Breaking hearts

Posted: February 9, 2012 in Uncategorized

I broke a girl’s heart yesterday.

This is not something I like to do, but has happened at least a couple of times since I started out in the game just over two years ago.

I find that as soon as I end a relationship with a girl I’ve been seeing a while, I feel an immediate sense of loss. Even though it wasn’t working out from my perspective, there must have been things I liked about her if I was seeing her for a while. It is these positive things I know I’ll miss when a relationship ends. It’s often the small things you miss. With this girl it was the way she, instead of holding my hand,  held onto my upper arm when ever we left my flat to go anywhere.

Looking forward, the biggest hurdle I would have to face when entering a long term monogamous relationship is my social life. Or lack there of. My current social life is 100% based around either sarging with wings (who I’ve known long enough to consider friends) and spending time hanging out with girls I’m seeing. I need a social life outside of the game. I know of various ways I can achieve this, and I now have the confidence to do this. The only problem is, that now I have gained confidence to the extent that this doesn’t hold me back socially, I have discovered I’m very introverted. I used to think social problems I had were purely lack of confidence. I now realise that it was also partly down to the fact I’m not really a big fan of being social. As my shyness left me, that introversion as remained. This will be the subject of it’s own post sometime in the near future.

For now I’m 100% single. It may be freezing cold in London (it’s snowing as I write this) so not many girls are out in the clubs, but I’m guessing I’m going to be feeling a new hunger for fresh pussy soon. I’m looking forward to see how this effects my sarging.

Can’t be bothered to find the little stats list I usually paste in, but so far this month I’ve KClosed one girl, with no number closes or lays.

  1. theovongola says:

    Yh there are alot of things you can do i used to be the same though i took a break from the game started finding other things to do it really helps and is easier in the summer it actually helped me in the long run.

  2. […] aside I’m focusing on his most recent post that was titled “Breaking Hearts“. It speaks of how he broke a girls heart the previous day not in a bad way as some […]

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