Back at the gym

Posted: July 17, 2012 in Uncategorized

Having (almost) reached my body fat goals I’ve decided to head back to the gym and put on some muscle.

Since my aim is purely a physique that is sexually attractive, I am focusing on creating a V-shaped body that will have the Adonis ratio. Just like a good waist:hip:bust ratio on women triggers attraction in men, so a good waist:shoulder ration on men is an attraction trigger for women. The golden (aka Adonis) ratio in men is a waist:shoulder ratio of 1:1.614. This is the optimal body shape to attract women. Apparently this has been proven time and time again by science, but to be honest I haven’t read any of the scientific studies on the subject. If you’re interested, I’m sure googling ‘Adonis Ratio’ would yield all the information you could want on the subject. To put this in perspective, at my current waist size of around 32 inches, I’d need a shoulder measurement of around 51.5 inches to obtain the Adonis ratio. That’s some fucking serious shoulder width. At the moment mine are around 42.5 inches (but my measuring technique is far from accurate), so I have a ratio of around 1:1.3. A lot of work to do then…

I’m not doing a standard bodybuilding program. Since I’m going for a specific type of physique rather than overall size and strength, I am focusing on very specific areas of my body. Here is how I’m prioritizing muscle groups at the moment:

  1. Chest
  2. Back
  3. Shoulders
  4. Arms
  5. Mid section
  6. Legs

My chest is a massive weak spot in my physique, and this is clearly obvious as soon as I take my top off. I’m focusing on my upper chest. Adding muscle here will also add greatly  to my shoulder measurement. Legs, which are at the bottom of the list will only be worked once every two weeks. I’ve had huge legs in the past, and they are awful from an aesthetics point of view. You’re stuck wearing only baggy no name brand jeans because your legs won’t fit into anything else, and a huge ass doesn’t look good on a man either. My legs aren’t currently skinny (I often even have trouble getting jeans that are the correct fit for my waist fitting my legs as it is), so I don’t really need to add any size, just to maintain what I’ve got. I may reduce the frequency of my leg training even more in the future.

Here (from memory) is my workout. I use Gym Hero on my iPhone to track my workouts.

Wednesday A

Heavy weights, 4 – 8 reps with long rest periods for my legs and midsection. Light weights, 8-12 reps with short rest periods for upper body.

  • Squats
  • Back extensions
  • Calf Raises
  • Crunch Machine
  • Incline db flies
  • Cable rows
  • Db lateral raises


Heavy weights, 4 – 8 reps, long rest periods

  • Incline db press
  • Decline db press
  • Flat bench db flies
  • Db shoulder press
  • Db lateral raises
  • Tricep press downs


Heavy weights, 4 – 8 reps, long rest periods

  • Chinups
  • Pulldowns
  • Barbell curls
  • Reverse grip barbell curls

Wednesday B

Light weights, 8-12 reps with short rest periods

  • Pec dec
  • Incline db press
  • Cable rows
  • Cable lateral raises
  • Shoulder press machine
  • Cable curls
  • Tricep press downs

Diet is the most important thing in all of this, especially seeing as I’m going for body re-composition rather than just whacking on huge slabs of muscle. I aim to eat 400 calories above my maintenance requirements on workout days, and 300 calories below on rest days. I’m doing this by a mixture of using protein shakes and pre cooking  on the slow cooker then freezing large amounts of food.

I want to put on 8lbs by mid November with a slight decrease in my body fat measurement (or at worst no increase in this figure). Since I will be putting on fat and no muscle, and the muscle will be targeted at certain specific areas of my body, this should lead to a noticeable increase in upper body size.

  1. Jim Bacon says:

    Are you going to be using any ‘chemical assistance’?

    • betatopua says:

      I wasn’t intending on it. Having said that, if I knew where to get them and the price was reasonable, I would probably do so.

      From what I’ve heard, as long as steroids are stacked and cycled intelligently then their shouldn’t be a problem. I think they are a much misunderstood and maligned drug. The benefits to them are supposed to be profound.

  2. Jim Bacon says:

    I was thinking along the lines of – if you have a tendency to go to fat, gaining muscle while keeping the fat off could be extremely difficult. In fact I think it is difficult for a significant proportion of the male population.

    You should ask the above questions on the LSS. Sure you’d get a few silly responses, but you’d also get the information you need.

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