Finding My Sticking Points

Posted: December 9, 2011 in Uncategorized

When mastering any skill set, progress is not linear. People have studied the journey we take towards any type of mastery, and it is a cycle of peaks, dips and plateaus with a general upwards trend. At the moment I find myself in a bit of a dip, and I can see a plateau ahead of me.

I recently experienced a peak in my progress. This was in September / October where I fclosed 3 girls from club game in those months, and kclosed a few more. I’ve gone through a bit of a dip recently. This always happens after a big boost in success. After a big success you often get complacent, as forget how much effort you actually had to put in to get the success in the first place. This laziness leads to lack of results. I realized this is where I was a couple of weeks ago. I wasn’t approaching targets I had a good chance of closing because I was both lazy and too egotistical (I’ve fucked better than her, so I’m not opening her…). Now I’ve identified this I have started to fix it by approaching more and lowering my standards in women back down to what they used to be (HB5+, compared to a few weeks ago when I was ignoring any girl who was less attractive than an HB8).

Now that I’ve realized I need to work harder in the clubs and drop my ego, I think I will find myself on a plateau. Within this plateau I will get a kclose once every few weeks, and get laid once every couple of months. I think an fclose once every 10 nights out is about where I’m at now. I may get the odd phone number too, but seeing as I don’t generally go for number closes any more, this doesn’t mean much.

During my time on the plateau I will mainly just be getting the practice in. You get dramatically better at any skill once the actions that make up that skill are all performed by your subconscious mind, as opposed to the conscious. People refer to this as unconscious competence. It’s like the subconscious has a much faster CPU than the conscious mind. I think this is because the subconscious doesn’t get distracted. It lives in the now, acting swiftly to events in real time as opposed to the subconscious which is hung up by future projecting in order to attempt to predict the consequences of our actions. The practice will slowly but surely teach my subconscious to run game to the same level that my conscious mind currently does. Once this learning process is complete I will be a lot smoother and more polished. As a result, I’ll come across as more confident. This will cause my success to increase.

Once my mind is able to game like I do now without having to think about it, that will leave my brain with enough spare bandwidth to try out new things when sarging, and change my current behavior. These changes will no doubt be attempts to get round any sticking points I have. My main sticking point has been only making 1 or 2 approaches a night. Recently I’ve been having more and more nights where I’ve been doing half a dozen or more approaches a night. Soon I’ll probably be doing 10 a night (on nights when I don’t pull). I think this sticking point has pretty much been overcome, time to find the next one. The only way to do this is going to be to put a good number of approaches in, examine why I failed to lay each girl, and look for patterns that occur.

I’m going to sit down and do the analysis at the end of January. By then I’ll have done enough sets to work out where I’m going wrong.


Stats since 1st December:
2 number closes
2 kiss closes
0 f closes

  1. socialkenny says:

    I feel you on this bro’.

    It’s fucked up feeling to have to lower your standards in girls.I’ve been in a drought over a year now believe it or not.I went from laying HB9.5’s to pining over HB6’s lmao.

  2. M says:

    What do you do most of the time in the bar/club if you only do 1 or 2 approaches? That sounds like alot of sitting and waiting until the “perfect girl” walks by. Remember, if you walk in and just say “Hi” to the first group you see, that could be a handful of girls right there on any given night. But I feel you on the dips and plateaus, as I have gotten very lazy myself, after some breif success in the Fall.

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