My new stratagey for game and September’s PUA goals

Posted: September 4, 2010 in Uncategorized

I’ve decided that I’ve got caught up in the complexities of the Mystery Method. This is causing me to over think things in set, and this is what makes my mind go blank and causes me most of my anxiety. I’m going to simplify my game.

I actually reckon I’m quite good when in set. Negging and a sense of aloofness are starting to come more easily to me, and I’m also finding it quite easy to pass shit tests. It’s just the stress of opening that gets me. Once I open and transition, I think I can just relax and I’ll be fine.

Here’s my new ‘method’ for bar game:

– Go to larger venues where there are many non mixed sets. Stay out later (I was leaving at like 11:30pm before) so I can open 8 – 12 sets a night.

– Open with some sort of situational opener. This is more natural than a canned opener, so I  will be more relaxed.If I can’t think of a situational opener, I will have to fall back on a canned one, but I’m going to keep it simple.

– If the set is larger than a two set, I will no longer care if the whole set hooks. Just one of them is good enough. I used to walk away from four sets when only one or two girls hooked. This is a waste. I no longer believe you need to hook the whole group. The only reason to do this is to prevent the cock blocking that occurs when you open just one girl in the group. If I attempt to open the whole group, this shouldn’t happen even if the whole group doesn’t hook. All I need to do to prevent cockblocking is pay lip service to respecting the social dynamic of the group by not instantly trying to drag away one girl.

– If the set opens fairly well I will take this as an IOI, and hang on in there if I don’t obviously get blown out.

– Will transition from the opener with either, “So how do you guys know each other” or, “Why are you guys out tonight? What’s the occasion?”. If after the transition they still seem happy to chat to me, I’m assuming attraction.

– I will attempt to shift my conversation to just one of the girls, and subtly look in for some minor level of isolation. I will pick the most attractive girl who seems interested in me to do this to.

– From there I’m just going to have a pretty standard conversation. I may ask the dreaded ‘interview’ style questions a little, but pad this by actually listening to what she says and following up with comments / related stories from my own life.

– As the conversation progresses, will drop in the odd routine. Both slightly longer routines, like the finger length routine and shorter routines from Assanova’s routine book. These won’t be used to hold the set together as it were, just to spike buying temperature during the set, and keep things fun and flirty. I will escalate kino throughout the set using the Vin DiCarlo escalation ladder.

– If the girl isn’t giving me much conversation back after 3 – 4 minutes, I’m ejecting. I’m not there to entertain girls, so they have to give me something back in terms of a conversation or they can fuck off.

– Around the 5 minute mark, I will try and move the conversation towards finding out more about her and her motivations in life. If this works, I will do some sort of warmish read on her.

– If all is going well, will attempt to qualify her her at around the 15 minute mark. If she won’t qualify, I will eject. Not qualifying to me mean’s there’s no attraction, so any number close would be useless. The only IOI I will require to get to this stage is that she still seems happy chatting to me. A 15 minute conversation in a bar / club is a bigger IOI than most people realise.

– If she qualifies, I will make a statement of interest (let her know I like her by complimenting her in some way), number close, chat for 5 more minutes, then eject.

My main thinking behind this is that a certain percentage of women (maybe a one girl in every 5/6 sets) will be attracted to me. The majority of girls won’t be attracted to me, and that’s fine. I know there will be girls who are, and it’s them I’m trying to find. The rest of the set I will have a mindset that I’m screening them to see if I could stand to go on a day 2 with them which would last up to 4 hours.

Attraction will mainly be gauged by their willingness to converse with me. If they aren’t attracted to me, I’m not going to fire routines at them to try and make this happen. I’ll just take the hint and eject. The next set could be the one, no point in fucking around in sets where it’s not going to happen to me.

I will force myself to qualify them after about 15 minutes in. If they qualify I will try and close. No more spending 30 minutes in a set and not knowing what’s going on. I either want a number in 20 minutes, or I want to move on to the next set.

I’m not looking to kiss close or same night lay. Just to number close so I can take them on a day 2.  I want them isolated on a day 2 so I can properly game them 1 on 1 for hours.

I want to do this 6 times a month, so Would be hoping to open 50 – 70 sets. I’m guessing maybe 30 of those will hook well, and I can hopefully then number close around 10 of them. That should get me around a couple of day 2s a month.

I also want to practice day game for about 3 hours a week. I should be able to open 15 sets in that time. This means I could be doing around 100 sets a month. This is the kind of volume I think you need to get really good at game. Before I can start my day game, I want to work out how to open in a semi direct way, and I want to plan out some sort of structure for day game sets like I have for bar game. Not going to start day gaming again till I have worked these few things out. This will probably take 2 – 3 weeks.

Despite my high hopes, I am keeping this month’s goals fairly low until I get into the swing of things and see if I can find the right venues ot open this many sets.

Septembers PUA Goals

1. Open 30 sets

2. Make 3 attempts to number close

You will notice that I’m ignoring FTC / routine goals. I just what to keep things really simple, and just focus on opening lots of sets, and get used to going for the close.

I should be sarging tomorrow, so I’ll let you know how it goes.


Stats since 1st September:
0 approaches
2 number closes
0 kiss closes
0 f closes

  1. Hey man if i was you i would stick to doing day game, sitting in nightclubs every night is really shit. It’s way easier to just approach girls while you are going about your business during the day. If you are disciplined enough to approach at least one girl a day you will make just as much progress as going out to nightclubs every night.

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