I go for the SNL – Part 2

Posted: July 18, 2011 in Uncategorized

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My girl must really want cock, because, despite being nice about it, she’s having none of this cock blocking attempt. Her friends leave, and the male orbitor remains. She starts chatting to him. I’ve been hanging back the whole time smoking and watching events out of the corner of my eye as to not look too needy. I decide I’ll give her a few minutes, then I’ll leave her to it if she’s still with the guy. She has a consoling look on her face and gives him a little pat on the shoulder. He looks dejected. I can’t hear what’s being said but I can tell from the non verbals. “Look, you’re a really nice guy. But you’ve been following me around like a puppy all night. It’s really beta so you’re not getting the pussy. I’m going to fuck the guy who teased me like a little girl then shamelessly pushed for the kiss close within minutes of meeting me instead.”. Well, I doubt she quite said that, but you get the idea.

He walks of and I go over to her. “What was that about?”, I enquire. “He was a really really nice guy, and I think he wanted something to happen between us tonight, but I didn’t like him in that way”. Called it.

I take her back inside and she buys us drinks. We sit and chat more and I escalate a bit, I don’t feel the need to push it to far though. She’s got quite nice legs, and by now I really want to get between them.

The club closes and she wants to go for a wander. Cool. I take her down the road to Trafalgar square and we chat. It’s then I pop the question, using a line shamelessly stolen from Paul Janka, “I know a bar we can go to. It’s kind of small, but really homely. There’s even a picture of my mum on the wall”. She goes for it.

Although she says she’d be happy to take the bus back to mine, I opt for paying for a taxi. I’ve heard of many cases of guys trying to extract a girl using public transport going wrong. As soon as the girl leaves the fun atmosphere of the club he buying tempreature will start to drop. She’ll start to sober up. Her feet will start to hurt in those sexy heels she’s got on. She’ll start to get tired. And cold. All these things can cause a girl to crash emotionally. Add that to the yuck of travelling on a late night central London bus (full of drunk people, some people vomiting down the aisles) which is very public and can kill the bubble of love around you two, and she might, at the last moment decide not to come hone with you. I would advise always taking a taxi. It’s just the two of you speeding through the night together as the sexual tension slowly mounts. You both stare at each other, anticipating the pleasures that await when you be home. That said it cost me fifty fucking pounds both ways.

When I got her home it was straight down to business. Lots of passionate kissing and my hand working it’s way towards her pussy. Her legs remained firmly closed though. Attempt after attempt to go for the fclose is met by a shake of her head. I don’t beta out and ask why, I just keep kissing then try again. Eventually she pushes me onto my back and sucks me off. A very good blow job. That being said, I’m a man who knows what he wants and I want the full close.

We lie on my bed smoking and chatting as my balls reload. I haven’t given up yet, dear reader.

After the cigarettes are finished I wait for the conversation to reach a natural lull. I pull her towards me. I’m more aggressive this time, pining her to the bed and animalistic-ally biting her neck.

I think a lot of chodes who experience LMR either get really angry, or just beg / whine for it. I probably would have done something like this years ago, but I know better now. Those low value reactions are likely to make her pussy slam shut. I’ve always seen LMR as one last shit test. One final line of defence against the possibility of being impregnated by beta male sperm. Given that by this stage the guy is probably too horny to think properly in many cases, this is probably the most machaveli of all shit tests.

I’ve had good success with the standard Mystery Method freeze about, but for some reason it just didn’t feel right. Instead I just dry humped her through her knickers until she lifted her legs above her head, offering herself to me. Unlike the beta who tries to convince the girl to spread her legs via pleading words, the (wannabe) alpha knows getting her as horny as possible is the way to go.

She gives me a “You cheeky bastard” look as I retrieve a condom from underneath my mattress just next to the head of my bed. I wrap up and fuck her brains out for my third lay of the year.

Stats since 1st July:
53 approaches
7 number closes
3 kiss closes
1 f closes

  1. PUA Vault says:

    ” “I know a bar we can go to. It’s kind of small, but really homely. There’s even a picture of my mum on the wall”. ” – lol, I’ll have to borrow that.

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