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After HBSwedish gave me a bj at the end of our day 2, when we parted ways the unspoken assumption was that we’d fuck next time we saw each other.

We had the day 3 set up tonight in a bar near my house. Then she texts at midday today saying she’s been seeing someone else a few times, and doesn’t think it’s fair to go on seeing another guy, so she’s going to have to cancel.

I don’t know what’s more annoying. The fact that I’m now left with 0 cold approach lays for the year, the fact I missed out on shagging another girl, or the fact I lost out to another man. Having said this it hasn’t really caused my self esteem to sting like it once would have. I’m just pissed off.

The only thing I think I could have done better with HBSwedish is to move faster on the follow up, both after the initial pickup and when arraigning the day 3.

I must have had at least 16 nights out this year since breaking up with my gf, and not being able to get laid on that many nights out despite having a decent appearance and being confident on my approach and escalation is quit shocking. Clearly something is going wrong, but I don’t have the faintest clue what. It’s hard to explain, but I feel like I should be getting laid, but I’m not.

Also my success rate on day2s (from cold approach not online)  is abysmal. With day2s I think I can come off as a bit emotionally cold (because, well, I am). Having a better lifestyle (better social life, non game related hobbies) would also help.

This is frustrating since I feel I’m 90% there. When the last 10% falls into place I think I’ll be getting laid with frightening regularity. My only problem is I don’t know what I need to change. What that last 10% is baffles me, and I have no idea how to work out what it is.

Given that the Olympics are about to fuck up London’s transport network for a month, it could be a long while before I crack this.


I finally got HBCuteSwedish out on a day 2 this week. She flaked when I set up a day 2 for the week after meeting her, saying she had caught a really bad cold. This could well be the truth because I was just getting over having man flu when I first met her, and I’m guessing I gave it to her when we made out. Despite this I decided to try a new tactic when when handling flakes. In my mind there are four main reasons a girl is going to flake on you:

  1. Something legitimate comes up which means she can’t make it. In this case rearranging the day 2 should be easy.
  2. She’s just not into you / attracted to you. I think this is the number one reason guys in the community get flaked on so much. They have a 10 minute chat with a girl and take her number, but she flakes. The fact that she spoke to the guy for 10 minutes then gave her number to him does not mean she is attracted to him. I don’t care if she played with her hair a little. Most guys are simply taking numbers from girls who aren’t interested in them. You can’t really turn this around.
  3. She isn’t sexually available at that time. There can be a number of reasons for this. Although you could switch to the long game it’s probably best to move on.
  4. She’s attracted to you and sexually available, but is shy about meeting up with you. She needs more comfort. This is a solvable problem.

In the case of HBCuteSwedish I thought that the reason for the flake was either #1 or #4. Maybe a bit of both. I decided that the best way to build comfort was to text her moderately frequently. So for a week I texted her every other day, with each text exchange consisting of us each sending a few texts. I simply let her know what was going on in my life at the moment, and asked her what she was up to. After a week I asked for another day 2. She accepted, and we set a date for a week later. During the week leading up to the day 2 I continued to build comfort via text. The inspiration for this came from Assanova’s post on Aaron Sleazy’s forum (Assanova has been posting new content there since closing his blog).

So on to the day 2.

HBCuteSwedish lives fairly close to me, so we met at a bar near my house for happy hour. We had cocktails there then I bounced her to another bar. We talked about the differences between London and Sweden and what we want to do with our lives. She’s still very young and I don’t think she’s quite found out who she is yet. Nothing wrong with that, that’s what life and living is for. She doesn’t seem insecure; just young. For various reasons she finished school (as in high school) a year late. Seeing as I’m 30 it did freak me out a little to hear her say, “last year, when I was still in school…”.

As we are close to finishing our drinks I ask her back to mine to ‘watch a film’. That old nutshell. She declines saying, “Not this time”. Although that sucks a little, the not this time thing means she’s made up her mind to fuck me, just not quite yet.

I walk her back to her house (no chance of coming in, I won’t go into why but trust me on this) and on the way pull her into a dark corner and make out with her. She’s soon grinding her body against mine and rubbing my cock. I remind her that I only live two stops away on the tube, but again she declines. She tries to carry on making out with me, but I stop her. “Not tonight” I tell her. She tries to drag me back into the dark corner but I tell her no, I’m walking you home. Given that we’re not in a suitable place for anything too sexual to occur, I don’t want to make out with her further. It’s also really great to tell a girl no when she’s trying to do sexual things to you. It really flips the script and makes them want you that little bit more.

