The value gap

Posted: September 29, 2010 in Uncategorized

I went on another online date last night, and things didn’t go particularly well. I put this down to one thing: the value gap.

I was expecting the girl I met, HBGinger to be 6, at best a 7 from her photos. When she turned up with her slim and pert body and goregous light coloured ginger hair it was obvious to me she was closer to an 8. This may seem like a good thing at first, bit you have to bare in mind that I usually bang 6s and on a good day 7s. This means I was acutely aware of the fact that this was a higher quality of pussy than I’m used to. There was a value gap.

A value gap occurs when either the man or the girl has obviously got higher value than the other. This is what game is all about. Giving the girl the impression you have higher value than her, whether it’s true or not. Both men and girls are attracted the most by partners who have higher value than them. Being aware that a potential partner has higher value you than you effects the way you act around them, and this is why it’s really hard to close a girl who you feel is above your level.

The reason this is so hard to get around is because this happens almost subconsciously, and it effects all the little sub-communications within an interaction. This is what happened on my date. Most of what I said was fine, but the tiny sub-communications betrayed my sense of lower value.

I would say the big things that went wrong on the date are the following:

– Rapport laughter from me.
– Often having my body turned towards her when her body was facing straight ahead (unmatched rapport seeking body language).
– Softening all my teasing and negs by laughing afterwards or saying, “Only joking”.
– Not being dominant enough. Although I lead the way, each time I did my words, and more importantly tone of voice were way too deferential. I also let her speak over me a couple of times.
– Just paying lip service to qualification. I ran through my stack, but should have pushed harder for better answers.

Tyler Durden says, “The self is always coming through”. This means that whatever you say is almost irrelevent. Your true feelings and perception of reality will always be show in subtle ways. These things manifest themselves in your body language, facial expression and voice tonality. This date proved to me for the first time that this was the case. I told HBGinger on more than one occasion that she needed to impress me, but my little mannerisms gave me away, and she knew she had already impressed me just by showing up. Inside my head I was lower value than her, and this was painted all over my face the whole time.

I really have start to think that if you don’t believe you can fuck a certain girl, you never will. This is why I think going after the 8s, 9s and 10s is folly for me at this stage. I don’t believe I am good enough for them, and this will show in any interaction I have with them. If I want to game high value girls successfully, I am going to have to change my perception of myself. I’m going to have to believe they want to fuck me.


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  1. I used to do this all the time. I always said, “only joking”. I don’t anymore.

  2. […] a girl makes gaming her so simple. The hard part comes when you think the girl is too hot for you. It comes across in your behaviour in really subtle, but […]

  3. krauserpua says:

    Continue to hunt all girls you want to fuck. If she’s an 8+, still try to fuck her. You might fail but you’ll get more experience having a beautiful woman paying exclusive attention to you and that’s important.

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