Chasing that loving feeling

Posted: July 11, 2010 in Uncategorized

When a set goes really well, it just feels like you and the girl are bouncing off each other. She’s laughing at everything you say and touching you a lot. She’s attracted to you and it’s a good feeling. So good in fact that I find myself trying hard to replicate it in every set I open in bargame.

Thing is I’m trying too hard, and that’s what’s blowing me out. I try and force the girls into flirting with me by using excessive humour, cocky funny and sarcasm. This doesn’t work because they just aren’t attracted enough to me to start flirting with me yet.

This is one of the big rules of game: don’t be a try hard. Never try to force a specific reaction.

In the first 5 – 10 minutes of a set I need to just focus on having a normal abc conversation with the girl, including letting her change the direction of the conversation sometimes. As long as I don’t resort to standard AFC style interview questions (I have got good at not doing this) I should be OK just shooting the shit with them. I can then pepper this conversation with the occasional canned DHV routine or DHV story.

If she seems to be responding well after about 10 minutes, then I can up the flirtatious humour a bit and attempt to qualify and close.

I think as I’m getting less and less introverted every day this is also something I need to watch out for in daily life. I often try and turn everything into a joke instead of just chatting normally and taking interest in people. This isn’t good. I know jokers like this and they just get really boring very quickly. I don’t want to be that guy.

Stats since 1st July:
15 approaches
0 number closes
0 kiss closes
0 f closes


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