I try for a day game bounce and street kiss close

Posted: June 29, 2011 in Uncategorized

I’m at Piccadilly Circus just before 9pm on a Monday night. I only got 2 hours of sleep the night before so I’m fucked. I’m meeting a wing in a few minutes to hit a club on student night (field report on that in another post). I’ve spent the last 60 minutes wandering around drinking pussy and trying to wake up. The idea of holding a conversation with a stranger seems daunting given how tired I am, and the one direct street approach that I did force myself into ended in an instant blow out. There’s no decent single girl sets at Piccadilly, it’s all groups of tourists, mainly families. I chill outside a shop, and run into a PUA I know and his wing.

We’re in conversation when a cute short haired brunette walks by. She’s only a highish 7 but I feel a buzz and go after her. I open with a standard direct day game opener (“Excuse me, can I just say something to you? I saw you walk by and thought you looked gorgeous”). The opener instantly hooks in terms of her body language, but she can’t understand  a fucking word I’m saying. And that’s what was interesting about this set. Not what was said, but what wasn’t.

I’ve been trying to focus on my non verbals recently. Especially strong, sexualised eye contact and the look on my face. When I opened her the pavement was quite narrow so I got a lot closer to her than I would normally in day game. Almost toe to toe. This was interesting, as this upped the sexual tension in the set as opposed to being a couple of feet away. This proves what 60 Years of Challenge says about moving close to a girl to keep the sexual tension. In addition to this I’m eyefucking her the whole time, and have a sly little seducers grin on my face. I like this, as I often forget to smile in day game. This is largely born out of the fact that many guys I’ve seen open during the day do so with huge ingratiating grins on their faces, and I don’t want to do this.

On a non verbal level she is responding well to me. Her pupils are fully dilated, and if I had to guess I’d say she was a bit turned on. It’s just like when a girl is over awed slightly by a man’s precensce and she just stares at him with her eyes spazing out. There’s an air of electricity in the air. The two of us are in our own little bubble as the city of London passes by outside. I like this. This is how day game is meant to be, I can tell. It just feels right. To stop a girl dead in her tracks with nothing but your masculine polarity, and a strong undercurrent of sexual tension. If I can repeat this consistently in future sets then all I’ll really have to work in is building rapport (which I think I suck at) / investing girls and then my day game should start yielding some good results.

There’s a problem though. She can’t understand me. It takes me 3 minutes for her to understand my opener and to find out she’s a Hungarian tourist. I decide I haven’t really got much to work with so I let her go. As I start to turn away her body position mirrors mine. Fuck me she had hooked hard, but I don’t see this working. I walk off.

I walk back around the corner to the two other PUAs I left standing there. I explain to them how the set went. We’ve only been chatting for a minute when the Hungarian 7 comes back around the corner. I assume she must be lost and have walked the wrong way (she is a tourist). Nope. Turns out she isn’t lost at all. She’s come after me. There’s a first time for everything, and this is the first time a day game set has ever come and found me and reopened me.

I try to play it cool, but I’ll be honest, I can’t believe what is happening. For her to come back after some random guy that stopped her in the street and start chatting to him in front of his two mates takes some guts. Could this have been fuelled purely by raw gina tingle caused by the eyefucking?

She explains she doesn’t speak English well but is learning. She’s making much more of an effort to speak proper English than she was before, so we can understand each other a little better. It turns out this is her last day in England. She’s off home tomorrow. Since the hook was obviously so strong, I think fuck it. Go for the same day lay. I start to probe for logistical information. She’s going to a DIY store around the corner (the store is part of an international chain, and her dad works for them back in Hungary, but still not sure what exactly she was going there for), and she was meeting her friend who lives in London at midnight. The DIY shop thing sounds important, but I think fuck it. Try and bounce her to the club, it’s only 3 minutes walk away.

We start walking in that direction when I get texted by my wing. He’s waiting for me at the shop we just came from. So I stop walking and chat to the girl. I for some unknown reason give up on the bounce, and think fuck it. Go for the street kiss close. I ask her how many English boys she’s kissed since she’s been here. She says none because she has a boyfriend. Shit, wasn’t expecting that. I ask her if she’s a good girl, she says yes. I tell her I like good girls with a little bit of bad in them. She tells me she’s all good. As soon as I started to verbalise the sexual stuff that was just there non verbally before the bubble bursts. Interesting. She tells me to add her to Facebook so we can stay in touch. I take out my phone and friend request her and she walks off to the DIY shop.

In hindsight I think the best option here would have been to just walk to the club while chatting to her, and she probably would have come in with me, then who knows what… The boyfriend thing threw me. I think she just got caught up so much in the moment, that it wasn’t until I started to try and verbally escalate that she snapped out of it. Things like eyefucking hit the girls hindbrain, but directly verbalising stuff has to go via the logical forebrain, and in doing so activate a girls ASD (anti slut defence). As Tim says in The Flawless Natural, “Doing, not talking”. Lesson learned.

Stats since 1st June:
27 approaches
3 number closes
1 kiss close
0 f closes

  1. Darroux says:

    Hi, just wanted to comment to let you know that there are people out here reading your blog and enjoying it.

    We can see the progress that you are making. I get the impression that you are closing in on that moment where everything slots into place and all of a sudden the whole process hits flow state.

    We saw it with Krauser a while back.

  2. extasio says:

    Hey mate, extasio here.
    Good to hear that you gonna integrate more 60’s stuff.
    Your reports are well written, keep it up!

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