Krauser vs Aaron Sleazy

Posted: June 12, 2012 in Uncategorized

The title of this post is complete hyperbole.  This isn’t a PUA deathmatch, but rather my thoughts on a subject which I feel people within the seduction community spend a lot of wasted time and effort debating and arguing about. That subject is how best to pick up women.

That seems like a bit of a stupid statement, given that the sole purpose of the seduction community is to educate men on how best to pick up women. To understand my point you must accept that just like with the time old saying, “There’s more than one way to skin a cat”, there is also more than one way to seduce women. I’m not talking about discussions on what works with women vs what doesn’t. That’s important, otherwise men within the community will never learn how to seduce women. My qualm is situations (and many such situations arise on forums) where proponents of one style of game claim that another style won’t work just because it’s so different from the style they practice, not because they can prove it to be wrong.

Let’s make one thing perfectly clear. There are many men out there that lay loads of women, and the differences in the way in which they do it are night vs day. They only real similarity is that they both end up getting laid a lot. Since it’s basically impossible to work out who is the best seducer when presented with two men who are both very competent at getting women into bed (there is no metric which can measure success while controlling for all variables which affect success), trying to work out which is the best style is a complete red herring for a man on his way to pick up mastery. This will no doubt harm a man on this journey. This is because “Which is the best style of pickup? / Which style works to get girls?” is the wrong question. When you’re asking the wrong questions, you’re very unlikely to get the answers you need in order to progress.

So, what’s the right question. When looking at seduction methods which get results (you need to be able to ignore the keyboard jockys and marketers to work out what actually works for someone, somewhere), the only question is this:

Which seduction style will work best for me

I think to be any good at pick up you must find a style (and it may well be a barstardised style, taken by meshing together bits of various other styles) that suits your personality type and lifestyle. If you don’t seduction will always be an uphill struggle for you.

This has all been very abstract so far, so I want to look at a concrete example. This is where Krauser and Aaron Sleazy come in. I chose them since their styles are so very different, and yet they both get results. I’m going to briefly list some of the key points of each seducers method.


  • Daygame, mainly street pickups
  • Focus on good conversation, strong verbal skills
  • Very low / no kino early on
  • Often plays the long game, facebook closing and slowly draws a girl into his reality over a period of time till she’s ready for the lay
  • Wins girls over by having a very well developed lifestyle, drawing on a varied life

Aaron Sleazy

  • Night game, mainly club pickups
  • Very little conversation
  • Kino usually from opening, very heavy, fast escalation
  • Quick lays, more often than not SNLs
  • Wins girls over with good looks and strong yet comfortable sexuality

So which style is better? Since there are guys getting laid with hot girls with both style, this question is pointless. You just need to work out which style is better for you. Maybe it’s neither and something else is better for you. To give you an idea of how you can work out your optimal style, I’m going to take a look at both Krauser’s and Sleazy’s personalities and lifestyles to show you how well their styles fit them personally. From there you should have a better idea of what qualities of your own personality you need to take into account when picking a style that works for you, and how different styles fit different personality traits. Please bare in mind that there’s a fair bit of guesswork on my part gone into profiling these two guys. It’s based on what they’ve written online, and I may well be wrong about them in some respects.


  • Got into pickup late (mid thirties)
  • Lived a vary varied life
  • His current lifestyle deviates from society’s norms (he doesn’t work a 9 to 5 job)
  • Not particularity good looking, around average height
  • Fairly extroverted
  • Not a big fan of clubs (Not 100% sure on this)

Aaron Sleazy

  • Youngish (early 20s I think) when he got into pickup
  • Was a student when he first honed his game, which is a fairly normal thing
  • Over 6ft tall, above average looking, lean physique
  • Certainly not a complete introvert, but since he has stated he’s not a fan of small talk I would guess he has introverted leanings
  • Likes dance clubs within a particular scene

The fact Krauser isn’t an HB10 in terms of looks means that trying to escalate fast on hot girls 10 – 15 years younger than him in clubs probably isn’t the right thing for him to do. Instead he uses his good conversational skills, and breath of life experience to draw girls into his world. Over long periods of time he is able to show off his adventurous life style and depth of character to girls, which makes up for what he is lacking in the looks department. This can’t be done that easily over the course of 60 minutes in a club, which is why he long games the girls, often via facebook chat.

