Most women don’t deserve a man with good game

Posted: March 25, 2012 in Uncategorized

Throughout my time in the seduction community I have met and read about men who have struggled through the fear and rejection it takes to get good at game. They have torn their personalities apart over time, examining every detail of their psyche and rebuilding it into something better and more manly. Theyve also built their physiques and their lifestyles, and changed their fashion sense for the better. Last but not least theyve dramatically improved the way they interact with women.

Most guys dont see this through. Changing every aspect of your life and how you live it, not just the external stuff but your very personality as well isnt easy. Changing life long habits is hard. The hardest part is being willing to really take stock of your flaws and attack them head on. Myself, I havent given up but I haven’t worked as hard on it as I could have, but that still puts me ahead of many guys out there. What I’m saying is that not many guys stay on the journey of self improvement and game and make it to the end (technically there is no end because more improvement is possible, so we’ll count the end as a high level of competence).

By my reckoning, any man that sees this through has become a man who is far more than the majority of women deserve.

Most men will have heard very average women complain that its hard to find a real man these days. I would argue that its hard for them to find a real man who will be interested in them for anything much beyond a one night stand, simply because they arent good enough for such a man. Some questions I’d love to ask a woman who makes such a complaint would include:

  • Whats your BMI?
  • Can you cook / do other household tasks well
  • Have you taken time to work out how to please a man in bed (what books / resources do you use to get good at this)
  • How much effort do you put into dating when a potentially decent man shows interest in you? What do you do to encourage him?
  • Do you have a feminine personality, or are you sarcastic / feisty / sassy?
Many people will say that this is sexist. It is. But women are equally sexist. They will demand a real man (quite often in the traditional sense of the word man) but will be shocked if a man demands the polar opposite; a real woman.
An average women thinking that she is entitled to a well rounded and developed man because she has tits and a pussy is akin to the over weight, lacking a social life newbie PUA thinking that he can bang 9s and 10s because he’s learnt a few routines. It’s fantasy.
As the seduction community grows more and more men are looking inwardly and deciding they need to improve themselves in order to achieve dating success. Meanwhile women continue to blame their dating failure on men instead of looking at themselves. In the long run this is going to give the men who take this harder path a massive edge over most women in the dating market. After a 3-5 years of putting decent effort into game and self improvement, the problem a man is most likely to face is finding a woman good enough for him, rather than just finding a women who will like him.


Stats since 1st March:
10 number closes
5 kiss closes
0 f closes

  1. Jim says:

    Hmmm… I not sure if this is what you were saying, but I don’t think the dating game is a battle between men and women. For men it is a battle with other men, and for women it is a battle with other women.

    I do think that men have a bit more scope for improvement than women do (because women evaluate us on qualities other than just our looks).

    On the other hand most women get all the sex they want, just not with the quality of guys that they would prefer. A lower quality man winds up sexless however.

    • betatopua says:

      It’s not a battle so much, but men who have successfully undertaken the game journey will be able to get what they want in terms of dating more easily than the vast majority of women. Yes women will still be able to get sex more easily, but most of the time that isn’t what they want. They want a high quality man to commit to them exclusively. Getting that is, for the average woman, harder than getting decent women into bed is for a guy with good game. This is because reasonably attractive single women are in far greater supply than decent single men.

      People in the community make out that a half decent women has a whole host of attractive suitors knocking on her door. It’s not quite true. Most decent men are either taken or are playing the field.

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