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It hit covent garden today with a wing or a quickie daygame session. Within 40 minutes we had each opened our first set. He didn’t hook his. Mine hooked reasonably strongly, but she was leaving the country today so I ejected after a few minutes.

So far, not spectacular but a decent start. After getting the initial approaches out of the way (always the hardest part) we could then have easily gone on to do another couple of sets each in out remaining 50mins. 3 sets in 90mins isn’t exactly pushing it, but for me it would be pretty good going, and would leave me with a sense of achievement.

Then we decided to buy a smoothie and chill in Trafalger square. This, dear reader, is where we fucked up. This killed our momentum, and made opening again just as hard as if it had been our first set. If you leave it too long between your first and second set, any state / drop in anxiety you built ip from opening the first one has gone. The start of session psych up now needs to happen all over again.

In the end my wing approached once more, and I had a few I gave chase to, but bottled them at the last moment. I feel we both would have got 2 more approaches in if we hadn’t taken a break.

Now I realise this I can put a plan together. I’m plan to do the following:

1. Make most of my daygame sessions solo. I don’t want to be distracted from opening my second set.
2. No smoke breaks between my first and second sets.
3. No taking long walks through areas which won’t be target rich between my first and second sets.
4. As soon as I’m done with my first set I’m immediately value scanning for my second set. No ‘quick’ breathers between sets.

I think putting all this into practice will allow my daygame sessions to develop good approach momentum, which will help carry me through the AA and lead to me using my time much more productively.

Stats since 1st May:
1 approaches
0 number closes
0 kiss closes
0 f closes


I’ve found myself a mentor

Posted: April 26, 2011 in Uncategorized

There are three pieces of advice which I continually hear being given within the seduction community to people who want to get good at game:

  1.  Go out a lot and open lots of sets
  2. Learn from people who are better than you
  3. Never give up

Despite taking multiple long breaks from game (mainly due to being in relationships) I have hit point 3 pretty well. 14 months in and I’m yet to quit. Point 1 I sort of hit. I go out often, but the seemingly unending AA is stopping be opening lots of sets. 14 months in and I’ve probably only opened 200, when I should have opened more like a thousand in that time. Still, I’m working on it.

This leaves point 2.

Learning a skill from someone who already posses the skill can massively speed up your progress, so when a respected member of a major London based seduction forum offered people free mentoring I jumped at the chance.

The deal my mentor has offered me is this. He’s not in the UK at the moment, so we will have 60 minute chats most weekend via Skype. I must work on my general social skills as well as just getting laid. His aim is to turn me into a well rounded, sociable man who gets laid, rather than a pick up artist. All this sounded good to me so we have already had our first few Skype sessions. I will keep you updated on where this leads.

I still want to sarge with more experienced guys. I find mimicking what I see them do to be invaluable. Reading all the PUA material in the world isn’t as good as seeing a skilled guy in action. Just from hanging round with an intermediate guy I have seen by game come on significantly. I think the only way to find someone good is to keep meeting wings, wing well for them (just being able to hold a conversation, occupy the obstacle and not try and steal the target puts me ahead of 90% of wings out there… sad but true) and hopefully the good guys I meet will want to go out with me more regularly. I just have to remember to be more positive (I’ve started to realise I have the annoying habit of whinging to wings about how my game sucks, like a little bitch), and open more often when out and there’s no reason I can’t find some more experienced wings to leech off learn from.


Stats since 1st April:
14 approaches
2 number closes
1 kiss closes
1 f closes