Day 2 ends with a BJ in the park

Posted: June 24, 2012 in Uncategorized

I finally got HBCuteSwedish out on a day 2 this week. She flaked when I set up a day 2 for the week after meeting her, saying she had caught a really bad cold. This could well be the truth because I was just getting over having man flu when I first met her, and I’m guessing I gave it to her when we made out. Despite this I decided to try a new tactic when when handling flakes. In my mind there are four main reasons a girl is going to flake on you:

  1. Something legitimate comes up which means she can’t make it. In this case rearranging the day 2 should be easy.
  2. She’s just not into you / attracted to you. I think this is the number one reason guys in the community get flaked on so much. They have a 10 minute chat with a girl and take her number, but she flakes. The fact that she spoke to the guy for 10 minutes then gave her number to him does not mean she is attracted to him. I don’t care if she played with her hair a little. Most guys are simply taking numbers from girls who aren’t interested in them. You can’t really turn this around.
  3. She isn’t sexually available at that time. There can be a number of reasons for this. Although you could switch to the long game it’s probably best to move on.
  4. She’s attracted to you and sexually available, but is shy about meeting up with you. She needs more comfort. This is a solvable problem.

In the case of HBCuteSwedish I thought that the reason for the flake was either #1 or #4. Maybe a bit of both. I decided that the best way to build comfort was to text her moderately frequently. So for a week I texted her every other day, with each text exchange consisting of us each sending a few texts. I simply let her know what was going on in my life at the moment, and asked her what she was up to. After a week I asked for another day 2. She accepted, and we set a date for a week later. During the week leading up to the day 2 I continued to build comfort via text. The inspiration for this came from Assanova’s post on Aaron Sleazy’s forum (Assanova has been posting new content there since closing his blog).

So on to the day 2.

HBCuteSwedish lives fairly close to me, so we met at a bar near my house for happy hour. We had cocktails there then I bounced her to another bar. We talked about the differences between London and Sweden and what we want to do with our lives. She’s still very young and I don’t think she’s quite found out who she is yet. Nothing wrong with that, that’s what life and living is for. She doesn’t seem insecure; just young. For various reasons she finished school (as in high school) a year late. Seeing as I’m 30 it did freak me out a little to hear her say, “last year, when I was still in school…”.

As we are close to finishing our drinks I ask her back to mine to ‘watch a film’. That old nutshell. She declines saying, “Not this time”. Although that sucks a little, the not this time thing means she’s made up her mind to fuck me, just not quite yet.

I walk her back to her house (no chance of coming in, I won’t go into why but trust me on this) and on the way pull her into a dark corner and make out with her. She’s soon grinding her body against mine and rubbing my cock. I remind her that I only live two stops away on the tube, but again she declines. She tries to carry on making out with me, but I stop her. “Not tonight” I tell her. She tries to drag me back into the dark corner but I tell her no, I’m walking you home. Given that we’re not in a suitable place for anything too sexual to occur, I don’t want to make out with her further. It’s also really great to tell a girl no when she’s trying to do sexual things to you. It really flips the script and makes them want you that little bit more.

Close to her house there’s a tiny little park which is dimly lit (it’s nighttime) with a few large trees and a foot path down either side. I lead her into the park. “Where are we going?” she asks. “For a walk in the park”, I tell her. I push her up against one of the tress and we make out again. This area’s more secluded than before so more can happen. She puts her hands down my trousers and starts giving me a hand job, but it’s awkward, so I just get my cock out. She points out there’s people walking down one of the footpaths. I tell her it’s fine and she carries on. I tell her it would be really good if she sucked it for a bit. She says no. I just say, “Ok, that’s fine”.

As soon as the people on the footpath are gone, she says, “No one’s around” and with that immediately bends over at the waist and starts sucking me off. She’s not bad at it. She soon starts to suffer from being in an uncomfortable position and so finishes me off by hand.

I walk her home and kiss her on the cheek goodbye.

We have a day 3 arraigned for this coming week. A different bar near my house, such that my tube stop is between hers and mine. The only trouble is that she isn’t free till fairly late. Will have to try for one drink and an extraction. If I don’t fuck her then I’ll have to wait a while as she’ll be out of the country.

  1. thealphalife says:

    Nice FR. Reminds me of a story not too long ago… Good point to flip the script and deny her further sexual actions for a while as she will have all these thoughts in her head and just gets more heated up. A “no” is probably the best thing you can say to a girl – because she does not expect it and it just increases your value.

  2. Ash says:

    escalate, escalate, escalate! Nice on the teasing by saying ‘No’,

  3. […] HBSwedish gave me a bj at the end of our day 2, when we parted ways the unspoken assumption was that we’d fuck next time we saw each […]

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