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Many people object to game on the basis that it is dishonest. They claim men using it misrepresent themselves and trick women to get them into bed. In other words they used game to make themselves attractive to women they wouldn’t usually be attractive to. Women say this is bad.

On the tube today I witnessed first hand a woman doing exactly the same thing. She was a black girl sat opposite me. A low 6 who I’d only bother with if I thought she’d be an easy pull. Then is happened. Between St. James’ Park and Westminster she became a solid 8. How? She applied makeup.

Make up is game for women. Does that make makeup dishonest? Are girls wearing makeup trying to trick men?

Now I’m not naive. I’ve seen girlfriends with and without makeup on before. I know it makes a big difference to how hot they look. Still, there was just something about this transformation that dumbstruck me. Until this moment I just hadn’t realised what a big impact make up has on a girls looks. Also you have to bear in mind this was just a girl quickly applying makeup on the tube. The effect would have been greater if she had spent an hour getting ready for a night out. A professional makeover would probably turn her into an HB9.

The truth is that if you discount makeup, there aren’t really that many hot girls out there.

Stats since 1st September:
1 number closes
3 kiss closes
1 f closes


Hitting on ugly women

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My intended stratagem for club game is to hit on decent women (HB6+) until 1:30am, then go dumpster diving for 4s and 5s for the next hour. Many people in the seduction community are very against this. They don’t think you should ever hit on women that aren’t hot. I disagree.

Most the guys who are now good at game and ignore any girl less than a HB7 or HB8 generally fucked quite a few fugly girls on their rise to pickup greatness. Fucking ugly girls can be good for a few of reasons:

  1. It helps prevent a sexual drought. This can fuck up your inner game.
  2. It lets the wannabe player get used to the courtship process all the way from opening to ejaculation. It’s surely better to iron out the odd kink that can lose you the girl with HB4 and 5s than have it happen when you eventually get your first shot with an HB9.
  3. Guys who aren’t yet good at game but yet refuse to do the odd munter / borderline  girl never seem to have any success or improve their game at all. I think this relates to the above 2 points.
If I had a regular fuck buddy I may not do this, but seeing as I don’t I want to really push to take a girl home every night, and dumpster diving at the end of the night seems to be the way to achieve this. There’s a problem though. I just can’t seem to open an ugger.
I just assume they’ll know what’s up. They’ll know it’s getting late. They’ll know I’m too good for them. They’ll know I’m dropping my standards in a last ditch attempt to get laid that night. It’s just the thought of them knowing this that really puts me off. Maybe they’ll realize what’s going on but just be grateful for the lay. I’ll have to force myself to open a few next month and see what reactions I get.
Stats since 1st September:
1 number closes
3 kiss closes
1 f closes

Detailed infield footage giving a blow by blow account of an entire pickup by an mPUA is rare. Many people claim this is because mPUAs aren’t nearly as good as the claim to be. Others would say it’s because good filming with quality, understandable audio included isn’t vey practical in loud bars clubs. Whatever the case this 90 minute video of mPUA Mystery putting his famous ‘Mystery Method’ into practice is a great find.

I haven’t watched through it all yet, but from what I’ve seen he doesn’t come across as strange and dancing monkey like most people claim any MM practitioner would. The only strange things I noticed were:

– His stupid hats.

– He uses some slightly odd, almost quaint turns of phrase (like “procure me a cigarette” instead of “get me a cigarette”).

– He actually gives his name as Mystery when introducing himself to people (but gives his real name too).

You only notice the routines and canned stuff come into it if you know exactly what you’re looking for.

I’ll probably watch all of it at a later date, and do an analysis here on one of the sets, if I can be bothered. For now here’s the video. Unfortunately WordPress won’t let me embed videos from Metacafe, so you’ll just have to make do with a link:

Holy Grail of Pickup: Mystery 90 minute infield bar game video

Stats since 1st September:
1 number closes
3 kiss closes
1 f closes

Cost of a hooker in Soho, London: £30 (So I’m told…).

It’s a Friday night and the sky looks miserable, but it’s hot. Like tropical hot. The air is thick with water vapor, hinting at a future downpour and makes doing anything physical seem like a big effort. Given this I’m not surprised the bar is dead. I’m just polishing of my first beer.

Beer: £3.70, Total: £3.70

Me and a couple of wings are hitting on girls in a quiet corridor that connects two parts of the bar to one another. The responses are luke warm. We could probably do something with this but the heat and the fact the venue is so dead just seems to be making us lethargic. I’m about to call it an early night when one of my wings suggests a bounce to a club. I don’t like the idea because I’ll have to pay the cover, but I agree to go along just to have a look through the window.

