I go for the SNL – Part 1

Posted: July 13, 2011 in Uncategorized

I’d been having a good night in the club. I’d made 7 approaches (many of which had been my most confident yet), got a couple of (weak) number closes and got a dance floor kclose.

It had just turned 2am, and with the club was closing in an hour, so I decided it was time to call it a night. Making my way down the main staircase I got strong eye contact and a smile from an HB6 dancing with her friends. I started to walking towards the exit, thinking about how often I’d got suggestive eye contact from a girl just when I was leaving a venue. C’est la vie, I thought to myself.

Fuck that. Not tonight. If you want different results, you have to do things differently. This time it’s going to be different.

I stop and lean against a booth. I start to think I’ll feel stupid if I turn and walk back to her a whole minute after we locked eyes. I can’t really bottle this approach over something so trivial, can I? It’s then that she tells some guy who’s with her group that she’s going to the loo. I’m stood between her and the toilet so the game is on.

I grab her as she passes me:

Me: Hello. You look like fun. I’m betatopua

Her: I’m HBPoshGirl

She opens well, pushing her bountiful bossoms against my chest. It’s on. Attraction material time. I tease her for being posh, ask her why she’s out tonight. Hen do. She tells me the guy she was with has been following her around all night. I tell her she should come with me an I’ll look after her. She tells me to meet her by the bar near the toilets in 5 minutes. I agree. She walks off.

There’s an interesting point here relating to frame control / shit tests and gaming higher value women. Since this girl was an HB6 I didn’t worry about falling into her frame or failing a shit test by going over to the bar to wait for her. Since I felt I was higher value than her I just went along with it. If she was an HB9, things would be different. I would assume that this was a shit test, and that waiting for her would kill her attraction for me.

I have had a theory for a while that the biggest problem guys face when trying to pull the hottest women is mindfucking themselves. A good example of this would be assuming that waiting for her by the bar like she asked me to was a shit test, and so not going. In reality the girl has just isolated herself for you. This is one (often troublesome) part of the pickup, so I should be thankful she did it for me rather than viewing it as a shit test. I will have to remind myself of this when I’m gaming 8+s. Don’t see shit tests where they don’t exist.

I meet her by the bar and build some comfort. Turns out she’s a proper rich girl from a monied family. This provides almost limitless teasing material for the rest of the night. I get the drinks in an tell her to show me her dance moves. She knows how to move her body. Nice.

She tells me it’s her birthday, so I eyefuck her and tell her she needs a birthday kiss. “Maybe I’ve already had one”, she says, smiling. “No, I mean a good birthday kiss”, I retort, gesturing towards myself. We kiss.

We go and sit down in a quieter area of the club and a run rapport / comfort. This is a sticking point in my game at the moment, but in this case it was easy; we share a vaguely similar upbringing. I probe for logistics, and find out that her and her friends are only in town for the weekend, and are staying at a nearby hotel. It’s tonight, or never.

I notice she has cigarettes, so we go outside to smoke. Her friends come out, followed by her random male orbitor that she had picked up earlier on the dancefloor. Her friends are leaving, but she says she wants to stay and have a good time because it’s her birthday. Nice.

And then it happens. One of her friends doesn’t like the fact that she’s staying. She really doesn’t fucking like it. So much so that she bursts out crying. Not little tears either. Her whole body’s heaving like she’s in some sort of emotional pain. Cunt.

Why do girls do this? I mean seriously ladies. Come on now. My only guess is that women are very much herd creatures, and when one if them is about to get removed from the herd it effects them emotionally. Alchol then heightens these emotions, and then the water works start.

With her friend still in floods of tears, and the random male orbiter still hovering expectantly just a few feet away from her, I watch on out of the corner of my eye as the prospect of my first SNL since starting game seems to have been snatched cruelly from me.

To be continued…

PS Would love to know what you guys would do now in this situation.

Stats since 1st July:
36 approaches
7 number closes
3 kiss close
1 f closes

  1. extasio says:

    Interesting story mate 🙂
    One idea is to join HBPoshGirl to walk her friend back, gets probably rid of the orbiter and you keep your chances for the SNL.

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