A quick sarge at the mall

Posted: May 20, 2011 in Uncategorized
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Or shopping center as well call it in the UK.

I’m lucky enough to live fairly close to London’s biggest shopping centre. On weeknights it’s not too busy, but there are always a reasonable number of quality targets around. After having a smoke and visiting the toilet, I approach the first attractive girl I see who’s on her own. This is progress for me, because until recently I’d spend ages wandering around chickening out before opening.

I use a very standard direct opener, and try and transition by talking about how I was so sure she was English, but from her accent she obviously isn’t. My approach is fairly weak as I’m quite nervous. My voice goes a bit mumbly, my body language isn’t awful but is a little shaky. I don’t make great eye contact with her. I’m coming to realise that it’s not so much what you say that stops and hooks girls, it’s the confidence you project when you’re saying it.This confidence is shown in the following ways:

  • Strong, unshakable masculine body language
  • Strong, mildly sexualized eye contact
  • A slow, smooth and booming voice
  • A sly smile
  • Not letting her initial reaction to you effect you in any way

She is hinting that she wants to go by saying, “Thanks” and keeping her body angled like she is about to walk away, so I let her go. I have seen other PUAs in this situation plough through to a hook and still go on to get solid number closes. I realised that I give up too easily, and can probably hook more sets just by standing my ground.

The bullet points given above are what I need to work on in day game. When learning a new skill, aimless practice is almost worthless. You have to practice specific things in order to improve. Some guys in game aimlessly practice for years and as a result end up never improving. I will focus my day game practice on these areas in a conscious effort to improve.

That’s set one. So far not great, but not terrible either. An OK first attempt for the session. It’s now that things go wrong. I go off for a smoke and a wander around the shops in order to reset for another set. Only, instead of taking 15 minutes about it I soon realise 45 minutes have gone by. It’s now starting to get late and I want to go home. At this point I mentally give up on the sarge. I decide to head for the exit, but will keep my eyes open for a target on the way out. It’s slim pickings, but I spot a latino girl (my favorite) struggling to walk gracefully in her 3.5 inch high heels. When I see her ass wiggling that seals the deal.

I go to move in but a guy trying to sell hair extenstions on a stall gets there first and makes his pitch. Fuck. I walk on by and hover near the Superdry store. I’m going to pretend I was just about to go in there when I suddenly ‘notice’ her. She finally brushes off the hair salesman and comes past me. I got to make my move, but there’s no room on her left hand side because of a group of guys standing there chatting. I switch to the right hand side. I’m coming up behind her. Almost alongside her… then she moves to her right causing me to kick her in the back of her foot. This just ruins the moment for me so I abort, and end the sarge.

On the way out I realised my main problem was laziness. Once upon a time I would have wandered around for ages, seeing the targets but pussying out of the approach. This time both times that I saw targets I did go for it. It’s just that most of the time I was just wandering around in a world of my own, not even noticing the targets. When it comes to approaching, the fear is starting to give way, and just like happened last year, apathy is setting in. The more sets I open the more it will start to feel mundane, so I’m really going to have to push myself.

Stats since 1st May:
18 approaches
3 number closes
1 kiss closes
1 f closes

  1. Hey man, good work for even approaching. Maybe you need a buddy to push you to approach..what you think?

  2. socialkenny says:

    Agree with Marco.Im not a fan of wingmen but in this case-it would’nt hurt.

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