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I mentioned in my last post that I wanted to have a serious go at getting good at day game. I wasn’t really successful at bar game, and I have recently been inspired by a number of PUAs in London who went from average guys to Casanova in less than a year thanks to learning day game.

The way I see it, direct day game has the following advantages over indirect bar game:

– You get 1 on 1 with a girl as soon as you open. No need to learn how to isolate girls.

– No bitch shields. In bars and clubs girls have defences up due to being opened so often by men. This can sometimes lead them to reject a guy’s approach without even stopping to think whether they actually like the guy or not.

– Can get in many more hours of practise a week. With bar game I can only realistically get in 10 hours of practice a week. I can do an hour or two of day game after work every night, plus loads at the weekend. All in all I could potentially do 25 hours a week of day game (although that’s pushing it as it would leave me no time for a life).

Of all of these I think the last point is the most important. Pickup is a skill like any other, and the most important part of learning any skill is getting lots and lots of practice.

There is however, one thing holding me back. It’s the same thing that has always held me back. Approach anxiety. The simple two word phrase that makes many in the seduction community cast their eyes downward as they remember the hard times it has caused them.

The AA I get from direct approach day game is probably more intense than from indirect bar game, plus there’s the added complication that if you spend 10 seconds battling the AA before approaching, the target dissapears into the crowd. I used to be focused on overcoming my AA, but I think this is bad goal. I cannot force myself not to have AA, so setting the goal of overcoming it lead to frustration when it didn’t seem to go away. I also held myself back because I saw overcoming AA as the first stage, and I wouldn’t allow myself to push interactions further until I had done this. My new aim is just to make as many approaches as I can, trying to push myself to do more each session. I’m sure one day my AA will fade, but until then I just need to bite the bullet and get on with opening sets. Like the title of the famous self help book says, I’m going to feel the fear and do it anyway.

Stats since 1st December:
2 approaches
0 number closes
0 kiss closes
0 f closes