100 sets of challenge

Posted: June 29, 2011 in Uncategorized

Another month has passed, and again one of my main problems is I’m simply not chatting up enough women. I’ve opened just over two dozen sets this month, which would be enough to get laid if I was a decent pickup artist, but I’m not so I haven’t. More than half my approaches have been day game, and I find this much harder than bar game. I realise I could have opened 3 times the number of sets in bars / clubs than I did this month, and I think that would have been enough to get me laid.

My approach anxiety is slowly starting to fade, but laziness is beginning to take it’s place. It’s time to man up. It’s time to treat the world like one giant vagina, and fuck it hard. It’s time for 100 sets of challenge.

It’s pretty simple. In the month of July I will open 100 sets. And not just open them to get another entry in my approach spreadsheet. Each and every women I approach, I will approach with the 100% intent of getting them into bed (or down an ally, in a bar’s toilets, I’m easy, to be honest), getting their legs spread and fucking them. This means ploughing through bitch shields, working for the hook and adopting the always be closing mentality.  If I don’t get laid out of this, then I at least expect a massive increase in confidence and lots of experience which will help bring my sticking points to light.

Don’t wish me luck. Luck is largely irrelevant to this. I either choose to make all 100 approaches, or I chose not to. It really is that simple, and thinking that luck has anything to do with this really is refusing to take responsibility for my own choices and actions. I’ll be telling my wings about this, would be nice to have someone kicking my ass over it.

Props to Bhodisatta. I stole got the inspiration for the idea for this post’s title from his similarly titled post.

  1. Rusty says:

    Good luck to you. Look forward to the forthcoming posts on this.

    Think I might try this too…

    • betatopua says:

      Thanks for commenting, but luck really is irrelevant (beyond something really unlikely happening which prevents me doing this). This my sound anal, but it’s an important point. As soon as I realise that it really is down to whether I choose to make each approach or not (I will get AA, but that doesn’t physically stop me. I can chose to approach despite AA).

      I think 100 approaches is quite achievable. It’s not much more than 20 a week, and I know people who do that in two nights of sarging (day / bar mixed).

      • PUAvault says:

        Might help to get a friend involved – give him $200 bucks and tell him if you don’t open 100 sets, he gets to keep the money.(or some other similar goal where you lose the money).

  2. […] if I just increased the number of women I spoke to in a month, then July 2011 could be epic. The 100 sets of challenge was born, and I was honestly looking forward to demolishing […]

  3. […] isn’t enough to stop my worrying about fucking up an individual date. I’m hoping my 100 sets of challenge will help here. If I open more sets I can be getting one day2 a week, which will allow me to chill […]

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