My new comfort zone

Posted: August 10, 2011 in Uncategorized

A few months ago I really wasn’t comfortable opening sets. At all. I thought I’d got past this, but after watching a seminar run by DJ Fuji on the basics, I realised I’ve just settled into a new comfort zone. This comfort zone includes:

  • Opening 2/3 sets a session in day game
  • Opening 3/4 sets a session in night game
  • Opening in more chilled out areas like the smoking area in night game
  • Opening single girls or 2-sets in night game

I need to kick my own ass. The thing is, I know how it feels to push yourself outside your comfort zone. It makes me feel like a little child. So small, and so scared by the world. If I stick to doing what I’ve done before, I’ll feel like a strong, confident man. I’ll also get the same results as I’ve got before. I really can’t live with that. The battle, as it often is when it comes to achieving anything worthwhile in life, is short term comfort vs long term reward. I really want the long term reward. I need to become more disciplined and push myself through the pain. This is what I want to work towards over the coming couple of months:

  • Spending 80% of my night in set. So in a typical 5 hour night game session I will be in set for 4 hours. At the moment my average is probably around 20%. The way to do this is to either have sets that hook well and stay in there, or to keep opening sets all night if that doesn’t happen. This could mean opening up to 20 sets a night.
  • Opening 4 sets in hour in day game. This is one set every 15 minutes. Currently I’m averaging one set every 40 minutes. – Consistently getting numbers every sarging session
  • Regularly isolating girls / leading them to a different part of the venue
  • Opening sets with 3 or more girls in them

If I can make all of this happen over the next couple of months, my confidence will increase, and my game will increase exponentially. Which, dear reader, means more pussy for yours truly.

Stats since 1st August:
15 approaches
0 number closes
0 kiss closes
0 f closes

  1. extasio says:

    This sounds good mate, I got some more stuff that we can discuss tonight 😉

  2. Y says:

    No, you’re doing it all wrong.

    You’re focusing on opening, chatting, talking etc. blah blah.

    All in the misguided idea that you need to knock on more doors, get more leads into your funnel.

    In stead you need to focus on escalating and closing more.

    How often do you try to get physical with these women? Or are you waiting to build attraction, then waiting some more for IOI’s?

    Fuck that.

    Start closing.

    • betatopua says:

      I think you’re half right.

      I do think I should be pushing it physically to get more closes. I tried a 60 Years of challenge fast escalation on a hot girl the other day, and it got me the k close within a few minutes. I was quite surprised.

      Having said that I do think I also need to be opening more sets. I think on a night out I need to keep opening sets until I get laid or the night is over. Each set opened is a potential lay.

      Also when it comes to talking, some conversational skills are needed. I want to improve my socialization in generally as well as my ability to get laid. On a good day my conversational skills are excellent, but on a bad day are non existent.

      But yes, the main thing to practice is faster escalation and extraction.

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