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Posted: April 16, 2012 in Uncategorized

Just a summary of all of my current prospects.

HBBrightEyes: Online. I fclosed her this Sunday and hope to continue seeing her, but we’re both busy plus I’m broke.

HBNothern: Online. Closed her, but was getting a bit bored of her. She cancelled a date on me last minute last week. This week she arraigned a date for tonight and has just cancelled. I’m done with her.

HBSoPosh: Online. Had a first date with her a couple of weeks ago and kclosed her. She’s been away for a while but is back in London now. Second date arraigned for this weekend. Although I haven’t seen her in a while I may well go for the bounceback to my flat on this date.

HBBlondeNBlue: Cold approach. Stunning 19 year old Finnish girl. Met her in a bar last weekend and number closed her. Day 2’d with her this week and KClosed but pussied out of trying to extract back to my flat. Tried to set up a date for last Sunday, but she needed to check when she was meeting her friend. She never got back to me, so I’m putting her on ice for a while.

HBNotIndian: Cold approach. Met her in my favourite club at the weekend. Goes to show that positive things can happen even if the club is a cock fest (it was the worst I’ve ever seen it). The interaction was fairly brief because her friends were leaving soon after I opened her. Because of this I didn’t bother number closing. She walked back 2 minutes after she walked off to leave with her friends and asked me for my number. This seems cool, but looking back this was a potential missed opportunity. She texted me the very next day, we’re arraigning the meet for the weekend.

I did go on another online date last week, but I don’t want to see the girl again.

At the end of last week I used my computer programming skills to do something a little hacky on the dating site I used, with the goal of getting more girls to open me. Over the past week around 30 girls have sent me unsolicited messages, so it worked fairly well (and I didn’t even use it to it’s full potential).

Most of these girls were ugly. But there were at least a few who are 7s / 8s. There’s three girls in particular I’m interested in meeting. Two gingers (I really want to fuck a ginger) and one Indian (I really want to fuck an Indian). The only trouble is having time / cash to date them. I’ve tried to put them on hold till next month, but since girls are actively looking for a guy online this could be unsuccessful.


Stats since 1st April:
4 number closes
3 kiss closes
1 f close

  1. MikeG says:

    Ah so you fucked Brighteyes. Awesome…details! Looks like you made a good choice in not seeing her that one Friday when you darted after all.

    “At the end of last week I used my computer programming skills to do something a little hacky on the dating site I used, with the goal of getting more girls to open me. ”

    Hmm…now I’m intrigued. Off of the top of my head sounds you figured a way to either get your profile to appear at the top of a search all of the time or have it appear as a potential match.

  2. Socialkenny says:

    1 lay for the month of April so far is not a bad stat.Definitely not in this down economy(globally) lol.

  3. Jim Bacon says:

    Well done on shagging Brighteyes mate. In the past I have fucked up situations like that due to impatience and expecting the girl to jump into bed with me after one or two dates.

  4. Ash says:

    what are you online gaming on mate?

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