Close to her house there’s a tiny little park which is dimly lit (it’s nighttime) with a few large trees and a foot path down either side. I lead her into the park. “Where are we going?” she asks. “For a walk in the park”, I tell her. I push her up against one of the tress and we make out again. This area’s more secluded than before so more can happen. She puts her hands down my trousers and starts giving me a hand job, but it’s awkward, so I just get my cock out. She points out there’s people walking down one of the footpaths. I tell her it’s fine and she carries on. I tell her it would be really good if she sucked it for a bit. She says no. I just say, “Ok, that’s fine”.

As soon as the people on the footpath are gone, she says, “No one’s around” and with that immediately bends over at the waist and starts sucking me off. She’s not bad at it. She soon starts to suffer from being in an uncomfortable position and so finishes me off by hand.

I walk her home and kiss her on the cheek goodbye.

We have a day 3 arraigned for this coming week. A different bar near my house, such that my tube stop is between hers and mine. The only trouble is that she isn’t free till fairly late. Will have to try for one drink and an extraction. If I don’t fuck her then I’ll have to wait a while as she’ll be out of the country.

I hate drunk girls

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This is a field report from last Saturday night.

I’m at my favorite club with my wings. It’s early in the night and I’m in a bad mood because two girls (HBBrightEyes, one of my regular girls and the cute young Swedish girl who I’m yet to fuck) have both flaked on my via text for dates over the coming few days. I’m dancing on the dancefloor, but because my heart isn’t really in it and my mind is a million miles away my dancing is really half arsed.

I notice an HB8 platinum blonde is standing a few feet in front of me copying my dance moves and laughing at me. I walk up to her, “Are you mocking my dancing?”. We talk for a little and it turns out she’s Irish and lives her in London. We’ll call her HBPlatinum. Good potential logistics, so many girls in central London clubs don’t live in London. She’s very touchy feely with me early on which is good. She’s at the club with one friend, another blonde Irish girl who seems drunk. Her friend has a bad attitude so I ignore her, and go back to talking to HBPlatinum. I tell her that her friend seems really drunk and really pissed off. Her friend wants to go to a different part of the club. HBPlatinum wants to stay and talk to me, but her friend literally drags her off.

I go to another dance floor and hit on another girl but she isn’t interested.

After a little bit of a wander and chatting to my wings a bit, I see a girl on the dance floor. Her face isn’t pretty but her body is quite nice. I also like the way she’s shaking her ass. I think she knows I’ve noticed her, and my spider sense tells me that she may well be interested in me. I stand there watching and I really can’t decide if I want her or not. Loving the shaking ass, not liking the face. The club’s not that busy and there isn’t much else around so I think I’m going to go for her.

Just then her and her friend leave to go to a different part of the club. I follow them upstairs onto a different dance floor. It’s more crowded there. Just as I’m looking for them I notice HBPlatinum and we start chatting. She’s lost her bitchy friend. Good. She seems interested in me but it seems more friendly than full on sexual, which is no good. She tells me I’m chewing my gum too much and mimics me. Irish girls are good at making fun of people, I notice. “Yeah.”, I say. And carry on chewing the same. She tells me she doesn’t like it. “Tell you what. I’ll do you a deal. If you kiss me, I’ll get rid of the gum”. She gives me a kiss on the lips. “No. That’s no good. A proper kiss”. She tongues me down. Kiss close.

I make good on my deal and get rid of the gum. “Shall we get drinks?”, she asks. “You offering to buy me a drink?” I reply. She says she is so we go to the bar and she gets the round in. I take us to the restaurant where it’s quiet and we talk about our lives and makeout a little more. She doesn’t seem too into the making out and seems to put the breaks on a lot. She also tells me she’s single at the moment and only sleeps with guys in LTRs. I ask for her number and tell her I’ll take her for cocktails in Covent Garden. “I’ve already been to Covent Garden” she says. Cheeky girl. “Yeah, so? You’ll go again, this time with me”. She agrees and gives me her number.

At this point I’m faced with a decision. Stay with HBPlatinum or resume the hunt.

