A married girl, a virgin and a missed fclose

Posted: September 18, 2010 in Uncategorized

This is basically just an update to let people know where I’m at. I’m still not quite with it when it comes to blogging, so I’ve only just realised I need to be making a post each time something significant happens, rather than just making one long update post like I am now.

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned it yet, but have been getting into online game in a big way. It’s much easier than cold approach, but the pay off (in terms of both boosted confidence and hotness of girls) is not as big. It is via online game that I’m getting all my closes. I still really want to get good at cold approach, but my online success has boosted my confidence, and has got me laid.

I’ve been on two dates this week. One was with an HB7 who from now on will be refered to as HBMarried, a blonde girl in her mid 20s with cracking tits.

She admitted to me she was married via text just before we met. She says she’s unhappily married and is seeing what is on offer. Since I don’t know her husband, and I believe it’s up to her, not me, to protect her marriage, dating (and hopefully fucking) her poses no moral issues to me.  She seems really into me, but there is a red flag. She seems to be desperately seeking validation of her sexual attractiveness. As long as this comes in the form of me fclosing her, then this is OK. If she’s just going to be a prick tease (I think this is possible) then she’s doing to get ditched.

My plan is to use her need for validation as a tool to gain sexual compliance. For each level of increased physical intimacy she allows me, she will get rewarded with a compliment relating to her physical attractiveness. Each time she denies me physical escalation, she will get negged and will have to work that much harder next time to win my validation. We were thinking of meeting for a 2nd date this Saturday afternoon, but her husband wasn’t going out so it was cancelled.

The second date was with HBVirgin. She is, you guessed it dear reader, a virgin. I met her for a date in a coffee shop. We got on really well (this seems to happen with most girls I meet since learning game…), and at the end of the date she tells me she has traditional views on marriage, and so despite being in her mid 20s is still a virgin. The next day I tell her via MSN I can’t see her again because I’m looking for a sexual relationship. She tells me she really wants to see me again. I let her know if that happens I will be looking to physically escalate towards sex. She says that sounds like fun. I think she secretly wants a deviant man of low moral (when it comes to sexual matters) character to corrupt and deflower her. I think I am just that man, so I agree to see her again. The second date isn’t till a week today, which means it will be about 12 days between 1st and 2nd dates. This could ruin my seduction momentum, so I’ll have to wait and see. I’m going to try and bridge the gap between dates by using sparse but playful  text game to maintain attraction and continue to build comfort.

Last week I went on two dates with HBTeacher. She’s a fun girl with a bubbly personality, but she’s only an HB5. She seems really into me, and with her low HB rating I’m counting on her as a guaranteed lay. I have already kiss closed her, along with some minor sexual physical escalation. She was meant to be coming to my flat last night and cooking me dinner, but cancelled last minute due to illness (I do believe this was genuine excuse). This was my missed fclose, and I have to say it pissed me off. I haven’t had sex since the 26th of August, so it looks like I’ll end up going a whole month without sex, despite having gamed 3 girls fairly well this month. Have rearranged the date with her for a week today (in the evening after dating HBVirgin in the afternoon). Again, given the time between dates, seduction momentum is an issue. Again, will use text game to bridge the gap and keep building comfort.

I have another first date on Sunday night, will let you know how that goes.


Stats since 1st September:
7 approaches
4 number closes
1 kiss closes
0 f closes

  1. bhodisatta says:

    Hi mate been a while hasn’t it? I had a ‘snapback’ period (check my blog) and haven’t been gaming in ages. Only just getting back into it. Glad to see you are still being really methodical.
    I would can the married woman and virgin if I was you. I mean.. come on. You’re worth better than that. The married woman is pathetic and the virgin is a waste of time and will probably be a nightmare.
    I understand the online dating, though. I’ll be doing some soon but I’m framing it purely as “Day Two Practice” and seeing it as nothing more.
    Would be good to meet up for a chat soon!

    • betatopua says:

      I may well ditch the virgin, but married girl seems like a very sexual person. I like that in a girl.

      Online game is great for day2 practice. I’m now comfortable that when I get a day2 from online game it’ll go well. There are still some things I want to work on in terms of day2s which I hope will allow me to fclose quicker (escalating levels of compliance, really deep rapport building, putting the girl in a sexual state).

      I still want to get good at cold approach, but for me game is primarily about getting pussy. Online game seems to allow me to do that fairly easily, although I don’t thing I’ll get any really high value women via online game.

      I need to rethink my cold approach. It seems obvious to me that one can only start to get good after 1000 approaches, and it will take like 3k to get really good. A post by Dr Yen on the LSS highlighted this to me. He notes you have to constantly be going out sarging, and he reckons the reason most people fail is because they don’t go out enough.

      I need to work out how I can do 100 sets a month. My AA is still holding me back a bit, but even then it’s hard to fit that many in. I think daygame is the answer, and now Krauser has released his daygame model I want to go out there and put it into practice.

      I’m going to start looking around for wings who are really dedicated and who will really push me.

      Have you still got my number?

  2. bhodisatta says:

    Heyup. Yes, still got yr number. Will give you a bell this week.
    100 sets per month is doable without having a Krauser-style sabbatical. Every four weeks do six sets of daygame with ten approaches each. Also do 4 sets of bargame with ten approaches each. That’s 100 sets and doesn’t even mean you are busy every weekend either. If you open one set per day on your commute as well then that’s an extra twenty.
    Good wings might be dedicated but why would they be dedicated to pushing you? Push yourself!

  3. […] I did that, I came across the married girl that I went on one date with last year (no k close). At the time I pushed too hard for a second date, and that blew me out. I thought she […]

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