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I came straight home from work today instead of going day gaming. I didn’t get much sleep last night and so I was a bit shattered, and just thought I’d do my shopping tonight instead of tomorrow and go out sarging tomorrow instead. I then had this text exchange with a girl I went on a day2 with last week (FR coming soon), and have a day3 lined up for Thursday:

Her: Hey. What you doing right now? [Hmmm, she’s going to invite me out. Should I pretend to be busy doing something cool? No, doing fuck all is OK on a Monday night. Let’s see what she’s got to offer.]

Me: Chilling at home

Her: Want to come to xxxx [Her neighbourhood]

Me: That’d be cool. But you have to bare in mind: 1. I’m tired tonight 2. I can’t spend much cash [A retarded text. I DLV with my lack of cash, and I now essentially give her the choice of whether to see me or not, rather than making the decision myself. Always be leading, never be doing this.]

Her: We can leave it Thursday

Me: You eaten yet? [I’m hungry and a pub near her does a great deal on 2 meals.]

Her: Let’s keep it Thursday

Me: Probably best [Lousy attempt to maintain some fucking value here]

Back when I was internet dating I would effortlessly lead and maintain a good high value frame. As a result I fucked more of the girls I went on dates with than I didn’t. At the moment I’ve been doing horrifically badly at day2s, and this is why. Fairly weak frame, falling for beta bait like this and coming across as desperate to see the girl.

The main reason for this? I’m not living in sexual abundance. A player is said to be in sexual abundance when he has more sexual options than he actually wants / needs. It makes maintaining a high value frame in situations like this simple. You literally have so many sexual options that you don’t care if you see the girl or not, and this comes across in situations like this. The interaction above is the result of me not having sex for a month, and this girl being my only option at the moment. True, I could fake the abundance mindsets in my texts, but this is hard when you know deep down that this girl is the best chance of getting a lay any time soon. If I was living in abundance, my replies to her text could have been like this:

Her: Hey. What you doing right now?

ME: Busy [Too much pussy in my life]


Her: Hey. What you doing right now?

Me: Robbing a bank. Don’t tell anyone [I have another girl on the go besides you]

Abundance is very powerful, and sub communicating it will help make a girl chase you. Take my wing for example. He has got himself 2 fuck buddies in the past month. There are two other girls that want to fuck him. On top of this, he’s got some fresh leads to follow up on from the weekend’s sarging. The result? I know for a fact that one of the girls who wants to fuck him is trying to find photos of him on Facebook, despite (because of) the fact he’s being luke warm towards her. He doesn’t need to fuck her, so she chases him.

Until I get into abundance myself (can be achieved in the next 6 weeks if I just open 5 sets a night when doing bar game) I’m going to have to fake it. Every text will be well thought out.

Learn from my mistakes.

Stats since 1st June:
7 approaches
1 number closes
1 kiss closes
0 f closes

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