Arriving at the club and looking through the window it isn’t very busy. Probably less than 50% capacity. Despite this, the hotties I see through the window in their short skirts shaking their asses convince me to part with the £10 for the cover charge. I head inside with my two wings.

Cover charge: £10, Total: £13.70

The club’s owners appear not to have heard of air conditioning. It’s sweltering and the dance floors all stink of sweat. I get myself a bottle of beer.

Beer: £4.70, Total: £18.40

I chill out for a bit. I’m really not in the mood tonight. I can’t bring myself to open a single set. I see a girl on the edge of the dance floor dancing and grinding her hips. She looks like an HB6. We’ll call her HBGlasses. The way she moves her body attracts me. I’d like to fuck her, but I’m not sure if the dancing is a DTF indicator or attention whoring.

It’s not quite AA, but I can’t bring myself to approach. This is what I’m like in clubs recently. I don’t have a hardcore fear of approaching, it’s more like an apathy. I almost can’t be bothered to approach. There’s still some anxiety,. it’s just not the full on, stomach churning fear it used to be.

Some time passes. I try hitting on a few girls by standing between the bar and the girls’ toilets and poking or grabbing them as they go by. I try about 3/4 girls but nothing hooks well. More time passes and I find myself on a half empty dance floor. I notice HBGlasses out of the corner of my eye. I make eye contact and smile. She smiles back. It’s on.

“Hello”, I say as I approach. She says hi back, her American accent obvious over the loud music. “Buy me a drink and I’ll dance with you!”, she offers. I laugh, “Dance with me an I’ll buy you a drink”. We dance for a couple of minutes, during which time she refuses the k-close, then she asks me to get her a drink again. I decide she’s only after a free drink and this is going nowhere. I tell her no, and walk away. She comes over to me, “Well I’m going to get a drink, do you want to come with me?”. Now I’m curious as to where this might lead. I agree and take her by the hand and lead her to the bar.

The bar is rammed. Looks like a 15 minute wait for drinks. We chit chat about the differences between clubs in the UK and US for a minute, then I decide we’ll get served quicker at the other bar. I grab her hand and lead her there. She’s a bit drunk and not quite sure where I’m taking her. I tell her it’s OK and she seems happy for me to take the lead.

We bump into one of her friends on our way downstairs. I explain where I’m taking her, and her friend goes upstairs to be with her other friends.

The bar queue downstairs is much shorter, as I knew it would be at this time. She grinds against me as we wait to be served. She orders her drink then asks me what I want. I go for a Jack and Coke. She is sort of making out at this stage that she is going to buy the drinks. Score. My cocks really throbbing by now, this girl can move her ass. American girls can grind much better than other girls. God bless America.

Then the barmaid tells us the cost of the drinks. HBGlasses motions that I’m paying. Cheeky bitch I think. “Cheeky bitch”, I say. “You’ve got the dick, you pay the bill”, she retorts. The fact that I have a huge stiffy and am honestly starting to believe that this girl is DTF leads me to agree and pay the bill. I may say I was right to do this instead of calling her out and refusing to pay because I sensed it was on, but that could be me backward rationalizing a mistake which happened by chance to lead to a good thing. I still wonder whether buying the drinks was a good or bad move in the long term.

Drinks: £11.20, Total: £29.60

We dance and drink for a while. “I have to get back to my friends” she says. She’s off now she’s got the drink. Fuck that. Not on my watch. Not with the size of this erection.

I drag her into a corner and grind her hard, “Wait till you’ve finished your drink, then go back to them”. I get the kiss close moments later. I just know at this stage that I have a good chance of fucking her tonight, so I probe for logistics. Turns out her apartment is all the way over in East London.

Me: Shit, that’s a long way. How are you getting home?

Her: I don’t know, I lost my Oyster card (card for paying for travel on London’s public transport).

Me: I live close by. Just 20 minutes by taxi. You’ll have to come home with me. It’ll be for the best.

Her: I don’t know, I have to find my friends…

Me: Look, I would just take your number but my phone’s out of battery (the truth lol).

Her: That’s a shame

Me: I know. So what we need to do, is go back to my flat so I can charge my phone and we can swap numbers.

She thinks about it intensely for a few moments.

Her: Ok.


Her: But I have to find my friends first. I’ll need to tell them.


