I fclose a virgin

Posted: November 22, 2011 in Uncategorized

Some of my regular readers may remember HBSexyLilDancer. She is 21 and I met her in a club back in September. I KClosed her and she gave me a hand shandy. The post about her ended with me leaving the ball in her court when trying to set up a day 2.

She text me back within the week without me having to chase, so I knew she was keen. At this point I was fairly certain I was going to get the fclose. We went on the day 2 the following Sunday night. It was drinks in a trendy bar. Since the nature of our relationship had already been defined as sexual during the initial pickup, escalation wasn’t much of an issue. It was just a case of getting her back to my flat.

During our second drink I was thinking about bouncing her back there. I will admit that this did cause me some anxiety. I can keep my AA under control enough to open, I can escalate easily in club situations, but asking a girl back to my flat on the day2/3 still gets me anxious. Potential rejection is one of the major causes of anxiety. This will fade as I accrue positive reference points (nothing bad happens if a girl says no to me asking her back, and sometimes she says yes which is cool) by doing this more often.

We started making out heavily and she grabbed my cock of her own accord. My anxiety immediately disappeared, replaced by severe horniness. “Finish your drink”, I tell her. “Why?”, she asks. I down my drink, “We’re leaving”.

There’s a bit of resistance getting her on to the tube. “We don’t have to have sex. We’re just going back to mine to watch a film”, I tell her. The resistance seems token. Her words have no conviction, she’s just going through the motions.

Back at my flat and we get straight into bed to ‘watch the film’ (studio flat with TV facing the bed may be low rent but it’s logistical gold). I’m sucking her ample tits and fingering her in no time, and she’s really getting into it. I go to put my dick in, see freaks. I don’t just mean says no, she freaks out. Strange I think. I freeze her out.

Repeat again. Same thing.

And again.

After the third attempt she’s sat on my bed staring into space and looking perturbed. From the strong reaction she had to me trying to put my dick in her I’m wondering whether she’s been raped in the past or something like that. I ask if she’s OK, and then she comes out with it. She’s a virgin and doesn’t want to lose her virginity to a guy after one date.

After this I’m not sure whether I want to see her again. Once upon a time I would have thought fclosing a virgin was cool, but now I just see it as added responsibility. There’s a lot of emotional stuff that would accompany the sex for her, and I didn’t think it’d be worth the hassle. I decided to see her one more time to see what would happen, and as per the advice of one of the top guys on the LSS, I based the entire day 3 on comfort, removing all sexuality. We just went for lunch, followed by a walk around the city. Our topics of conversation naturally got more intimate, talking about things like family and relationships. This built a lot of deep comfort. I left her that day with a single kiss.

After the day 3 she actually text me for the day 4, so I obliged. At this point I really wasn’t sure what I was going to do. I didn’t want the responsibility of breaking in a girl I knew I would never have a LTR with. We met up for lunch and I teased her a lot. She was wearing a low cut top showing of her per young breasts. Although I did feel a slight moral twinge at the thought of taking her virginity when I wasn’t massively into her, wanting to suck on her tits convinced me to fuck her. Whenever my moral sense and my penis are at odds, my penis will generally win.

She didn’t resist the bounce back to my flat. When she got there she sat on the bed staring into space. I recognized the look on her young face. It was that of a person who was resigning themselves to do something that was emotionally stressful to them. It scared her, but she had decided this is the moment she would lose her virginity. And that was the moment I realized. I was actually doing her a favor. She had come to an age at which it really was time to lose her virginity, and she didn’t need love or a special moment to do it. She just needed a guy with a hard on who wouldn’t treat her like shit after he broke her in. I was that guy. I no longer hesitated or deliberated. This time she did not resist at all, and I took her.

“Thanks for being nice about it”, she said afterwards.

We saw each other another couple of times after this. When she asked if I wanted a serious relationship with her I was honest. Although we haven’t ‘officially’ stopped seeing each other, we have been out of  contact for a few weeks now. She remains a potential booty call, but I think we’re done.

In the end, patience and comfort were the keys to closing this set.


Stats since 1st November:
1 number closes
1 kiss closes
0 f closes

  1. socialkenny says:

    Much props on the f-close.

    I’m generally not excited about laying virgins(too much headache and LMR) but a situations like yours would be a good exception.

    Isn’t it time to update your stats above to 1 lay?

    • betatopua says:

      Thanks for your comment.

      Yeah the lay wasn’t too bad. I was going to let her go if it all got too emotional for her.

      My stats are done on a month by month basis, and I got the lay last month, so no update.

  2. Aquatavros says:

    Although your first post sounded a bit off, this one rather convinceds me it is genuine. Not a bad play. If I may make a couple of suggestions however:

    1) When you K-close the girl, you K-close the girl. There should be no HJs, no BJs and no other substitutes for F-close unless of course that’s what you rather prefer. When after a kiss things go further, calibrate the situation. Does it have a real potential of a SNL? If not you must be the one who cuts it. Let her start then gently but assertively push her away and tease her for that, something along the line “Slow down, I hardly know you” or “We should stop or the first thing I see in the morning is gonna be the coffee that you made for me”. This is a tripple shot in a sense a) showing her who is the boss, b) you can control yourself (especially in a virgin’s eyes you become more “reliable” so to speak), which lowers her anti-slut defence and c) Challenge. She wants to grab your cock and you don’t let her. She will only want to grab it more.
    Her reaction is a valuable feedback. Based on that you will know whether to start over a few minutes later or to end the date. So calibrate. Always calibrate. Push and wait, then pull, see if she follows, go just a little farther than you did in previous itteration, stop her in her tracks and repeat.

    2) Whes girls allows touching but not per se penetration, make her come by the means other than your cock. Go slow through a foreplay. Eat her out, finger her, whatever your favourite way is, just get her off. Do it once. Do it again if you feel it’s necessery then just fuck her because at that point she will no longer care what fucks her.

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