How to (not) get laid

Posted: September 9, 2011 in Uncategorized
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There’s a club in Clapham, London. Capacity 3,500. Decor 80’s disco cheese with music to match. The girls are young and hot. It has a reputation as the biggest meat market in London. It’s name is Infernos.

It’s infamous throughout London as the club to go to when you want to get laid. The main reason I don’t go there regularly is it takes me much longer to get there and back than it does when I go to clubs in the West End. Despite this, my natural wing convinces me to spend a Saturday night there, given that last weekend he had picked up two women and had a threesome with them.

So that’s the background. I’m basically in a club which is renowned for being easy to get laid in.

I’ve been there for about 30 minutes, having a drink with the guys at the upstairs dance floor. The night is still fairly young and the place is still pretty dead, so I decide to head to the down stairs dance floor to see if it’s any busier. On my way down the stairs there is a 2 set of HB7s coming up. One of them opens me. She literally goes direct on me. Guaranteed close, right? She how the conversation between my self, HB7 and her friend panned out:

HB7: Mate, I’m not being funny but, basically, I think you’re well fit

Me: Thanks. What’s your name, sweetie?

HB7: HB7

Me: Well HB7, it’s a bit early yet. I’ll probably come and find you later (Yes, I’m aware this was retarded. No, I don’t know why I said this).

HB7: Fuck off, whenever people say that, they never do

Me: You’re fiesty aren’t you

Her: I just say what I think

Friend: Come on, let’s go

HB7: We’re going to get drinks, come with us

Me: Cool, are you buying me a drink?


Friend: Fuck off! You’re not buying him a drink. He can buy you one.

HB7: Yeah you can buy me a drink

Me: I’m broke, you buy me one

Her: Ok

Friend: Fuck off. Come on, we’re going (Drags HB7 off).


So, in summary:

  1. Girl does direct on me in club
  2. I try and give her the brush off
  3. She ploughs
  4. I’m a cheeky bastard
  5. She puts up with it
  6. Friend finally ends it when I’m just being too cocky instead of just going to the bar with her.

It’s like god wants me to get laid but I have other plans (mainly involving internet porn and Vaseline).

  1. PUA Vault says:

    You got c-blocked. Address the friend next time?

    • betatopua says:

      Yes I got cock blocked, but only because I was being a cocky asshole. If I’d kept it simple a might have fucked her.

      I’ve come to learn that when a girl shows strong direct and obvious interest in you that you need to let her know pretty quickly in no uncertain terms that you reciprocate, otherwise you risk losing her. This is because women take rejection very harshly compared to men, so you need to let them know you want them quickly so they can’t possibly interpret anything you do as disinterest (this will cause them to run off).

      You can start being challenging later as they become more secure.

      • Mike says:

        Yes I think this whole mentality of “playing heard to get” is going way overboard by a lot if guys. I’ve done similar myself but the fact is you end up losing the girl because you’re not being alpha and congruent. Instead of just actually acknowledging her advances you’re trying to put on some act of I’m too cool which isn’t what a truly confident guy would do. If James bond was walking up the steps he probably would have been fucking her an hour later.

        No big deal… I’ve done this myself before because of all the drilling in from the community of playing hard to get.

  2. Rusty says:

    Wait a minute, threesome?

    And you were going to give up game haha.

  3. Raj says:

    Mate I know one thing for sure, british girls are racist, I’m an Indian guy and I lived in london for a year, I’m good looking and like 6ft tall, so there were girls from Ireland throwing themselves at me, one said something very very sexual to me in the presence of her ex convict boyfriend, she was a 9, I also had French, Italian, Spanish and Romanian girls who were into me, but no british girl would go for me, it’s simply because the culture is so racist, it’s funny because all these girls from other countries were so much better looking than most English girls, I don’t think any Indian guy does well in England, cos the culture is so racist, and its only racist to indians, blacks do well, I think England needs to sort out its own attitude as most people just can’t look beyond like race like the Americans can

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