It’s still not that late. Probably not even midnight yet (club closes at 3pm). The club has filled up since I’ve been with her. There are lots more girls around. I’ve seen some hotties, plus some girls giving of DTF signals and others giving me subtle approach invites. Given HBPlatinum’s lack of enthusiasm at making out and the fact she says she only likes sex in LTRs (though this could be bullshit) mean that going back on the hunt for another girl then calling HBPlatinum the next day to set up a day2 is the best option. Despite this for some reason I decide to stick with her. It’s probably the combination of her being hot, me having invested 40+ minutes in her already and the fact that I can’t be bothered to go hunting again. I make the (bad) decision to stay.

I spend the next hour with her. She never really lets the escalation get too far, although she is OK with me squeezing her tits at one point. I ask her to come home with me and she says she’s not that type of girl. I tell her people should just do what makes them happy. Every now and again she runs into some guys she’s spoken to earlier in the night and chats with them. They try and kiss her etc but she’s having none of it. Each time this happens I just wander off and drink / dance on my own and she comes and finds me. I really should have ditched her.

Eventually just after 1pm she agrees to come home with me and we leave the club and get into a cab.

On the 20 minute ride back to mine it becomes obvious that the alcohol (we’d had a few rounds together at the club, doubles) had really started to hit her. Outside of the loud club it becomes more apparent just how wasted she is. She’s not making much sense in what she says. This wasn’t so obvious in the club due her strong Irish accent coupled with the loud music. I realize that she’s too wasted to fuck.

We arrive at my flat and she just keeps saying she doesn’t like the place and prefers her flat. She’s quite cold towards me and is pissing me off. She says she wants to sleep. I decide having her sleep here could mean she wakes up in the morning not remembering where she is or what happened the night before and freaking out. I don’t like the thought of that, so I ask her where she lives and if she has money for a cab. She does, so I call a cab. Fifteen minutes later the cab comes and I put her in it. I won’t be calling her.

Decisions, decisions

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I broke up with my girl friend in February this year. It was me that initiated the split. Although there was obviously a reason I did this, she was the closest I’ve ever been to a girl emotionally, to the point where all these months later I still wonder if I made a mistake.

Today I was walking away from an art gallery, hand in hand with HBWhiteRussian when I see my ex walking towards the gallery with a guy. I’m sure she must have seen me, but she didn’t act like she did.

Then tonight I get a text message from my wing. He’s outside my favorite London club. It’s the one where I met my ex gf, and she knows I go there a lot. She was in the queue with a female friend. My wing didn’t get into the club, but that’s all I know.

In a city as big as London that’s a huge coincidence. I just have a feeling that after seeing me today she went to the club in the hopes I would be there (she did that once before when we first started seeing each other).

I’m so tempted to text her, but not sure if it’s a good idea. Decisions, decisions.

Last Friday was the LSS social in a central London club. I went along with the intention of meeting some new wings (My post on the wings section of the LSS has only got one crappy response so far. Either everyone does day game now, or people were put off by the fact I started the post with ‘Dear Mansluts’. People need to learn to laugh. ). I only met one guy who fit the bill, and he lives slightly outside London, so don’t know if we’ll be sarging together much.

Between chatting to LSS guys I bought a drink at the bar by the dancefloor. I stood watching an Eastern European looking HB7 dance with her friend as I drank. I sensed they might be interested in meeting a man. This was confirmed when the HB7 shot me increasingly more obvious glances over her shoulder as she swayed her hips to the music. But I wasn’t going to go yet. I never do anything on the dance floor while I’ve got a drink. It’s one of my little quirks. Drinks and the dance floor don’t mix in my opinion. Too much risk of spillage, and I like both hands free to escalate with.

When I’m done with the drink I go to her. A small bit of AA since the club was so empty. It’s more nerve wracking approaching a girl when there’s only half a dozen people on the dance floor. I find it easier when I can hide in crowds. I push past the AA and go.

Me: Blah blah blah
Her (smiles): Blah blah blah

I take her hand and she’s ok with it, even kinoing me back. I like the way this is going.

Dance with me, I say. Now she pulls away and says something I can’t hear about her friend. I think she didn’t want her to be left out. She went quite cold on me physically at that point compared to the initially warm reception. Since she wouldn’t dance with me I told her maybe later and left her to it. I sensed the set still had some potential. Probably after she’d had another drink or two. She was giving me eyes a bit later, but I think she left early, so I never got a good chance to reopen.