I know if she finds her friends my chances of a lay will plummet. She seemed to be with a fairly large group, so at least one of them will cock block, especially since she’s a little drunk. This girl’s hind brain wants to fuck me so she’s allowing any fuzzy logic that gives her plausible deniability that she’s coming to mine to fuck me to win over her fore brain. Her friends won’t be so easily convinced. We wander off to find her friends. I’m not hopeful.

It’s then that dumb luck intervenes…

To be continued.

Stats since 1st September:
1 number closes
3 kiss closes
1 f closes

“Fuck off”.

I feel like simply getting told to fuck off as a blow out is a milestone for me. The opener was simply, “Excuse me. Are you ginger?”. My wing told me calling someone ginger was offensive. Thinking about it I can see how many people would find being called ginger rude, hence the rude blow out. Many readers to my blog may wonder how on earth I wouldn’t realise this and start to question my level of social calibration. You have to bare in mind that I adore red heads and frequent the ginger subreddit (NSFW), so for me the opener was almost a compliment opener.

Obviously this only applies to women. Ginger men are freaks.

Stats since 1st September:
1 number closes
3 kiss closes
1 f closes


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As usual myself and one wing (only my second time out with this guy) arrive at the club just before 9 to avoid paying the cover charge or hassle getting in. It’s already fairly busy at this time, so I have a feeling it’s going to be a good night.

We kick back and have a beer. My wing is young and eager to get going. I tell him I’m not going to bother opening sets until 10pm. Approaching and running a set can sap your energy, an I don’t want to burn out before prime time (11:30 – 1:30 IMO). I’ve seen so many wings arrive before 9, run around like mad things opening sets for a couple of hours, then bail before midnight because they get tired. This can get you some telephone numbers, but won’t get you an SNL.

My wing opens a passing 2 set as we’re stood by the bar by calling them over. There’s a tall blonde and a short brunette. I take the short brunette. We banter for a bit, and she seems interested with some IOIs coming my way, but I fuck up my response to a shit test and it dies:

Her: We’re in the White Room

Me: Posh. Do you have a big ice bucket full of champagne? That’s what they usually have in there.

Her: Yeah, but I don’t like it. I prefer vodka.

Me: I was just going to say I bet you prefer vodka. I can tell.

Her: So are you saying I’m not sophisticated?

I gave her what was supposed to be a faux guilty look, but I may have just looked like she had caught me out, therefore failing the shit test. In retrospect I should have ignored her question, grabbed her hand saying, “Show me how you move”, then spun her round, pulling her in for the lock in. Bit gamey but would pass the shit test and take the set forward at the same time.

The girls make their excuses and rejoin their friends. At this point a group of girls enters the club. One of them, an HB6 is dancing in a very sexual way as she walks by. We lock eyes for a couple of seconds. She is DTF and attracted to me, so I should definitely open her. I decide the time isn’t right yet. It’s still too early, so I let her walk on by. We’ll call her HBSexyLilDancer. I have a feeling (in my loins) that I’ll be seeing her later.

My wing opens another set in the smoking area which doesn’t come to much. Back in the club, and fast approaching 10pm I decide it’s time to open my first set, so I’m keeping my eyes open. At this time the clubs still only at 1/3rd capacity, so there isn’t much around. We’re going up some stairs as an HB9 is coming up. She’s the hottest girl I’ve seen so far so I open her. I go direct by telling her she looks gorgeous, then I ask her name. Turns out she’s here for her 19th birthday party. 10 years younger than me… Anway, the set doesn’t really hook so I let her go.

In the future I’ll open with what Rob Judge uses, “You’re adorable. I wanted to meet you.”. Although what you open with doesn’t really matter, that opener’s clever from a psychological point of view. I’ll right an entire post on it another time explaining why.

Later my wing and I are standing with our backs to the back of a booth in the golden spot. The golden spot is the spot in any bar / club which is equidistant from both the bar an the girl’s toilets. It’s a high traffic spot that’s perfect for grabbing girls on their own or in pairs as they go past.

My wing has a set that almost hooks, but not quite. I explain to him how locking the girl in against the back of the both can help in hooking sets, as it makes the girl feel like she’s having a conversation with you, rather than feeling like she’s just about to walk off.

I open  an English HB8 that’s walking by with something like, “Hey, I need to talk to you right now. It’s really important. You’re cute, what’s your name?”. It hooks moderately well, but I realise I need to lock her in if this is going to go anywhere.

