Friday night field report

Posted: June 5, 2012 in Uncategorized

I went to my favourite central London club on Friday night. It wasn’t very busy (maybe half full) due to it being a bank holiday weekend. I think I actually prefer it when it’s not too full. Less women yes, but more space to move. I may start to make Friday nights (which aren’t as busy as Saturdays in London) my main night out.

Myself and two wings arrived early as per usual, and by 9pm we were stood at the main bar dancing the dance floor, chatting and drinking.  We’re studying the almost empty dance floor and summing up the girls. There are 3 eastern European looking girls who seem quite drunk, dancing over the top sexy on the dance floor, and they seem to be having a great time doing it. They aren’t great looking though. One of them’s a 7 the other two at best 6s. They can move fairly well though. I’m thinking they’re more drunk / attention whoring rather than DTF. The only other set of interest is a 3 set, all asian girls, standing around a table on the edge of the dance floor. Two of them are ugly and look bored. The third is hot. I don’t usually like asians but this girl had quite a voluptuous figure on her, and I’d rate her as an 8. The hottie, unlike her friends is dancing sexy all around the table and having a great time. I judge that the hottie is DTF and so has dragged her reluctant friends to a club. My wings concur with my assesment.

My wings go out to smoke, and I stay to finish my pint. My third wing arrives, and after a brief chat he goes to find the other two. After I’m done drinking, I decide to move closer to the sets and see what reaction I get. I move to the edge of the dance floor and watch. The HBAsian notices me watching but won’t give me eye contact. She’s a bit tall for me and I’m 50/50 about moving in on her or the Eastern Europeans. She looks hotter but they look easier. It’s often the way…

My decision is made fore me as one of the HB6 eastern European’s catches my gaze and dances over to me. I stand there smiling as she rubs herself against me. I chat to her a little. She dances I just stand there. I’m trying to decide whether she’s attractive enough to put in any effort. I dance with her a little and remain unsure. After sandwich dancing with her and her hotter friend she moves back to her group. Despite not being hot these girls are getting a lot of male attention due to the way they’re dancing. I think they’re just attention whoring, looking for ego boosts. I go and find my wings.

At another part of the bar I’m with all three of my wings getting drinks. We’re shouting ‘Woooo’ loudly to make fun of one of our wings who’s into RSD after going to their London hotseat event (‘Wooo’ is a reference to the Flawless Natural). This catches the attention of an HB8 blonde with a nice ass who’s been stood at the bar with her back to us. She turns around to see what the noise is. I use the opportunity to open. I say hi to her and we start to talk. Turns out she’s English (fairly rare in central London clubs), and lives near London in roughly the same area I grew up in. We talk for a while, it’s all friendly and I’m much less physical than I probably should have been. I take things too slowly early in the night. She says good bye and goes back to her friends. I feel she has potential later in the night. I decide to keep my eye open for her. We’ll call her HBSurrey.

I go back to the eastern Europeans who are still dancing away. I decide they’re too wasted and attention whorish so I give up on that set. I walk across the dance floor and there’s a two set standing at a table. One of them is stood drinking, the other dancing away in a flowing white dress. She’s a blonde HB8. There’s just something about the way she’s positioned herself  that makes me think she wants male attention. As I’m walking past I grab her hand and spin her around and start dancing with her. Brief conversation interspersed with the  dancing lets me find out she’s Danish, but lives in London. She won’t let me get too close to her as we dance. I keep pulling back a little, then waiting, then trying to get closer again. Two steps forward one step back escalation. I manage to get quite close to her, and gently caress the top half of her as as she stands side on to me pressed up against me. Her ass feels epic. Pert without being small. She backs off after I do this and thanks me for the dance. I tell her I’m going to come back and see her later (after she’s had another drink or two haha).

I catch up with my wings for a bit, then go on the prowl around the club. I see a short HB7 dancing and go say hello to her. We chat for a while. She can dance really well, and has a fun personality but tells me she has a bf. We chat for a bit more and I move on.

I bump into another wing, and as we’re going down the main stairs in the club I spot a red head HB7 I’m sure I’ve seen out and about in another central club. When she reaches the ground level she starts dancing on her own at the edge of the dance floor. I spin her around gently and say hi. I start dancing with her. Turns out she’s Polish and living in London. She’s at the club on her own which is a good sign. I do the whole two steps forward one back escalation thing, backing off each time I encounter resistance. I maintain strong sexualized eye contact the whole time.

After about 10 minutes I kiss close her. Here’s where I think I make a mistake. The first kiss is really long, and I kiss her too much. I’m thinking maybe in situations like this it’s best to not do too much kissing, and really work the sexual tension. She doesn’t want to come and have a drink with me, but will come with me to a different part of the club. She only really seems interested in dancing. Our grinding and kissing becomes more intense. I’m groping her as and basically dry humping her pussy. I spin her around and she grabs hold of a bar as she grinds me with her ass. I rub her pussy hard through her jeans. I figure she must be quite horny by now and go for the extraction. I tell her we should go somewhere else. She thinks about it and asks where. I tell her there are plenty of good places, lets go. She says no. She goes cold on me after that. She won’t kiss me anymore, and I feel like I’m chasing her across the dance floor. I decide to leave her to it and come to her later. I notice HBSurrey has noticed me grinding with this girl. As such I decided to to reopen her right at this moment, as it might look bad.