All the LSS guys fucked off by 10pm. Some to a strip club, others to a Brazilian bar. I didn’t fancy the Brazilian bar, and regular readers know that a strip club would be a financial disaster for me, so I stayed put. The club was only half full at that time, and a cockfest due to the fact they were playing one of the Euro 2012 football matches (soccer for the yanks amongst you). I don’t like nightclubs playing football matches. It used to be just the pubs.

Although I know it’s possible to pull when the club is a cockfest, when you almost can’t see any women because it’s just men everywhere you look, it’s hard just to find a girl to hit on.

I meet up with an LSS guy who came too late for the social. He somehow instantly recognized me as a PUA, despite the fact I wasn’t even wearing my platform boots or goggles that night. We chat PUA stuff for a while, then I say we should hit the dance floor and hunt for women. The club’s about half full at this point.

There are two European girls dancing near the bar. They look friendly and open to meeting a man. They’re smiling and enjoying the dancing, but aren’t completely engrossed by it (like when you see women dancing with their eyes closed… just them and the music), and they have left a reasonable gap in between each other. These are good signs that they’re open to being approached.

A chode crystal has rapidly formed around them. Later in the night when more drunk and horny, and I guess more in state I might ignore this and just push through the men and grab the girl. At this point I try for eye contact with one of them. She’s an HB7 with curly hair. She won’t give me eye contact back, but knows I’m looking and is OK with that. At this point I realize that if I don’t either open or back off, then I become just another chode in the chode crystal. I decide to back off for now and see what else the dance floor has to offer.

It’s then that one of the guys dancing as part of the chode crystal comes and tells me she’s French and I should dance with her. This guy looks like the cliched passed his prime Italian player. Slicked back black hair. Pearly white teeth. A shirt with big collars. Perma-tan. Seductive eyes. May have been good in his day but he’s just a little old for it (he must be in his forties). It’s easy to laugh him off, but this guy could be a vision of my future. I’m 30 this month, which means I’ve only got maybe 5 more years of club game left in me. This is why my rate of progress worries me. If I was where I am now but only in my early 20s things would be fine. But the truth is I haven’t got much longer left for this type of fun.

I chat to the Casanova a little then decide to open the girl.

She’s sort of side ways on to me, and I’m slightly behind her so she can’t see me. I think girls always need to see you coming so you don’t startle them. I have a new way of opening girls from behind (LOL) when on the dance floor and it’s awkward to get in front of the girl. I just tap them on the shoulder. When they turn around, I get good eye contact, smile at them a little and hold out my hand for them to take.

She takes my hand and we dance a little. She’s from France and only in London for the weekend. I escalate a little too fast and get my hands on her ass prematurely. She backs off. There’s some guy in a red T-Shirt with white writing saying, “Bar Crawl Organizer” on rounding people up. She says she has to go to another bar now and leaves. I fucking hate these organized London bar crawls. It means they’ll often be a load of hot girls in the club that will only be staying for an hour then moving on to another bar / club. Waste of my time.

The club’s still not great. Men everywhere. Eventually a half decent brunette on the upstairs dance floor gives me a smile. I take her hand and move her out of her circle of friends. She’s hesitant about it at first but I persist. I dance with her a little. She’s Russian but doesn’t like vodka. Go figure. We’ll call her HBWhiteRussian. I go to take her outside for a cigarette. One of her guy friends tries to stop her but she comes anyway.

We talk outside. Her English is awful. I take her downstairs to dance away from her friends as I think she’s more likely to let me escalate while they’re not watching. She won’t let me kiss her. We sit down to talk for a while, and I number close her. We arrange to meet up the next day. When we go back upstairs her friends have gone home. I walk her to her bus stop, and make one more last ditch attempt to get her to come home with me. I sense it isn’t going to happen so it’s quite a half arsed attempt.

I saw her the next day and later in the week.  She says she’s looking for something more long term (despite the fact she leaves London within 4 months), and she seems to expect the man to pay for everything on dates. I don’t like either of these things, so I doubt I’ll put any more effort into her.


Krauser vs Aaron Sleazy

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The title of this post is complete hyperbole.  This isn’t a PUA deathmatch, but rather my thoughts on a subject which I feel people within the seduction community spend a lot of wasted time and effort debating and arguing about. That subject is how best to pick up women.

That seems like a bit of a stupid statement, given that the sole purpose of the seduction community is to educate men on how best to pick up women. To understand my point you must accept that just like with the time old saying, “There’s more than one way to skin a cat”, there is also more than one way to seduce women. I’m not talking about discussions on what works with women vs what doesn’t. That’s important, otherwise men within the community will never learn how to seduce women. My qualm is situations (and many such situations arise on forums) where proponents of one style of game claim that another style won’t work just because it’s so different from the style they practice, not because they can prove it to be wrong.

