I hate drunk girls

Posted: June 17, 2012 in Uncategorized

This is a field report from last Saturday night.

I’m at my favorite club with my wings. It’s early in the night and I’m in a bad mood because two girls (HBBrightEyes, one of my regular girls and the cute young Swedish girl who I’m yet to fuck) have both flaked on my via text for dates over the coming few days. I’m dancing on the dancefloor, but because my heart isn’t really in it and my mind is a million miles away my dancing is really half arsed.

I notice an HB8 platinum blonde is standing a few feet in front of me copying my dance moves and laughing at me. I walk up to her, “Are you mocking my dancing?”. We talk for a little and it turns out she’s Irish and lives her in London. We’ll call her HBPlatinum. Good potential logistics, so many girls in central London clubs don’t live in London. She’s very touchy feely with me early on which is good. She’s at the club with one friend, another blonde Irish girl who seems drunk. Her friend has a bad attitude so I ignore her, and go back to talking to HBPlatinum. I tell her that her friend seems really drunk and really pissed off. Her friend wants to go to a different part of the club. HBPlatinum wants to stay and talk to me, but her friend literally drags her off.

I go to another dance floor and hit on another girl but she isn’t interested.

After a little bit of a wander and chatting to my wings a bit, I see a girl on the dance floor. Her face isn’t pretty but her body is quite nice. I also like the way she’s shaking her ass. I think she knows I’ve noticed her, and my spider sense tells me that she may well be interested in me. I stand there watching and I really can’t decide if I want her or not. Loving the shaking ass, not liking the face. The club’s not that busy and there isn’t much else around so I think I’m going to go for her.

Just then her and her friend leave to go to a different part of the club. I follow them upstairs onto a different dance floor. It’s more crowded there. Just as I’m looking for them I notice HBPlatinum and we start chatting. She’s lost her bitchy friend. Good. She seems interested in me but it seems more friendly than full on sexual, which is no good. She tells me I’m chewing my gum too much and mimics me. Irish girls are good at making fun of people, I notice. “Yeah.”, I say. And carry on chewing the same. She tells me she doesn’t like it. “Tell you what. I’ll do you a deal. If you kiss me, I’ll get rid of the gum”. She gives me a kiss on the lips. “No. That’s no good. A proper kiss”. She tongues me down. Kiss close.

I make good on my deal and get rid of the gum. “Shall we get drinks?”, she asks. “You offering to buy me a drink?” I reply. She says she is so we go to the bar and she gets the round in. I take us to the restaurant where it’s quiet and we talk about our lives and makeout a little more. She doesn’t seem too into the making out and seems to put the breaks on a lot. She also tells me she’s single at the moment and only sleeps with guys in LTRs. I ask for her number and tell her I’ll take her for cocktails in Covent Garden. “I’ve already been to Covent Garden” she says. Cheeky girl. “Yeah, so? You’ll go again, this time with me”. She agrees and gives me her number.

At this point I’m faced with a decision. Stay with HBPlatinum or resume the hunt.

It’s still not that late. Probably not even midnight yet (club closes at 3pm). The club has filled up since I’ve been with her. There are lots more girls around. I’ve seen some hotties, plus some girls giving of DTF signals and others giving me subtle approach invites. Given HBPlatinum’s lack of enthusiasm at making out and the fact she says she only likes sex in LTRs (though this could be bullshit) mean that going back on the hunt for another girl then calling HBPlatinum the next day to set up a day2 is the best option. Despite this for some reason I decide to stick with her. It’s probably the combination of her being hot, me having invested 40+ minutes in her already and the fact that I can’t be bothered to go hunting again. I make the (bad) decision to stay.

I spend the next hour with her. She never really lets the escalation get too far, although she is OK with me squeezing her tits at one point. I ask her to come home with me and she says she’s not that type of girl. I tell her people should just do what makes them happy. Every now and again she runs into some guys she’s spoken to earlier in the night and chats with them. They try and kiss her etc but she’s having none of it. Each time this happens I just wander off and drink / dance on my own and she comes and finds me. I really should have ditched her.

Eventually just after 1pm she agrees to come home with me and we leave the club and get into a cab.

On the 20 minute ride back to mine it becomes obvious that the alcohol (we’d had a few rounds together at the club, doubles) had really started to hit her. Outside of the loud club it becomes more apparent just how wasted she is. She’s not making much sense in what she says. This wasn’t so obvious in the club due her strong Irish accent coupled with the loud music. I realize that she’s too wasted to fuck.

We arrive at my flat and she just keeps saying she doesn’t like the place and prefers her flat. She’s quite cold towards me and is pissing me off. She says she wants to sleep. I decide having her sleep here could mean she wakes up in the morning not remembering where she is or what happened the night before and freaking out. I don’t like the thought of that, so I ask her where she lives and if she has money for a cab. She does, so I call a cab. Fifteen minutes later the cab comes and I put her in it. I won’t be calling her.

  1. M says:

    In nearly all your posts, you always end up negotiating with the girl about going home or how far you can escalate. Chances are, if a girl says “she isn’t that kind of girl” it means she is thinking about fucking you. She just has to give you a hard time to not seem like a slut. I have NEVER gotten LMR because after a drink or chatting, even if the girl verbally objects, I just agree, take her hand and leave to her/my apartment. Or say, “we’re just kissing.” and resist before she does. I don’t even say or suggest going home, I just take her hand and head out.

    • betatopua says:

      It never feels like negotiating. She says “I’m not that type of girl” and I give her my views on sex. I’m never trying to convince her to come with me, I’m just stating my views. I think you’re right though. I need to allow for more plausible denyablity.

      When you lead her out does she ever ask where you’re going? I’d often need to at least check that she doesn’t have a coat in the cloak room first.

      • M says:

        I know you aren’t “negotiating” per se, but it comes off that way and every other guy does that. Face it, you want to get laid – that’s why we’re in this and why Plausible Denyability is where it’s at. “Ohh you were thinking of that…so dirty…we just met…only a kiss…” ; )

        Dance around the topic – To me, I’ve always felt that giving your views, and “going home” are so cliche/direct that its like smearing her face in it. She WANTS to be seduced not spoonfed.

        Every time I lead physically, they follow – so for me that works better than talking. Once a girl asked where we were going and I simply said, “To make sure your cat is ok.” But I guess I have lucked out not worrying about closing tabs/coats/etc. LOL

      • betatopua says:

        Thanks for this. I think I’m sticking to plausible denyability from now on when extracting and escalating.

  2. MikeG says:

    Well first of all what a fucking nightmare. Having a drunk girl come back to your place and then she wants to just sleep. Good move on getting her out of your place.

    M hit the nail on the head. Now when I think of it you are coming across like you are negotiating. The views line comes of a bit odd because that’s really up front. It’s like saying “listen don’t worry about what anyone thinks of you when we fuck in an hour at my apartment”.

    I’ve never used the words “going home with me” but I usually say very casually “let’s grab a drink back at my place”. If a girl ever gave me lip like “oh what your going to try have sex with me?” I would look at them like they are some social retard. That usually never happens because I’m not making a big deal when I say it. I’m saying as if I already know the answer if yes.

    A good way of putting is think how Ryan Gosling was casually saying ” let’s get out of here” with a slight smile in Crazy Stupid Love to all the girls he was picking up.

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