The banter’s going quite well, but my wing keeps interrupting and breaking my flow. He’s trying to get her to hold his glass. He doesn’t seem to realise dominance should come via finesse, not just barking orders at a girl. Eventually the girl makes her excuses and goes back to her friends. I raise the issue of not interrupting when I’m one one one with a girl to my wing. He told me he was trying to help me lock the girl in. He told him thanks, but no help needed. I explain to him about the bubble of love (from RSD’s Tim) which exists around a guy and a girl before a pull, and how having a third person stops that bubble existing.

After some more drinks, we hit the dance floor. The English girl is there and recognizes me. My wing says I should go for it. I disagree. She’s there pulling silly dance moves with a large group of her girlfriends. And that’s what she wants to do at the moment, have fun with her friends. When she’s done that for a while and had a couple more drinks, then she’ll be ready for having fun with men instead of her girls. So much of it is about being in the right place at the right time. In retrospect I would have danced with her for a bit without any escalation, then left her. This would have created a strong possibility of reopening and easily closing later in the night.

So I’m busting my (terrible, frankly) moves on the dance floor. The place is starting to get busy. There are a reasonable number of decent girls on the dance floor at this point. As I’m browsing this vagina buffet for a target I notice HBSexyLilDancer from earlier. She can really move her body. They say that dancing is the first stage in the human mating ritual, where people dance to attract a mate. Watching her dance now this seems very true.

A quick aside on girls dancing sexy. I’ve started to notice that these fall into two categories:

  1. The attention whore
  2. The girl whose DTF

It’s hard to explain how to spot the difference between the two types, it’s just an experience thing. I can tell HBSexyLilDancer falls firmly into the DTF camp. She’s dancing like she’s the only girl in the world and no ones watching. She’s grinding her hips back and forth just for her, because she’s horny and wants to feel the music in her body, not because she wants to put a display on for the chodes.

I realise that my wing has already made his move; he’s kiss closing HBSexyLilDancer’s friend. He introduces me to her. I turn to HBSexyLilDancer.

Me: Is this your friend?

Her: Yes

Me: Cool. What’s you’re name?

Her: HBSexyLilDancer

Me: That accent…. eastern Europe?

Her: Slovakia… I’m from Slovakia. You?

Me: I’m English. I come from near London.

I take both of her hands and make strong eye contact.

Me: How long has the little Slovakian girl been in London?

Her: Two months.

Me: How many English men have you kissed since you’ve been in London?

Her: None. I have never kissed an English man.

Me: No? That’s so sad.

I move my head towards hers.

Me: You really should try it while you’re here.

I don’t even get to finish moving in for the kiss… She quickly and aggressively bridges the rest of the distance herself and we kiss. Her friend runs off and leaves my wing on his own.

We spend 5 minutes going for it on the dance floor. My hands on her tits, her hands on my cock. Girls often seem to put guys they pull on the dance floor into a box labeled, “Random Dance floor Pull”. They never answer when guys in this box call them the next day. They rarely go home with guys in this box. Obviously, you don’t want to be in this box, and this means getting them of the dance floor ASAP.

I grab her hand and start to lead her hand and start to lead her off the dance floor.

Her: Where are we going

Me: Don’t worry, just down stairs to the restaurant. It’s quiet there, and we need to talk.

Her: OK

I lead her to the restaurant where we sit in a booth and talk. Standard rapport building stuff. I have to admit, building comfort is a weak point of mine. This is especially true with non anglosphere girls. This is bad as there is plenty of girls in London who fall into this category. I just find it hard getting either wide or deep rapport with a girl who’s from somewhere like Europe or South America. I think it’s partly a language thing, partly a culture thing.

After I bit of chat we start to make out again. I put her hand on my cock and she rubs it, but stops me putting my hand up her skirt. I ask her to come home with me, she says no, because she’s not that type of girl. She asks me what I think of that type of girl, and I respond truthfully, “I think the decision to go home with a guy on the first night is down to a girl’s views on sex. I don’t think a girl’s view on sex reflects in any way on the rest of her personality, how how quality she is. In other words I don’t, unlike many guys, believe that a girl’s quality is determined by how quickly she jumps into bed with a man”. I don’t have the whole Madonna / Whore issue going on like many (even community) guys do. In retrospect, a better answer would have been, “That’s just what happens in London. People go home together the first night they meet all of the time”.

I put her hand back on my cock as I make out with her passionately. She gets really into it, and gives me a hand job under the table as I suck on her tits. After this I number close her. An important point to note here is that I didn’t ring her number to make sure I’d got it right till later in the night. Turns out I had entered it wrong the first time. Lesson learned: always ring them when you number close them to confirm the number’s been entered correctly. I tell her I’m going to take her for cocktails in Covent Garden.

