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Scumbag PUA

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Scumbag PUA


This happened about 3 weeks ago now, at my favorite central London club.

Fairly early on in the night my wings are outside smoking, and I’m surveying the main dance floor. It’s still fairly quite but there are some OK girls around. There’s a group of three girls at a table and one of them comes over to me. She’s around maybe an HB6. Certainly nothing to get excited about to be honest. She tells me she has lost a bet with her friends and now she has to kiss a guy, and she wants to kiss me. I play dumb, “What, on the cheek you mean?”. She tells me it has to be a proper kiss. I tell her that’s very naughty then tongue her down. She leaves grinning. Although she wasn’t hot by any means and this was only a kiss close, things like this happening help my self image of being a guy that has an easy time getting girls in nightclubs. It’s a positive reference experience which is, I feel, a big part of getting good.

Skip forward half an hour or so. The dance floor is starting to pick up now. Right in the centre of the dance floor there’s a 3 set. Two girls and a guy. One of the girls is a blonde, standing at just over 6ft tall in her heels. Her face is only average, but I love her tanned skin, and what makes me really really like her is her huge tits. They’re literally like two bald men’s heads popping out of her strapless top. I want her but AA kicks in. This was brought on by two things. Firstly there’s a man in the set. I’m almost 100% certain he’s the gay best friend, but a man being there causes some primitive defense to kick in within my brain. Pursuing woman that is with a man = danger. Secondly she’s too tall for me. I’m only 5’9″. I don’t give a fuck what guys say about limiting beliefs. Although guys can get girls that are taller than them, it’s the exception not the rule. Girls who are noticeably taller than you will reject you nearly every time. I’ve tried escalating on taller girls a few times recently, and it just doesn’t feel right when they’re towering above you. This set feels like an obvious rejection.

I’m about to let the AA get the better of me and move on, like I have so many times before. But then I take one last look at her beautiful breasts and tanned skin and I can’t walk away. It’s not possible. I must know if I can have her or not. This is something that is increasingly driving me to open sets and fight through any remaining AA. It’s when your desire for the woman becomes an emotion that is stronger than the fear of AA. I would urge any guys suffering from AA to do this. Look at the hotty you want to open. View her as a sex object for the moment. Think how badly you want her. Let this feeling and this alone occupy your body and mind. You will find it so much easier to approach when you do this. Steve Jabba (from the LSS) talks about this in his youtube video, and describes it as absence of conflicting emotions. You just approach based on a pure simplistic lust which quietens the doubting voices of your ego.

So I go for it but fuck the approach up a little. I grab her hand. She accepts, but at this point I need to pull her in or say something but for some reason I just stand there. She moves for me to salsa spin her, and given the fact she’s taller (fucking told you) it’s really clumsy. She moves away from me after that. So it could of gone better. It was a rejection. But I’m OK with being rejected. I’m not OK with never trying. I’m really unhappy with myself if I don’t try, and this is really pushing me into sets. I think this is what drives men who are self actualized, or on the path to being their, to action in the face of fear. They can’t live with not trying. Important.

Fast forward another 30 minutes. I’m doing a lap of the club, and I’m back where I started, walking past the main dance floor. There’s a South American looking girl dancing on the periphery of the dance floor. I lock eye contact. She smiles at me. It’s on.

I approach telling her she looks South American, possibly Brazilian. She tells me, in perfect English she isn’t. She’s all over me from the second I approach. She say’s what nationality she is is complicated, because her parents are Portuguese but she was born and raised in South Africa. I tell her she must be drunk, because that isn’t that complicated. We dance a little, and I think it’s about this time I K Close her.

I meet her two friends, a girl and a guy. The girl is fucking wasted and keeps interrupting us to say something drunk and stupid. I decide to take her to a table in the restaurant to isolate.

It is at this point that I put a new game plan into action. Recently I’ve just been all about the escalation. Pushing hard for the sex rather than slowing down and getting to know the girl. I’ve had some feedback from posting questions on forums that this is where I’m going wrong and why I’m not able to convert the initial attention I’m getting into lays. I come across as being all about the sex, which makes girls feel like they’re being used for sex. Girls don’t like feeling this way even if they’re just after a one night stand. They like to feel like there’s a bit of romance in the air.

To this end I focused on just chatting with her for the next 30 minutes. At this point she asks if I want to leave. Score. I tell her we can go back to mine. She agrees. We just have to go and tell her friend first. I don’t like the fucking sound of that. If someone’s going to fuck things up for me it’s going to be the drunk friend.

We can’t find her friend so we go outside to smoke. Her friend texts saying that since she’s hooked up with me she’s obviously not wanted and so she’s gone home. Sweet. That’s that little obstacle removed. She says she needs to tell her male friend she’s leaving. We find him on the dance floor. They talk and we all dance. I don’t push the point about leaving at the moment (as per my new slightly slower stratagey), but 10 minutes later when she grabs my cock I grab her hand and tell her we’re leaving now. I get her right to the exit when she tells me she can’t go, as she promised her male friend she’d stay for a while. We sit and talk more. Although I obviously want to take her home for a sound rogering, this talking is good in a way as it’s helping me improve my skills in connecting with women emotionally. In addition to this she’s also fairly interesting.

