If you think game is dishonest, consider this…

Posted: September 28, 2011 in Uncategorized

Many people object to game on the basis that it is dishonest. They claim men using it misrepresent themselves and trick women to get them into bed. In other words they used game to make themselves attractive to women they wouldn’t usually be attractive to. Women say this is bad.

On the tube today I witnessed first hand a woman doing exactly the same thing. She was a black girl sat opposite me. A low 6 who I’d only bother with if I thought she’d be an easy pull. Then is happened. Between St. James’ Park and Westminster she became a solid 8. How? She applied makeup.

Make up is game for women. Does that make makeup dishonest? Are girls wearing makeup trying to trick men?

Now I’m not naive. I’ve seen girlfriends with and without makeup on before. I know it makes a big difference to how hot they look. Still, there was just something about this transformation that dumbstruck me. Until this moment I just hadn’t realised what a big impact make up has on a girls looks. Also you have to bear in mind this was just a girl quickly applying makeup on the tube. The effect would have been greater if she had spent an hour getting ready for a night out. A professional makeover would probably turn her into an HB9.

The truth is that if you discount makeup, there aren’t really that many hot girls out there.

Stats since 1st September:
1 number closes
3 kiss closes
1 f closes

  1. Yeah it ridiculous how hot and girl and look when she has make up on, even if she is only average looking.

    And yeah as a guy, our “game” is out make up and to be honest i rather try to get good at game then spend 1 hr each morning to put on my make up any day.

    Thanks for sharing!


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