Daygame again

Posted: July 10, 2010 in Uncategorized

I’m just on my way home from completing another stint of daygame in Covent Garden. I was hoping to do 6 approaches in 2 hours, but only managed 3 in 70 minutes before calling it a day and heading home. I decided I had some things I needed to do before heading out tonight for my Saturday bargame session.

I have got slightly better in terms of AA I think. This has been my progression:

1. 3 hours, 0 approaches
2. 3 hours. 0 approaches
3. 3 hours, 3 approaches
4. 2 hours, 3 approaches
5. 70 minutes, 3 approaches

So it’s been slow going, but I am making progress. I think the next logical progression is 3 approaches in an hour. I will aim to do this tomorrow.

I still haven’t managed to get a girl to stop. Usually they just stop for the briefest second, then smile / laugh when I deliver my opener and just walk around me.

Once I can open around 10 girls in 2 hours I will start to work on getting them to stop. I think the key to this is transitioning quickly then ploughing through. A girl isn’t going to know what to say to such a direct opener. Unlike opinion openers direct openers don’t have the effect of starting a conversation, so an immediate transition is a must.

  1. V H says:

    If you’re interested, I could show you a technique that I had demonstrated to me sometime.

    What’d be in it for me would be to get pushed into set – I’m still struggling with the aa,
    and do much better when someone else is around.

    You’re partly right about the transition, but you should be able to get almost *everyone* to stop like this (but caution – done wrong and you will get people freaking out):

    _Run_ up to her from behind and to the side. Get up to her side, far enough that she can see you out the side of her eye. Stretch out your arm and either grab her elbow or push 2-3 fingers back against the front of her upper arm, firmly, to get her attention (you want it to be firm to avoid it coming across as creepy). While doing this you should turn your body towards hers, lean back and give a big smile.

    If she looks like she freaks out (for me this happened only maybe the first 2-3 times I tried this method, when they looked a bit shell-shocked), throw your hands in the air, palms to her and deliver something like “I didn’t mean to startle you – I’m not going to rob you, promise” before your intended opener.

    Using the above, practically everyone _will_ come to a complete stop. Girls with ipods etc. _will_ take them out.

    You’ll still have the problem of transitioning, but it buys you a little bit more time before they start to run off again.

    I’ve not opened that many sets with it yet, but in my 20+ first sets I had 100% come to a total stop and only one gave a negative reaction (she listened to my opener, gave me an angry look and walked off saying “NO!”).

    • betatopua says:

      I have heard this is the way to stop girls. Trying to stop them from the front doesn’t seem to be working for me. I’ll have to work in having the courage to chase them down and do this… Worried about coming off as a mugger.

      • V H says:

        I’m still having trouble doing it on my own, but find it reasonably ok with a wing.

        The trick to avoid coming off as a mugger is pretty much this:
        – Smile from the start.
        – Lean back and keep your distance (that is, stretch your arm out to stop her rather than close the distance)
        – Optionally take a step back once she stops as you turn to face her fully to give her extra distance; you might find her closing the distance again.
        – Avoid the arm she holds her purse on/with or any shopping bags etc. E.g. if she
        carries her purse on her right arm, approach from her left and touch her left arm.
        – If she looks spooked, take a step back, raise your hand in the “I surrender” position (open hands, palms facing her) and make a remark about it (I promise I’m not here to to mug you…) and then immediately go into your “real” opener. Only maybe 2 sets seemed have ever seemed nervous enough about my intentions for there to be a reason for this.
        – Don’t make the touch soft. Soft == creepy, sneaky when it’s from someone you don’t know.
        – Be fast. Don’t “stalk” her by for example continuing after her for more than a block.
        – Once you’v stopped, STAND FIRM. If she starts backing away or walk again, keep _talking_ but don’t start walking after her. Chances are good that if you keep talking, she’ll stop again and may walk back towards you, but if you start following her she might get spooked. I had a girl stop again on only my 4th or 5th set, despite doing a shitty job at getting attraction going (essentially, what you say doesn’t matter – if you keep talking a good number WILL stop again
        no matter how useless your conversation is)

        Most of this should come quite naturally – think about how you’d stop a friend of yours on the street if they walked past without hearing you call out.

        Obviously avoid doing this in “scary” places, like a dark back alley with nobody else around.

        Note that I’m 6’1, muscular and can look very intimidating if I’m not careful, yet nobody have ever gotten scared, just a bit startled the first couple of seconds.

        It freaked me out when I was told how to do it too, but it only took me 2-3 tries before I got the technique down, and after that the girls were all smiles – what’s holding me up is actually getting myself to do it when on my own, and then to keep a conversation going…

        As I said, if you want a demonstration, let me know – I’m always happy to pile on the pressure for me to actually do it…

      • betatopua says:

        Stopping from the front just doesn’t seem to work. Running after them seems even more scary than the front approach. Would just be worried about being mistaken for a mugger.

        Will try it at Westfield tomorrow after work. Just 3 sets. It will be all of the adrenaline I can handle for one day.

        Also, seeing as it’s summer I’m trying to put a weekend day game crew together, if you’re interested. Will spend about 3 – 4 hours on a Saturday opening sets, plus some chill out time because daygame gets tiring / boring after a while. Looking to open direct for lone girls and indirect for stationary / slow moving groups of girls. Should get a dozen sets each in.

  2. Wolf says:

    Hmmm, I’m going to have to give this ‘from the back/side’ technique a try, but honestly I haven’t had any problems stopping girls from the front. The whole trick is to walk directly in front of them and stop. They literally have to stop or run right into you.

    • betatopua says:

      They seem to manage to walk right around me fairly well. I think part of my problem is that I’m not following up with anything. A direct opener doesn’t really start a conversation.

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