be a prerequisite to getting laid, that alone won’t get you laid regularly. Back in my AFC days (all of 4 weeks ago), I used to go out with my mates and have fun. Despite this I never got laid on a regular basis. Whether you like it or not, girls are fussy about who the sleep with, so your going to have to be more than just fun if you are to stand out from the crowd of dozens of other men that a given women knows she can fuck if she so pleases.

2. How many times have you seen a pro athlete or hugely successful business man interviewed, and they say, “I never try hard at what I do. Success just sort of happens to me”. I haven’t really heard that one often dear reader. I usually hear how focused their approach to achieving success in their chosen field was.

In many areas of life I have often seen people enter into many new endeavours. Whether it’s business, martial arts, weight training or poker, I notice the same thing happening: people who go take a laissez faire attitude have little success and end up quitting. People who take their new pursuit very seriously and pursue it with such zeal that you’d almost think their life depended on it often find great success comes their way.

3. People use the whole “just having fun” thing as a safety net to protect their ego when they fail. If they only open 10 women in a month they can tell themselves that it does not matter; they’re only doing it to have fun after all. I say fuck that. This attitude is the reserve of spineless pussies.

If you take game seriously you will set goals. If you do not meet those goals and you are taking game seriously then this will make you unhappy. People will tell you this is a bad thing. They are wrong. Unhappiness is our mind’s way of driving us to success. If we are happy with our current situation we will never be driven to change it. Allow unhappiness into your life by setting realistic goals and you will be motivated to achieve success. An example of this is my current goal to open 50 sets this month. Since I had a poor weekend of gaming last weekend (I was to busy having dun to open sets…) I have only opened 20 sets so far this month. This makes me sad. I can’t stand the thought of missing my target. This is such a great motivator that I can foresee myself being on fire this weekend. Whereas previously I have found any excuse not to open a set, I think this weekend will be different. The fact that I am letting my target slip out of my grasp will mean I will ignore all the perceived difficulties in opening a given set and just fucking go for it.

4. To have fun, you have to be doing something fun. I have met many newbie PUAs over the past months who try and talk themselves into having fun. They stand on a bar talking about how they have to get into the mood to be having fun quickly, because that’s important for their game. They essentially try to talk themselves into having fun. This rarely seems to work, and their obsession with having fun paradoxically stops them having fun.

The human brain isn’t fooled easily. The only real way to have fun is to do something fun. You know what’s a fun thing to do when your in a bar? Practising game. True opening sets can be daunting. Once you’re in set though you will be having a good time. I guarantee this. Talking to beautiful women is a fucking biologically certified way for a man to have fun. When you’re talking to a sexy lady, your animal brain realises you are increasing your chances to replication, and is kind enough to reward you with a shot of endorphins which make you happy. This means that talking to a pretty girl is almost the same in some ways as doing a line of coke, only the former won’t lead to a blocked up nose . So if you want to have fun, focus on opening sets, not talking yourself into having fun.

In summary, if you want to be successful at game you do have to take it seriousy. Stop making excuses about just wanting to have fun. Get out there and practise your game. You’ll thank me in the long run.


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