Let’s make one thing perfectly clear. There are many men out there that lay loads of women, and the differences in the way in which they do it are night vs day. They only real similarity is that they both end up getting laid a lot. Since it’s basically impossible to work out who is the best seducer when presented with two men who are both very competent at getting women into bed (there is no metric which can measure success while controlling for all variables which affect success), trying to work out which is the best style is a complete red herring for a man on his way to pick up mastery. This will no doubt harm a man on this journey. This is because “Which is the best style of pickup? / Which style works to get girls?” is the wrong question. When you’re asking the wrong questions, you’re very unlikely to get the answers you need in order to progress.

So, what’s the right question. When looking at seduction methods which get results (you need to be able to ignore the keyboard jockys and marketers to work out what actually works for someone, somewhere), the only question is this:

Which seduction style will work best for me

I think to be any good at pick up you must find a style (and it may well be a barstardised style, taken by meshing together bits of various other styles) that suits your personality type and lifestyle. If you don’t seduction will always be an uphill struggle for you.

This has all been very abstract so far, so I want to look at a concrete example. This is where Krauser and Aaron Sleazy come in. I chose them since their styles are so very different, and yet they both get results. I’m going to briefly list some of the key points of each seducers method.


  • Daygame, mainly street pickups
  • Focus on good conversation, strong verbal skills
  • Very low / no kino early on
  • Often plays the long game, facebook closing and slowly draws a girl into his reality over a period of time till she’s ready for the lay
  • Wins girls over by having a very well developed lifestyle, drawing on a varied life

Aaron Sleazy

  • Night game, mainly club pickups
  • Very little conversation
  • Kino usually from opening, very heavy, fast escalation
  • Quick lays, more often than not SNLs
  • Wins girls over with good looks and strong yet comfortable sexuality

So which style is better? Since there are guys getting laid with hot girls with both style, this question is pointless. You just need to work out which style is better for you. Maybe it’s neither and something else is better for you. To give you an idea of how you can work out your optimal style, I’m going to take a look at both Krauser’s and Sleazy’s personalities and lifestyles to show you how well their styles fit them personally. From there you should have a better idea of what qualities of your own personality you need to take into account when picking a style that works for you, and how different styles fit different personality traits. Please bare in mind that there’s a fair bit of guesswork on my part gone into profiling these two guys. It’s based on what they’ve written online, and I may well be wrong about them in some respects.


  • Got into pickup late (mid thirties)
  • Lived a vary varied life
  • His current lifestyle deviates from society’s norms (he doesn’t work a 9 to 5 job)
  • Not particularity good looking, around average height
  • Fairly extroverted
  • Not a big fan of clubs (Not 100% sure on this)

Aaron Sleazy

  • Youngish (early 20s I think) when he got into pickup
  • Was a student when he first honed his game, which is a fairly normal thing
  • Over 6ft tall, above average looking, lean physique
  • Certainly not a complete introvert, but since he has stated he’s not a fan of small talk I would guess he has introverted leanings
  • Likes dance clubs within a particular scene

The fact Krauser isn’t an HB10 in terms of looks means that trying to escalate fast on hot girls 10 – 15 years younger than him in clubs probably isn’t the right thing for him to do. Instead he uses his good conversational skills, and breath of life experience to draw girls into his world. Over long periods of time he is able to show off his adventurous life style and depth of character to girls, which makes up for what he is lacking in the looks department. This can’t be done that easily over the course of 60 minutes in a club, which is why he long games the girls, often via facebook chat.

Sleazy on the other hand is good looking and loves certain clubs. Since his good looks, style, and ease within the clubs he likes will get him almost instant attraction from a decent percentage of girls, why would he play the long game? It makes much more sense for him to strike whilst the iron is hot (when the girls are still horny for him), and extract quickly for the SNL. Loud clubs also means he can be physical very quickly, without making too much small talk (which he dislikes). All this allows him to lay the girls while their mind is still on his looks, before they get to the point where they start wondering whether it might be better to make him their boyfriend, which would involve a much deeper examination of his personality on their part. Not saying his personality isn’t up to scratch, but it is much easier to ‘click’ with a girl enough for a one night stand than it is enough to be considered a boy friend.

