I need to stop worrying about my stats

Posted: July 11, 2011 in Uncategorized

Being the geek at heart that I am, I record game stats on a spreadsheet on my phone. I record the following details:

  • Approaches
  • Stops (for day game only)
  • Hooks
  • Number closes
  • Kiss closes
  • Fcloses

This was intended as a motivational tool. When you make progress in any difficult endeavour, such as game, the rate of progress is often so slow that you feel like you’re not improving. It’s only when you look at the long term that you see how big the changes have been. I want to be able to look back over month’s of stats and see the figures showing improvement. I’m so geeky I might even make a graph of this. The improvements will then convince me to keep going, which is important because there have been times when I’ve felt like quitting.

This has proved to be a double edged sword. People talk about things like flake rates, and open to fclose rates on forums, saying that if you are below a certain level you’re basically shit at game. The natural male desire to compete then kicks in, and you start to worry about stats. You start to double guess yourself in the field. This causes me to open less sets. If a set looks tough, I might not open it because it’s unlikely to hook, therefore decreasing my hook rate.

There have been some occasions recently where I haven’t number closed a girl and my wings have wondered why. The reason is because I thought the number might well be flaky, thus increasing my flake rate. With number closing, I do think to a certain extent you have to be quite strict on yourself. Time and time again I see guys on forums bitching about ridiculously high (90%+) flake rates, or asking for advice on text game so they can get dates. These guys have simply been collecting numbers. Girls give their numbers out quite easily to guys they never intend to see again, and these guys view phone numbers as the prize. They assume that getting the number means the girl was attracted to them. They then put down not getting the day2 to poor text game. They never see the connection between a good interaction and getting a day2 in their minds. Having said that I could probably number close about 30% more than I do, it’s just these numbers that I wouldn’t usually take will be 90% likely to flake. Still, seeing as I’m opening more sets recently, these low percentage numbers could add up to an extra 6-10 day2s a year over the coming 12 months. That’s fucking significant.

The solution is clear. For now I will not worry too much about getting good, and having impressive stats. I’ll just focus on getting laid.

Stats since 1st July:
36 approaches
7 number closes
3 kiss close
1 f closes

  1. Juan Marco says:

    I think it is essential to keep track of your results as they will help you see your weak points and thus you can find how to improve them. I believe that it is important to seek help from the experts whenever you get stuck. It will help you dramatically improve your game.


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