Not to be negative but I failed again – June PUA goals update

Posted: July 3, 2010 in Uncategorized

So here’s what happened in June vs what I wanted to happen:

40 openers: 21 achieved
10 situational openers: 10 achieved
15 transitions: 10 achieved
10 DHVs: 2 achieved
10 FTCs: 4 achieved
10 5 minute sets: 4 achieved
4 10 minute sets: achieved
3 qualifications: 0 achieved
3 number closes: achieved
Master internet dating opener: not achieved
Master rings DHV: not achieved
Master palm reading DHV: not achieved
£200 limit on cash spent: achieved

To be honest, the cold hard facts make June look a lot worse than it was in reality. The main sticking point in my game up until now has been my ability to transition into a full conversation. Since I had some sets last a very long time this month, I have probably spent more time in set this month than I have in my previous 4 months combined. This has done wonders for my sense of humor, conversational skill and my ability to read women.

The main thing I have been missing this month is DHVing. This means that although I have been hanging in sets for long periods of time I am often failing to build attraction, and therefore haven’t been able to progress to a close.

The times I have built attraction, I have missed the IOIs, and so have not pushed for a close like I should have done.

Next months goals will be very much geared towards building attraction. I will post them soon.

  1. Wolf says:

    I don’t think you ‘failed’ at all, you’re being too hard on yourself by calling it failure. Need to re-frame. You may be setting your goals a bit too ambitiously seeing as you aren’t reaching your objectives each month. You can try loosening up your goal parameters by attempting to achieve a greater number than the previous month, every month. So if you did 21 openers in June, just exceed that number in July. Then exceed THAT number in August, etc. I find this very helpful and I’m not as concerned with the specific number I’m doing, just on constant improvements. Baby Steps, Baby Steps. Keep going!

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