So consider your own personality and lifestyle. Yes, you’ll have to make some changes to get good with women, but use what you’ve got at the moment as a signpost pointing you towards the style of game that will work best for you. Introvert with not many interesting life experiences (like me)? Work on your appearance (gym, hair, clothes), use your direct no nonsense attitude to your advantage by hitting the clubs and work on getting physical fast. Good talker with loads of great stories? Try quiet bars or day game and let girls fall for you over the course of an in depth chat. Decent social life and an exciting job? Use this as a base. Expand your social circle, organize more events within it, play the long game with girls who float into your circle who interest you, and use tools like facebook to show your lifestyle off, and to long game / pipeline girls. A magician who hangs out in a status whoring place like LA? Entertain people with magic and use your extrovert showmanship to win over groups before picking the girl you like.

Game is an extension of your personality, and as such correct game varies massively from person to person. Remember this next time you encounter an internet argument claiming that “This is what you’re meant to do”.

Friday night field report

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I went to my favourite central London club on Friday night. It wasn’t very busy (maybe half full) due to it being a bank holiday weekend. I think I actually prefer it when it’s not too full. Less women yes, but more space to move. I may start to make Friday nights (which aren’t as busy as Saturdays in London) my main night out.

Myself and two wings arrived early as per usual, and by 9pm we were stood at the main bar dancing the dance floor, chatting and drinking.  We’re studying the almost empty dance floor and summing up the girls. There are 3 eastern European looking girls who seem quite drunk, dancing over the top sexy on the dance floor, and they seem to be having a great time doing it. They aren’t great looking though. One of them’s a 7 the other two at best 6s. They can move fairly well though. I’m thinking they’re more drunk / attention whoring rather than DTF. The only other set of interest is a 3 set, all asian girls, standing around a table on the edge of the dance floor. Two of them are ugly and look bored. The third is hot. I don’t usually like asians but this girl had quite a voluptuous figure on her, and I’d rate her as an 8. The hottie, unlike her friends is dancing sexy all around the table and having a great time. I judge that the hottie is DTF and so has dragged her reluctant friends to a club. My wings concur with my assesment.

My wings go out to smoke, and I stay to finish my pint. My third wing arrives, and after a brief chat he goes to find the other two. After I’m done drinking, I decide to move closer to the sets and see what reaction I get. I move to the edge of the dance floor and watch. The HBAsian notices me watching but won’t give me eye contact. She’s a bit tall for me and I’m 50/50 about moving in on her or the Eastern Europeans. She looks hotter but they look easier. It’s often the way…

My decision is made fore me as one of the HB6 eastern European’s catches my gaze and dances over to me. I stand there smiling as she rubs herself against me. I chat to her a little. She dances I just stand there. I’m trying to decide whether she’s attractive enough to put in any effort. I dance with her a little and remain unsure. After sandwich dancing with her and her hotter friend she moves back to her group. Despite not being hot these girls are getting a lot of male attention due to the way they’re dancing. I think they’re just attention whoring, looking for ego boosts. I go and find my wings.

At another part of the bar I’m with all three of my wings getting drinks. We’re shouting ‘Woooo’ loudly to make fun of one of our wings who’s into RSD after going to their London hotseat event (‘Wooo’ is a reference to the Flawless Natural). This catches the attention of an HB8 blonde with a nice ass who’s been stood at the bar with her back to us. She turns around to see what the noise is. I use the opportunity to open. I say hi to her and we start to talk. Turns out she’s English (fairly rare in central London clubs), and lives near London in roughly the same area I grew up in. We talk for a while, it’s all friendly and I’m much less physical than I probably should have been. I take things too slowly early in the night. She says good bye and goes back to her friends. I feel she has potential later in the night. I decide to keep my eye open for her. We’ll call her HBSurrey.

I go back to the eastern Europeans who are still dancing away. I decide they’re too wasted and attention whorish so I give up on that set. I walk across the dance floor and there’s a two set standing at a table. One of them is stood drinking, the other dancing away in a flowing white dress. She’s a blonde HB8. There’s just something about the way she’s positioned herself  that makes me think she wants male attention. As I’m walking past I grab her hand and spin her around and start dancing with her. Brief conversation interspersed with the  dancing lets me find out she’s Danish, but lives in London. She won’t let me get too close to her as we dance. I keep pulling back a little, then waiting, then trying to get closer again. Two steps forward one step back escalation. I manage to get quite close to her, and gently caress the top half of her as as she stands side on to me pressed up against me. Her ass feels epic. Pert without being small. She backs off after I do this and thanks me for the dance. I tell her I’m going to come back and see her later (after she’s had another drink or two haha).

