Some miscellaneous sets

Posted: July 17, 2011 in Uncategorized

I’ve realised I sometimes mention sets here, but then don’t go on to tell you what has happened with them. In addition to this I sometimes make progress with sets I haven’t mentioned here. I thought it would be nice to give a rundown of some of my recent sets here:


Not mentioned here. Number closed her in a bar at the beginning of the month, and went on a day 2 with her the following week. She’s young and pretty hot, but very subdued. Not much chemistry between us. She’s just gone back to her home country for 2 months. I told her to Facebook me. She hasn’t. I think this set’s dead.


Mentioned previously. I saw her a few times, and even got her into my bed, but things weren’t progressing fast enough physically for my liking. I got the impression she wanted me as a boyfriend, and to achieve that she was trying to get me to invest in her. She’s just about my minimum standard for an fclose, but isn’t girlfriend material either in terms of looks or personality.

I decided to LJBF her during a Facebook chat. Seeing as she has lots of hot friends this seemed like a sound stratagey.

I get a text from her last Saturday night (same night I went for the SNL with another girl) asking what club I’m in. She turns up with a friend 40 minutes later.

When I first see her, she just says, “Oh, hi” and then walks off. I think she’s trying to make me chase her, but I don’t care. There are plenty more girls in the club for me to hunt.

A bit later she comes over to me and my wing, and blatantly hits on him. At this point I decide I’m done with her. My wing asks if I mind if he fucks her. I tell him it’s fine if he really wants to, but when he finds out I’ve been on dates with her, he says he won’t peruse her.

The last time I see her is when I pull the girl I SNL’d right in front of her. I didn’t do this as a jealousy thing, the fact that she was there was coincidental.


A day game pickup. Good texts and a phone chat ensued. She seemed very keen to meet, but worked odd hours. She suddenly went dead on me, but I got a long text a couple of days later telling me she’d lost her phone. I push her for a time and date when she’s free for a meet. Radio silence for a couple of days now. Will give it one last try before I declare the set as dead. If this doesn’t happen it’ll have been due to shitty logistics leading to it being so long between the pickup and the meet.

Stats since 1st July:
53 approaches
7 number closes
3 kiss closes
1 f closes


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