And this is how it goes all night. Every 60 minutes or so I try to extract and she says not yet and we dance or talk more. My only worry here is spending all night with one girl, only for her to not want to come home with me at the end. She seems into me, and in addition to this is fairly sexually open, so I don’t think it’ll be a problem. At 2pm I know it’s on, because she tells me she wants to leave at the end (3pm) and is asking me if I live alone and if we’re getting a cab back to mine.

Right at 3pm as the clubs winding down there’s a heart stopping moment. She says she has to tell her friend she’s leaving with me instead of getting a lift back from him. I can’t hear what’s being said, but it’s obvious he isn’t pleased. I just stand watching them talk and I remember thinking that if this guy fucks this up for me then I’m going to want to rip out one of his eyes and skull fuck him to death. Cunt. What about the bro code? How can you cock block a fellow man like this?

Turns out he didn’t approve of her going home with a guy, because according to her, she “never usually does this”. I know guys reading this will have him down as a beta orbiter at this point, but he really didn’t come across that way. He was well dressed, attractive, moved confidently and was always chatting up women solo (and doing quite well by the looks of it) when we ran into him throughout the course of the night. I think it’s just that some guys have a fucked up world view when it comes to female sexuality. They’ll quite happily SNL a girl themselves, but if their female friends want to do that with a guy they wonder how she could be such a slut.

After the club kicked out we went home and a fucked her without a hitch. She was a good lay, but her body was nowhere near as nice as I anticipated.

Anyway, 5th lay of the year so far with still 5 more months left to go. I’d say this being my first year hitting double figures is a possibility. That night out cost me £50. I think cash is one of the biggest things holding me back now. The taxi home is very expensive, but one of my wings told me girls will usually go with him on the bus, so I’ll try that.

Back at the gym

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Having (almost) reached my body fat goals I’ve decided to head back to the gym and put on some muscle.

Since my aim is purely a physique that is sexually attractive, I am focusing on creating a V-shaped body that will have the Adonis ratio. Just like a good waist:hip:bust ratio on women triggers attraction in men, so a good waist:shoulder ration on men is an attraction trigger for women. The golden (aka Adonis) ratio in men is a waist:shoulder ratio of 1:1.614. This is the optimal body shape to attract women. Apparently this has been proven time and time again by science, but to be honest I haven’t read any of the scientific studies on the subject. If you’re interested, I’m sure googling ‘Adonis Ratio’ would yield all the information you could want on the subject. To put this in perspective, at my current waist size of around 32 inches, I’d need a shoulder measurement of around 51.5 inches to obtain the Adonis ratio. That’s some fucking serious shoulder width. At the moment mine are around 42.5 inches (but my measuring technique is far from accurate), so I have a ratio of around 1:1.3. A lot of work to do then…

I’m not doing a standard bodybuilding program. Since I’m going for a specific type of physique rather than overall size and strength, I am focusing on very specific areas of my body. Here is how I’m prioritizing muscle groups at the moment:

  1. Chest
  2. Back
  3. Shoulders
  4. Arms
  5. Mid section
  6. Legs

My chest is a massive weak spot in my physique, and this is clearly obvious as soon as I take my top off. I’m focusing on my upper chest. Adding muscle here will also add greatly  to my shoulder measurement. Legs, which are at the bottom of the list will only be worked once every two weeks. I’ve had huge legs in the past, and they are awful from an aesthetics point of view. You’re stuck wearing only baggy no name brand jeans because your legs won’t fit into anything else, and a huge ass doesn’t look good on a man either. My legs aren’t currently skinny (I often even have trouble getting jeans that are the correct fit for my waist fitting my legs as it is), so I don’t really need to add any size, just to maintain what I’ve got. I may reduce the frequency of my leg training even more in the future.

Here (from memory) is my workout. I use Gym Hero on my iPhone to track my workouts.

Wednesday A

Heavy weights, 4 – 8 reps with long rest periods for my legs and midsection. Light weights, 8-12 reps with short rest periods for upper body.

  • Squats
  • Back extensions
  • Calf Raises
  • Crunch Machine
  • Incline db flies
  • Cable rows
  • Db lateral raises


Heavy weights, 4 – 8 reps, long rest periods

  • Incline db press
  • Decline db press
  • Flat bench db flies
  • Db shoulder press
  • Db lateral raises
  • Tricep press downs


Heavy weights, 4 – 8 reps, long rest periods

  • Chinups
  • Pulldowns
  • Barbell curls
  • Reverse grip barbell curls

Wednesday B

Light weights, 8-12 reps with short rest periods

  • Pec dec
  • Incline db press
  • Cable rows
  • Cable lateral raises
  • Shoulder press machine
  • Cable curls
  • Tricep press downs

Diet is the most important thing in all of this, especially seeing as I’m going for body re-composition rather than just whacking on huge slabs of muscle. I aim to eat 400 calories above my maintenance requirements on workout days, and 300 calories below on rest days. I’m doing this by a mixture of using protein shakes and pre cooking  on the slow cooker then freezing large amounts of food.

I want to put on 8lbs by mid November with a slight decrease in my body fat measurement (or at worst no increase in this figure). Since I will be putting on fat and no muscle, and the muscle will be targeted at certain specific areas of my body, this should lead to a noticeable increase in upper body size.