I catch up with my wings for a bit, then go on the prowl around the club. I see a short HB7 dancing and go say hello to her. We chat for a while. She can dance really well, and has a fun personality but tells me she has a bf. We chat for a bit more and I move on.

I bump into another wing, and as we’re going down the main stairs in the club I spot a red head HB7 I’m sure I’ve seen out and about in another central club. When she reaches the ground level she starts dancing on her own at the edge of the dance floor. I spin her around gently and say hi. I start dancing with her. Turns out she’s Polish and living in London. She’s at the club on her own which is a good sign. I do the whole two steps forward one back escalation thing, backing off each time I encounter resistance. I maintain strong sexualized eye contact the whole time.

After about 10 minutes I kiss close her. Here’s where I think I make a mistake. The first kiss is really long, and I kiss her too much. I’m thinking maybe in situations like this it’s best to not do too much kissing, and really work the sexual tension. She doesn’t want to come and have a drink with me, but will come with me to a different part of the club. She only really seems interested in dancing. Our grinding and kissing becomes more intense. I’m groping her as and basically dry humping her pussy. I spin her around and she grabs hold of a bar as she grinds me with her ass. I rub her pussy hard through her jeans. I figure she must be quite horny by now and go for the extraction. I tell her we should go somewhere else. She thinks about it and asks where. I tell her there are plenty of good places, lets go. She says no. She goes cold on me after that. She won’t kiss me anymore, and I feel like I’m chasing her across the dance floor. I decide to leave her to it and come to her later. I notice HBSurrey has noticed me grinding with this girl. As such I decided to to reopen her right at this moment, as it might look bad.

I get a text saying my wings are moving on to another club. I decide to stay. I have a bit of a dance with an HB8 with a fantastic ass, but she’s just after male attention, not sex, so I move on quickly.

I’m horny from grinding the Polish girl for the best part of an hour, so I’m prowling the club for a girl who looks DTF. There’s a Brazilian looking girl whose standing a bit away from her friends who are at the bar. She’s bopping to the music. The fact she’s standing apart from them makes me think she wants to be opened. I walk up to her, “Hey, how’s it going”. She gives me a “No way” look and walks off.

I make my way to the dance floor and run into the Polish girl. I dance with her, but she won’t let me escalate. I also see HBSurrey there. Just as I’m deciding whether or not to give up on the Polish girl and move on to her, a guy opens her and gets the kiss close. In retrospect I think I should have been more decisive and decided the Polish set was a dead end and moved on to HBSurrey.

Moving across the dance floor a notice a doe eyed HB7. She looks quite young (not jailbait young though) and has a cute innocent thing going on. I’ve seen her a couple of times already throughout the night, but she’d never return my eye contact, but I know she was aware of me looking at her. I think she must be shy. I move in and say hello. We dance for a while and she seems fairly receptive physically. She’s with a small group of friends so I decide to isolate. I take her to the seating area where it’s quite so we can talk.

We chat and it turns out she’s 21 and just arrived in London from Sweden to live her for 8 months. We chat for 10 minutes and I tell her she’s very pretty, then I kiss close her. Turns out she doesn’t live that far away from me, so I number close her, telling her I’ll show her the best parts of London. I escalate. Turns out she has a nice ass and bigish boobies. I put my hand up her skirt and rub her pussy a little but she stops me. She won’t let me undo my belt and trousers, but she starts giving me a hand job through my jeans after I put her hand on my cock. Just as I’m thinking that this won’t take long with all the grinding on girls I’ve been doing tonight, her fucking friends show up. I’m all like, “Oh, hi! How lovely to meet you…”. They realise we need alone time and quickly fuck off. I like her friends.

I thought she’d freak at this point. She’s obviously not drunk and just got ‘caught’ by her friends (although she hasn’t known these girls all that long), but she doesn’t No ASD kicks in and she finishes me off. We chat some more then go get a drink and chat to her friends. She wants to be alone with me some more so we go and sit down again. At this point she’s just staring into my eyes and saying, “That’s cool” to pretty much everything I say. I think she’s mainly interested in the sexual stuff. I can understand that, I am very handsome.

