I feel like this girl’s gaming me

Posted: June 18, 2011 in Uncategorized
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I pickup a girl in one of London’s largest clubs. We’ll call her HBFrauline. The pickup is effortless. I walk by her booth as she’s sat with her friends and smile at her. She nudges my leg and I open with something I can’t remember. She stands up. Flirtatious banter ensuses. Kiss close within 5 minutes. I stay with her for about 4 hours. She gets drunk and starts getting quite dominant, dragging me around the club. There’s a lot of escalation. She’s got my hand down my trousers and I finger her a few times.

At one point she’s asking me if I have a girlfriend. I tell her it depends what she classes as a girlfriend. I remain aloof on the topic and she probes me for information, telling me the last guy she was seeing turned out to be married.

I remain relaxed, and make sure I don’t end up following her like a little puppy. It feels a bit like she’s taking the lead at times, but I never became her little bitch. Still this is unusual for me. Girls are often submissive with me. Since she’s drunk and seems to boss around most of her friends (both male and female) I don’t think much of it. At the end of the night I grab some food with her and her friends, then after she makes it clear that the SNL isn’t happening, I head home in the early hours. She is very insistent that I should call her the next day.

The next day she rings me. At this point I’m fairly certain that this is a great prospect. You don’t often get the girl calling you after the number close. We chat for 30 minutes.  She lives in an area of London which I like to go out in but haven’t been to for a while, so I set up a day 2 with her there of the following week. She texts me earlier in the week asking if it’s still on, telling me she’s looking forward to it and building rapport with me. So far things a going well, and it feels like fclosing her on the day2 is a very real possibility.

The day2 is when I start to feel like she’s gaming me.

We go out for a drink. I’m bantering with her and teasing her. Things are going well. Then I start to escalate. She gives me funny looks when I try and hold her hand, so I back off. Looking back on this now, this actually seems like a bit of a shit test. When a girl doesn’t want you to escalate her body language goes uncomfortable. Her’s didn’t, she just gave me a look. I should have ignored it.

She’s obviously interested, but playing it kind of aloof. She reminds me of me gaming all the girls I met via online dating. For example, when I said, “I had fun tonight” she just replied, “Good”, instead of saying she had fun to. That’s exactly what I would do to a girl I’m gaming. The end of the night was interesting. She refused my kiss close 3 times (this is despite the fact I fingered her the fast time I met her), but then at the bus stop she full on grabs me and starts passionately kissing me. Her hands go down inside my underwear, stroking my cock. I tell her I want her to show me her flat. She refuses. I remain playful, and tell her she should. She’s not having any of it.

We make vague plans to meet again, but she’s quite evasive on the days. She’s trying to be quite dominant, trying to get me to reserve nights for her when she ‘might’ be free. I’m having none of it though, telling her she’s being silly if she expects me to do that.

My read on the situation is that things escalated too far for her liking on the first night we met, and now she wants to put a break on things to show that she isn’t easy. Not sure how this one is going to play out, not sure I can be bothered to put the effort into laying this girl. That being said I’m trying to work towards an fclose every month, and she seems like my best (only) option.

Stats since 1st June:
14 approaches
2 number closes
1 kiss close
0 f closes

  1. […] Mentioned previously. I saw her a few times, and even got her into my bed, but things weren’t progressing fast enough physically for my liking. I got the impression she wanted me as a boyfriend, and to achieve that she was trying to get me to invest in her. She’s just about my minimum standard for an fclose, but isn’t girlfriend material either in terms of looks or personality. […]

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