After we’re done with all that my wing shows up, and we all go to smoke then I get some drinks in. We talk more and look for her friends, but she can’t find them. After a bit more dancing I’m hungry, so we leave the club and go to a Chinese restaurant. I consider bouncing her back to my flat from here, but she’s still worried about finding her friends, and when she tells me her coat is still at the club that idea is ruined.

She calls one of her friends and it turns out she’s gone to the London Eye with some men. This makes no sense, as it’ll obviously be closed at this time, but it’s random and makes me laugh. Her friend says she will get a bus home from there. This is good news for me, but there are still two of her friends left in the club. It would be preferable to me if she didn’t find them, then I can play the whole, “You’ll have to come home with me” card. We go return to the club.

As soon as we get there we hit the dance floor. She starts touching my cock again. I get turned on so drag her to a table where she wanks me off again. Then back on the dance floor for the rest of the night.

The night is drawing to an end at this point, and back in the club her sexual dancing is attracting the desperate men who haven’t managed to pull.  Despite the fact I’m obviously with her a chode crystal forms around us on the dance floor. Guys try to pull her in multiple ways: eye fucking her as she dances, booty bumping her, trying to grind her. When I’m leading her off the dance floor at the end, I feel resistance. I look back and some cheeky fucker who’d been circling us on the dance floor for the last 20 minutes has actually grabbed her hand and is trying to pull her in. Horniness will make guys bold. I tell him promptly to fuck off. He backs off. If she hadn’t of tossed me off twice already which made me more chilled out, I may well have hit the guy at that point.

As the club kicks out she gets a text. Turns out her other two friends have left. “You’ll have to come home with me then. I’m worried about the thought of you getting the bus on your own”. She’s having none of it.

At that point a fight breaks out. Some guy gets knocked out on the street right near the club, his head hitting the ground with a large cracking sound on the way down. This sends the girl into floods of tears as I ring for an ambulance. Am hoping the guys blood comes out of the white shirt I was wearing when I wash it. Certainly a dramatic end to the night.

I ring her the next evening. We arrange to have cocktails in Covent Garden in a couple of days time. She says she may have to cancel due to work. The next day she cancels via text. I ask her when she’s free, and she tells me she’s very busy this week but will let me know. That was a couple of days ago, and I haven’t text back. That last text wasn’t a good sign. The whole, “I’ll let you know when I’m free” line from a girl usually means they don’t want to see you, but that isn’t always the case. I’ll text her on Saturday and try and set something up for next week if she hasn’t contacted me. I’d say it’s 50/50 for the fclose at this point.

Looking back, the only thing I’d do differently is to make more attempts to put my hand up her skirt. I think I only made one. If I could get some fingers inside her, chances are she’d have been coming home with me so I could finish her off.

Stats since 1st September:
1 number closes
3 kiss closes
1 f closes

What type of close is this?

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PUA’s have number closes, kiss closes, and f (full) closes for sex.

But what about hand jobs (or blow jobs for that matter)? I got a (couple of) hand jobs from a girl in a club the other night. This is surely better than a kiss close or a number close, whilst admittedly not being as good as an f close, and yet this doesn’t count as a close?

I have heard that some superstar PUAs pad their stats by counting any type of sexual act which involves them ejaculating as a full close. Personally I think only vaginal or anal sex counts.

Stats since 1st September:
1 number close
3 kiss closes
1 f closes

How to (not) get laid

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There’s a club in Clapham, London. Capacity 3,500. Decor 80’s disco cheese with music to match. The girls are young and hot. It has a reputation as the biggest meat market in London. It’s name is Infernos.

It’s infamous throughout London as the club to go to when you want to get laid. The main reason I don’t go there regularly is it takes me much longer to get there and back than it does when I go to clubs in the West End. Despite this, my natural wing convinces me to spend a Saturday night there, given that last weekend he had picked up two women and had a threesome with them.

So that’s the background. I’m basically in a club which is renowned for being easy to get laid in.

I’ve been there for about 30 minutes, having a drink with the guys at the upstairs dance floor. The night is still fairly young and the place is still pretty dead, so I decide to head to the down stairs dance floor to see if it’s any busier. On my way down the stairs there is a 2 set of HB7s coming up. One of them opens me. She literally goes direct on me. Guaranteed close, right? She how the conversation between my self, HB7 and her friend panned out:

HB7: Mate, I’m not being funny but, basically, I think you’re well fit

Me: Thanks. What’s your name, sweetie?