She won’t come home with me when I ask her. It’s about 90 minutes till the club closes and I’m really tired. I do contemplate staying with her and seeing if she’ll change her mind. I decide not to as I can see all the energy going out of the set due to me being so tired. I leave her saying, “See you soon”. “Possibly” she replies. I laugh, say, “We’ll have to see” and kiss her then leave. I think I should have stayed.

My follow up with her has been too slack. I forgot about her on Saturday. I spent all of Sunday with a girl, and so only managed to message her twice. She did reply to both texts promptly. Tonight (Monday) I messaged her asking what days she’s free to meet this week. This is something I’d prefer to do over the phone, but it was late by the time I remembered to contact her. She hasn’t text back tonight, but it was quite late I texted her, so I’ll see if she texts back tomorrow. If not I’ll ring her early evening. I am a bit disappointed with myself for not moving much faster on the follow up. If I rang her on the saturday I could have set up a date for the Tuesday and have fucked her then.

Showing too little interest can be as bad as showing too much interest. I’ll prioritise contacting girls I’ve number closed in the future.

This post is just a collection of random thoughts that are individually too short for a blog post, but some are too long to be tweets. I thought I’d share them her rather than allow them to be lost forever.

The resulting sex isn’t usually worth the stuff we do to get girls.

I find it annoying how most girls don’t know how to / aren’t capable of properly arching their back in the doggy style position.

Most girls aren’t very good at giving head.

The UK is surely fucked long term due to the huge welfare state and the fact the public sector is around the same size as the private sector (and better paid on average).

People (especially many PUA gurus) say that ego has no place in game, and these same people then talk about the following:

  • How online game should be ignored because men get laid to easily from it. Surely wanting to get laid the hard way as an ego thing?
  • How only going after girls who show interest up front is going after the ‘low hanging fruit’. Surely going after the hard to get girls is an ego thing?
  • Sex lives which are so active that they include more partners than a guy would realistically need to be physically fulfilled sexually. Do they need all of the extra partners to boost their ego?

Within the seduction community, people’s perception of how many women per year you need to sleep with to be classes as successful with women is way over the top when you look at it in the context of what the average man achieves in this area. Amongst non seduction community guys, a man who beds around half a dozen women a year and kisses a dozen more (or half this number if all the women are HB8+) would be considered a stud. In the seduction community many wouldn’t consider this successful. It’s a bit like if you start hanging out with powerlifters, in which case a 300lb bench press is considered weak. Also, very few in the community (like the big names) are quite as good as many people think they are, especially when you factor in the amount of time they spend sarging.

I’m not really sure what I want out of game any more. I think I just keep sarging the same old clubs out of habit. Probably time to re-evaluate how I spend my free time / effort.

I really want to quit smoking, but struggle.

I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned it on here, but a big part of why I’m always broke is because I’m addicted to sex industry products, spending up to £400 a month on them. When I say sex industry products I mean phone sex / hookers / webcam sex chat / lap dancing clubs. This is a fairly big self esteem issue for me, not because I feel morally bad about using these services, but because I spend such a high % of my income on them. If I was rich I’d happily bang HB9 escorts regularly (but still pull girls to have as gfs), but I’m not rich.

Although there are many similarities, all women are different. Some will fall for you because you’re cocky funny, but others will not be interested in you because you’re cocky funny. Debates online of how guys should handle certain situations shows that many guys aren’t aware of this, which leads me to believe they lack real world experience of having lots of romantic relationships with women, and also getting rejected by many women.

One of the biggest problems in the community is guys with very little experience and success with women (often virgins) stating certain PUA theories / concepts like they’re fact, as if they’ve experienced these things in action when they haven’t. People will also often believe PUA theories in spite their experiences clearly contradicting them.

People who treat game like a hobby, and approach it in a similar way to someone who tries to get good at say, MMA, usually seem to do much worse with women than guys who just try and get laid.

Nearly every community discussion / article on flakes is worthless. Flaking and flake rates are largely down to how the individual PUA views number closing. Some PUAs view number closing as the goal of an interaction, and will look to close any women who talks to them for more than 2 minutes. They will have a high flake rate, but will never miss a potential day 2. Other guys will only take a girls number when the girl and guy are obviously both into each other, but for some reason they can’t fuck on the first meeting (logistics / girl won’t do that). He’ll get very few flakes but may miss some day 2s because he under estimates a girls interest in him.