Online dating revisited

Posted: July 21, 2011 in Uncategorized

I was recently thinking back to last year and early this year, when I had a series of regular girl friends due to online game. Although I’ve done not too bad in terms of getting girls into bed this year, for a number of reasons I haven’t actually had a girl friend in a while.

I’m starting to miss the female company, and, surprisingly, I don’t mean in a sexual sense. Spending time with women who have romantic interest in you is simply very different than hanging around with men or women on a purely platonic basis. There’s a certain caring, feminine energy they radiate when with you that you just can’t get in other situations. I feel all men have a need for this, as well as sex.

Although I can see myself having at the very least a few one night stands between now and the end of the year as a result of cold approaching, I’m less confident in my ability to bag a girlfriend. It’s much easier to pickup a girlfriend online, since that’s what girls on dating sites are looking for. It’s like a salesman hitting up qualified leads rather than approaching fully cold prospects. This has all got me thinking I might have another crack at online game.

The main thing putting me off from doing this is that I think it’s a bit of a cop out. It’s almost like admitting some failure on my part in my quest to get good at cold approach. In addition to this, online game could interfere with my progress at cold approach. Online game is just so much easier that I can see it making me really lazy when it comes cold approaching. It’s just down to my natural inclination to take the path of least resistance.

I’ve decided to compromise. If I don’t have a regular girl by 1st October 2011 I’ll turn to online game. On that date, I’ll buy a digital camera and spend a whole month taking photos for my profile and finding the best using OKCupid’s ‘My Best Face’ feature. This may seem like a long time to sort a few snaps out, but profile photos are vital in online game. I think having shitty photos let me down before, so I’m determined to put the time in to get a selection of really great ones this time. This should lead to me getting a hotter girl friend, so really worth spending the time and effort to get this bit right.

Since I’ll be looking for a (non monogamous)  girl friend and not just a quick lay, I think I’ll be a lot more picky (both in terms of looks and personality) than in the past, so this could turn out quite well for me. I’ll have a qualifying frame.

There are certain things I’m not looking forward to. First the inevitable hours spent in front of the PC messaging girls whose egos are expanded to several orders of magnitutde of where they should be due to receiving 200 messages a week despite being average looking. Secondly there’s turning up on a date only to be faced with a girl who is two dress sizes larger than when she had her profile pictures taken. For those dates it’s one pint then I’m off home. I still can’t bring myself to go full cunt,  just taking one look at her then leaving. I have too much empathy. I can just feel the dropping sensation in the pit of a fatties stomach which would surely result if I were to crush her ego in such a casual manner. Having a conscious can often be tiresome. I blame my mother for this.

I’ll still be looking to work hard on my cold approach during this time, and really hope I don’t get lazy in this area. This all being said, I’d much prefer to bag a girlfriend from cold approach in the next two months. I’ll make sure every girl I fuck gets a good, hard finger fucking to really lube her up before I put my cock in. This will help in maximizing my chances of an encounter being more than a one night stand. Contrary to society’s popularly held beliefs, women will often come running back to guys who can give them multiple orgasms, regardless of personality compatibility.

Stats since 1st July:
53 approaches
7 number closes
3 kiss closes
1 f closes

  1. PUA Vault says:

    I don’t see the difference between online game and cold approach in meeting would-be girlfriends. Online girls are out there in the real world, where cold approaches happen. And if they’re open for sex, taking it to a romantic level is just a matter of setting up expectations.

    • betatopua says:

      I think Krauser summed up the difference between online dating vs cold approach when he left this comment.

      “Online dating is a self-selecting pool of women who are trying to get laid and actively seeking it. So if an online girl meets for a date, you ought to be fucking her. Totally different game for cold approach – her turning up just means she’s attracted / intrigued. Lots more hoops still left to lead her through.”

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