I get a text saying my wings are moving on to another club. I decide to stay. I have a bit of a dance with an HB8 with a fantastic ass, but she’s just after male attention, not sex, so I move on quickly.

I’m horny from grinding the Polish girl for the best part of an hour, so I’m prowling the club for a girl who looks DTF. There’s a Brazilian looking girl whose standing a bit away from her friends who are at the bar. She’s bopping to the music. The fact she’s standing apart from them makes me think she wants to be opened. I walk up to her, “Hey, how’s it going”. She gives me a “No way” look and walks off.

I make my way to the dance floor and run into the Polish girl. I dance with her, but she won’t let me escalate. I also see HBSurrey there. Just as I’m deciding whether or not to give up on the Polish girl and move on to her, a guy opens her and gets the kiss close. In retrospect I think I should have been more decisive and decided the Polish set was a dead end and moved on to HBSurrey.

Moving across the dance floor a notice a doe eyed HB7. She looks quite young (not jailbait young though) and has a cute innocent thing going on. I’ve seen her a couple of times already throughout the night, but she’d never return my eye contact, but I know she was aware of me looking at her. I think she must be shy. I move in and say hello. We dance for a while and she seems fairly receptive physically. She’s with a small group of friends so I decide to isolate. I take her to the seating area where it’s quite so we can talk.

We chat and it turns out she’s 21 and just arrived in London from Sweden to live her for 8 months. We chat for 10 minutes and I tell her she’s very pretty, then I kiss close her. Turns out she doesn’t live that far away from me, so I number close her, telling her I’ll show her the best parts of London. I escalate. Turns out she has a nice ass and bigish boobies. I put my hand up her skirt and rub her pussy a little but she stops me. She won’t let me undo my belt and trousers, but she starts giving me a hand job through my jeans after I put her hand on my cock. Just as I’m thinking that this won’t take long with all the grinding on girls I’ve been doing tonight, her fucking friends show up. I’m all like, “Oh, hi! How lovely to meet you…”. They realise we need alone time and quickly fuck off. I like her friends.

I thought she’d freak at this point. She’s obviously not drunk and just got ‘caught’ by her friends (although she hasn’t known these girls all that long), but she doesn’t No ASD kicks in and she finishes me off. We chat some more then go get a drink and chat to her friends. She wants to be alone with me some more so we go and sit down again. At this point she’s just staring into my eyes and saying, “That’s cool” to pretty much everything I say. I think she’s mainly interested in the sexual stuff. I can understand that, I am very handsome.

She won’t come home with me when I ask her. It’s about 90 minutes till the club closes and I’m really tired. I do contemplate staying with her and seeing if she’ll change her mind. I decide not to as I can see all the energy going out of the set due to me being so tired. I leave her saying, “See you soon”. “Possibly” she replies. I laugh, say, “We’ll have to see” and kiss her then leave. I think I should have stayed.

My follow up with her has been too slack. I forgot about her on Saturday. I spent all of Sunday with a girl, and so only managed to message her twice. She did reply to both texts promptly. Tonight (Monday) I messaged her asking what days she’s free to meet this week. This is something I’d prefer to do over the phone, but it was late by the time I remembered to contact her. She hasn’t text back tonight, but it was quite late I texted her, so I’ll see if she texts back tomorrow. If not I’ll ring her early evening. I am a bit disappointed with myself for not moving much faster on the follow up. If I rang her on the saturday I could have set up a date for the Tuesday and have fucked her then.

Showing too little interest can be as bad as showing too much interest. I’ll prioritise contacting girls I’ve number closed in the future.

  1. Jim Bacon says:

    How the hell did a girl manage to give you a handjob through your jeans? Or did you just whip it out there at the table in a club? Not doubting that it happened, just imagining that it would be fucking difficult. I certainly can’t see any girl managing to get me off while I am encased in denim…

  2. M says:

    I was about to ask the same thing. Why don’t you and your wings ever tackle the group sets, so the girls can stay isolated and not worry about the friends?

    • betatopua says:

      I doubt it would have made any difference. If her friends wanted to check on her to see if she is OK, they probably would do regardless of whether my wings were with them.

      I don’t actually use wings. I go to the club with friends I’ve met through the community, but they don’t come into my sets, and I don’t wing them unless they ask me to.

      So many times I hear that a set would have gone well if their wing had come in, or if their wing hadn’t of done this or had of done that. It’s all bollocks. In clubs especially, wings are often of little use, and can in fact harm more then help.

      I’ll write a post on this sometime.

      • Jim Bacon says:

        Yeah, totally agree that wings make fuck all difference to how your set goes. We’re all more than capable of looking at a guy chatting up a girl and seeing if the girl looks uncomfortable or if she looks like she is enjoying it.

        Wings distracting the girls mates may give you a few more moments to talk to her, but 99% of the time people make their minds up about other people pretty quickly.

        Wings/mates are important so that you can still have a laugh and a good time while you are out though…

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  4. […] finally got HBCuteSwedish out on a day 2 this week. She flaked when I set up a day 2 for the week after meeting her, saying […]

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