My day 2 with a stripper – Part 1

Posted: May 1, 2011 in Uncategorized

Many people within the seduction community consider picking up strippers in a strip club to be the very pinnacle of game. Last night I achieved just that, but I certainly don’t feel like an mPUA.

In all honesty I think it would be fairer to say I got picked up by a stripper. Anyway, I’m getting ahead of myself. Let me set the scene.

It’s central London, 1:30am on Saturday night. I’ve just had a bad night in a club. I bottled it early in the night and didn’t do any approaches when the club was still calm. On the plus side I’m getting better at opening men. Good for the social vibe, I guess. I tried a couple of dance floor pulls, both of which ended in swift and brutal rejection.

On my way to the bus stop I passed by a large strip club, and figured there’s nothing like hot women shaking their asses at me to make me feel better, so I head inside.

Once in there I immediately recognise Beckster. He’s been in the community for over a decade, does this stuff for a living and is considered Britian’s top mPUA. We chat for a while, and he tells me I need to ‘earn’ my ego in order to get over my AA. I think the point he was trying to make is need to break my ego down. With no ego approaching is easy. I watch him game some of the strippers. He’s good. Very Mystery Method, very gamey. But good. He pulls it all off without seeming weird or try hard, and the girls seemed to respond well.

I had a couple of dances, then decided to prop up the bar for a bit before having one more dance and going home. That’s when HBStripper approached me.

So she hit me with the usual, “Are you having a good night” style patter. Then the conversation goes like this:

Her: So why are you here tonight?
Me: Why do you think?
Her: I don’t know. You are too good looking to be here
Me: Good looking guys like lapdances too, you know
Her: But you are handsome enough to get all this for free. And not just dances, but everything.

I assumed she was just buttering me up before asking for me to buy a dance. Then she started talking about how she wants to go home, an is pissed off with all the customers bringing her mood down. This is what got my attention. I’ve only been to strip clubs a few times in my life, but she really seems to be ditching the script here. I’ve read a little on forums about pulling in strip clubs, and the consensus seems to be that when the girl stops being a dancer, throws away the script and starts being herself, that’s when you’re in.

We talk more and it turns out she’s been watching me since I got there. We have some minor comfort chat, and just as I’m wondering whether I can close her or not, she asks me out for coffee the next day. At first I say I’m not sure and probe for more personal info on her (her real name for starters). I then agree to the coffee, and take her number.

Before leaving I buy one dance from her. She has a tight body with a cute little ass. She must be 30, and her face shows signs of ageing. Despite this her ass and the fact she’s a lap dancer has won me over. I leave looking forward to our day 2.

Stats since 1st May:
0 approaches
0 number closes
0 kiss closes
0 f closes

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