July PUA goals

Posted: July 3, 2010 in Uncategorized

Due to me failing to achieve my PUA goals last month, this months are very similar.

I’ve got to the point now where I can open and then transition into a full conversation a reasonable percentage of the time. My main sticking point now is building attraction.

This is different to my previous sticking points, as it’s not so much an anxiety issue that’s all in my head, bit rather a matter of not yet having the skills required to build attraction. To make matters worse, this is something that isn’t just dependent on me. The girl has to feel attraction for me. It’s something I can encourage by my actions, but not something which I can force to happen by strength of will alone.

I’m going to use the following techniques to build attraction:

– Humour / flirtation
– A challenging / qualifying frame
– Push / pull
– Kino escalation
– DHV routines

I am already getting used to using the first 3 techniques. Where I am failing is the kino escalation and the DHV routines.

60 Openers
10 Situational Openers
2 Male Set Openers
2 Mixed Set Openers
10 FTCs
20 transitions
15 DHVs
10 Kinos
3 Qualification Attempts
3 Number Close Attempts

The main difference here from last months goals is that the qualifications and number closes are attempts. I can’t really control whether I’m successful in these attempts, but I can control making the actual attempt. This means I makes the most sense to base the goal on attempts, not actual outcomes.

Wish me luck with these goals, I’ll do an update at the end of the month.

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