HB7: HB7

Me: Well HB7, it’s a bit early yet. I’ll probably come and find you later (Yes, I’m aware this was retarded. No, I don’t know why I said this).

HB7: Fuck off, whenever people say that, they never do

Me: You’re fiesty aren’t you

Her: I just say what I think

Friend: Come on, let’s go

HB7: We’re going to get drinks, come with us

Me: Cool, are you buying me a drink?


Friend: Fuck off! You’re not buying him a drink. He can buy you one.

HB7: Yeah you can buy me a drink

Me: I’m broke, you buy me one

Her: Ok

Friend: Fuck off. Come on, we’re going (Drags HB7 off).


So, in summary:

  1. Girl does direct on me in club
  2. I try and give her the brush off
  3. She ploughs
  4. I’m a cheeky bastard
  5. She puts up with it
  6. Friend finally ends it when I’m just being too cocky instead of just going to the bar with her.

It’s like god wants me to get laid but I have other plans (mainly involving internet porn and Vaseline).

I’m going to become Mayor

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I’ve been getting a little fed up with day game lately. All my numbers just seem to flake, and in addition to that I just get bored hanging around on the street between sets. It’s both less fun and less productive than night game, so I had decided to ditch it.

That’s when I go hold of a copy of Paul Janka’s ‘Beyond the Digits’ DVD series (review coming soon).

Janka is famous in the seduction community for being a natural who developed his own style of day game independently from the seduction community by working the streets of New York for over a decade. What sets him apart from the crowd is the super fast number close style which he employs, which is at odds to what most of the community recommends.

I loved the simplicity of his stuff. The way all his techniques seem very normal on the surface in terms of the way you interact with the girl, but underneath it all there is a solid psychology base.

In his DVDs he talks about 3 concepts he considers core to his style of day game. One of them is becoming the ‘Mayor’ of your own little territory.

Choosing a territory is simple if you live in a major city (knew there was a reason I moved somewhere as expensive as London…). Just pick a busy area near your flat / apartment. This is your local area, your territory, and as such this is where you do most of your sarging. At the minimum all the area needs is a reasonably high through flow of people, so the targets don’t just dry up once you’ve hit on a few girls. The area I’m going to be making my territory also has the following:

– A large park: Good for long walks and sarging in.

– Plenty of large supermarkets / shops: You can easily open indirect in these places. These shops also offer good excuses to be in the area, which help to ‘ground’ sets.

– A medium sized Starbucks, and plenty of other independent coffee shops: Make good bases / pit stops. Can also go indirect on girls in here.

– Plenty of restaurants: Can be used for dates, stopping off for lunch

– Some bars: This area is (just about) walking distance from my flat, so bars here would be good for day2s. It’s odd that there seem to be so few bars in such a lively area. West London’s night life is a bit shit for some reason.

– Various other attractions which give me an excuse to visit and therefore sarge the area congruently, such as a cinema.

Janka calls it being the Mayor of a territory because a Mayor is a guy who walks around his area talking to people. And that’s what the PUA should do in his given territory too. Talk to and get to know the baristas / restauranters
/ shop keepers. What’s the point in all this? It gives the aspiring day gamer a number of advantages:

– Huge situational confidence. I’m starting to get this in some of the clubs I regularly do bar game in. Girls pick up on this, and it will increase you’re attractiveness to them.

– Congruent sarging: You’ll always have a reason to be in this area, so you won’t have the whole “OMG I’m walking busy shopping streets hunting for girls” mindset which I have personally found gets in the way of opening.

– Ability to ‘ground’ sets: Dropping the fact that you live straight around the corner into the conversation whilst in set is great. I’m pretty certain many girls pick up on the fact that guys are stalking London’s main shopping streets for women when they get opened, and this leads to a lot of flakes.

– Very little traveling to get to the sarging location. I only realised the stupidity of paying for a there and back tube fare to London’s main day gaming hotspots when Janka brought up this idea. Many guys in London would save themselves both time and money when it comes to travel if they sarged a local territory.

I have already been to give the area a once over. Some decent targets. Still going to have to work out the logistics of opening in a coffee shop. I think I’m going to include the huge shopping centre and my local supermarket in my territory. This will make it easier to do approaches into the double figures each week.

Stats since 1st September:
0 number closes
1 kiss closes
1 f closes