Sleazy on the other hand is good looking and loves certain clubs. Since his good looks, style, and ease within the clubs he likes will get him almost instant attraction from a decent percentage of girls, why would he play the long game? It makes much more sense for him to strike whilst the iron is hot (when the girls are still horny for him), and extract quickly for the SNL. Loud clubs also means he can be physical very quickly, without making too much small talk (which he dislikes). All this allows him to lay the girls while their mind is still on his looks, before they get to the point where they start wondering whether it might be better to make him their boyfriend, which would involve a much deeper examination of his personality on their part. Not saying his personality isn’t up to scratch, but it is much easier to ‘click’ with a girl enough for a one night stand than it is enough to be considered a boy friend.

So consider your own personality and lifestyle. Yes, you’ll have to make some changes to get good with women, but use what you’ve got at the moment as a signpost pointing you towards the style of game that will work best for you. Introvert with not many interesting life experiences (like me)? Work on your appearance (gym, hair, clothes), use your direct no nonsense attitude to your advantage by hitting the clubs and work on getting physical fast. Good talker with loads of great stories? Try quiet bars or day game and let girls fall for you over the course of an in depth chat. Decent social life and an exciting job? Use this as a base. Expand your social circle, organize more events within it, play the long game with girls who float into your circle who interest you, and use tools like facebook to show your lifestyle off, and to long game / pipeline girls. A magician who hangs out in a status whoring place like LA? Entertain people with magic and use your extrovert showmanship to win over groups before picking the girl you like.

Game is an extension of your personality, and as such correct game varies massively from person to person. Remember this next time you encounter an internet argument claiming that “This is what you’re meant to do”.

  1. Jim Bacon says:

    Yeah good post. I’m at the point where my ability to go out to clubs without looking like a dad is coming to an end… which would necessitate a change in tactics… if I was actually going out at the moment.

    I had a look at online dating (POF!) recently, but struggled with it. But then if you are struggling to go out, you struggle with anything. I might give this another bash once I am better.

    You’re right that Krauser may find it a bit harder in a high energy loud club where it is pretty hard to talk. Although he could still presumably bust out his verbal skills in the smoking area, get chatting to the girls there, and let them realize that he is a cool guy.

  2. krauserpua says:

    I just saw this. I’m flattered you used me to represent one of the positions.

    All in all I think this is a good analysis. Your bulletpoints on me are spot-on except for one…. I’m an introvert. By that I mean that although I enjoy being social and meeting people, it tires me out and I don’t really like to do it for it’s own sake (i.e. I talk to new people when I want something). I refill my energy by spending time alone, and I like solo hobbies such as reading or video games.

  3. AlekNovy says:

    I didn’t bother reading the post, so I’ll just comment on two things my eyes caught in a quick eye-scan.

    1) Aaron seriously got into pick up when he was almost 30 (29 I think), lost his virginity at 28 I believe, just a year before getting into pick up.

    2) He keeps mentioning in his book and elsewhere how he had almost no success in mainstream clubs at all, and in he fact he goes out of his way that most of the work comes in finding your niche. I.e. finding a niche where you fit in and get better success ratios.

    A lot of his philosophy is about making it easier on yourself. Finding the easiest, most effortless way to get results. One example I can give for example is that picking up punk chicks is infinitely easier than picking up snobby chicks in “house clubs”. Same with live music clubs or latin-dance clubs.

    Sure, the snobby-house-music group dresses in pornstar-like clothing, and the live-music crowd dresses in clothing that’s not so appealing. But in bed, a ten-is-a-ten. You fuck naked, and not in clothes, and punk chicks do fuck better. They’re infinitely easier to pick up than “snobby” chicks, and fuck better.

  4. Socialkenny says:

    Can’t believe I’d missed this article lol!

    Sleazy is a bastard who censors ppl’s comments on his blog, so I don’t mess with him anyway.

  5. Socialkenny says:

    Alek is like Sleazy’s henchman

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