March: Goals (not) achieved and lessons learned

Posted: March 29, 2010 in Uncategorized

Earlier this month I posted my PUA goals for March. In short I did not reach all my goals, and I’m very disappointed in myself for not doing this. I could probably pull half a dozen excuses out of my ass to explain why I haven’t met my goals, but at the end of the day there are two reasons only: I have been too lazy when it has come to reading up on game, and I have been too faint hearted in the field. So my main plan for April is to stop being so fucking lazy and grow a pair of balls.

So here are the goals I had, and how I got on with each of them:

  1. 40 openers: 27 achieved. This is pretty piss poor. I haven’t overcome my approach anxiety as much as I thought I had.
  2. 10 situational openers: 10 achieved. Found this fairly easy, but I did find it hard to keep the conversation alive after using a situational opener. Maybe I need to come up with situational openers which naturally allow for more conversation to flow freely from them.
  3. 10 negs: 6 achieved. Ah, the art of insulting a girl without using an insult. This is a tough one. I have also noticed negs shouldn’t be used on every girl. They should only be used on the really good looking ones (9/10s) who have a high opinion of themselves. Negging a girl who isn’t that confident, even if it’s a fairly subtle neg can knock her confidence and blow out the set.
  4. 5 5 minute sets: 5 achieved. It was good to go deeper into some sets, though 5 minutes still isn’t really enough to make much of a connection with the girl. Still, driving a conversation after a cold approach is a skill, and it’s good I got in some time working on it.
  5. 5 10 minutes sets: 3 achived. I really wanted to nail this goal. I’m still prematurely ejecting from sets. I think the main reason I didn’t get more sets that ran for 5 minutes to run for 10 minutes, is because in a 2 set not giving both girls enough attention is deadly. The neglected girl will often break up the set within a minute of feeling neglected, by dragging her friend a way. This is where wingmen are supposed to come in…
  6. 5 FTCs: 4 achieved. These are actually quite easy to do, so I should be doing more of these. Still need to master the art of the I’m-just-about-to-walk-off body rock.
  7. 10 DHVs: 2 achieved. These are hard, but important as it is DHVing, in concert with subtely ignoring / disqualifying the target which builds attraction. Untill you build attraction, you are basically just chatting to a girl. I really need to read up on ways to DHV.

So dear reader, there you have it. A list of my recent successes and failures. Today I will prepare next month’s goals. I’ll let you know what they are. It increasingly becomes clear to me that this will be a long and hard journey, but I am still determined to make it to my desired destination.

Happy sarging.

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