Random musings of a wannabe PUA

Posted: June 2, 2012 in Uncategorized

This post is just a collection of random thoughts that are individually too short for a blog post, but some are too long to be tweets. I thought I’d share them her rather than allow them to be lost forever.

The resulting sex isn’t usually worth the stuff we do to get girls.

I find it annoying how most girls don’t know how to / aren’t capable of properly arching their back in the doggy style position.

Most girls aren’t very good at giving head.

The UK is surely fucked long term due to the huge welfare state and the fact the public sector is around the same size as the private sector (and better paid on average).

People (especially many PUA gurus) say that ego has no place in game, and these same people then talk about the following:

  • How online game should be ignored because men get laid to easily from it. Surely wanting to get laid the hard way as an ego thing?
  • How only going after girls who show interest up front is going after the ‘low hanging fruit’. Surely going after the hard to get girls is an ego thing?
  • Sex lives which are so active that they include more partners than a guy would realistically need to be physically fulfilled sexually. Do they need all of the extra partners to boost their ego?

Within the seduction community, people’s perception of how many women per year you need to sleep with to be classes as successful with women is way over the top when you look at it in the context of what the average man achieves in this area. Amongst non seduction community guys, a man who beds around half a dozen women a year and kisses a dozen more (or half this number if all the women are HB8+) would be considered a stud. In the seduction community many wouldn’t consider this successful. It’s a bit like if you start hanging out with powerlifters, in which case a 300lb bench press is considered weak. Also, very few in the community (like the big names) are quite as good as many people think they are, especially when you factor in the amount of time they spend sarging.

I’m not really sure what I want out of game any more. I think I just keep sarging the same old clubs out of habit. Probably time to re-evaluate how I spend my free time / effort.

I really want to quit smoking, but struggle.

I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned it on here, but a big part of why I’m always broke is because I’m addicted to sex industry products, spending up to £400 a month on them. When I say sex industry products I mean phone sex / hookers / webcam sex chat / lap dancing clubs. This is a fairly big self esteem issue for me, not because I feel morally bad about using these services, but because I spend such a high % of my income on them. If I was rich I’d happily bang HB9 escorts regularly (but still pull girls to have as gfs), but I’m not rich.

Although there are many similarities, all women are different. Some will fall for you because you’re cocky funny, but others will not be interested in you because you’re cocky funny. Debates online of how guys should handle certain situations shows that many guys aren’t aware of this, which leads me to believe they lack real world experience of having lots of romantic relationships with women, and also getting rejected by many women.

One of the biggest problems in the community is guys with very little experience and success with women (often virgins) stating certain PUA theories / concepts like they’re fact, as if they’ve experienced these things in action when they haven’t. People will also often believe PUA theories in spite their experiences clearly contradicting them.

People who treat game like a hobby, and approach it in a similar way to someone who tries to get good at say, MMA, usually seem to do much worse with women than guys who just try and get laid.

Nearly every community discussion / article on flakes is worthless. Flaking and flake rates are largely down to how the individual PUA views number closing. Some PUAs view number closing as the goal of an interaction, and will look to close any women who talks to them for more than 2 minutes. They will have a high flake rate, but will never miss a potential day 2. Other guys will only take a girls number when the girl and guy are obviously both into each other, but for some reason they can’t fuck on the first meeting (logistics / girl won’t do that). He’ll get very few flakes but may miss some day 2s because he under estimates a girls interest in him.


  1. Jim Bacon says:

    Wow that is very honest. £400 a month is quite a bit of money to be honest. That is probably almost as much as your rent!

    Re what you want out of game. My eventual goal would be to be able to shag one reasonably attractive new girl each week, without needing to go out sarging 3 nights per week and do loads of approaches. Perhaps just fit in 4 approaches per night out for two nights and attract so many of the girls that one of the ones who turn out to be single are up for it.

    Doing this would require becoming bloody attractive. Plus I would probably need to live in a place with favorable re-meet logistics. But I have seen this done by someone in real life (with my own eyes).

    In my experience (or at least the experience of guys I have known) there really is an 80-20 thing going on with causal sex with attractive women where 20% of guys are getting 80% of it. So I do believe this is doable. Just fucking hard to get there due to competition.

  2. Jim Bacon says:

    Re Online Game being easy. I’m struggling with that at the moment. So would appreciate any tips. But I suspect I am just not sending out enough messages at the moment to be honest.

    Also, it is quite boring in that you have these little back and forths with loads of women, but then almost all of them just seem to fizzle out.

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