Congruency follow up

Posted: October 22, 2012 in Uncategorized

This is a follow up from a post I wrote previously about congruency. For those of you that don’t know what this is all about, I have a number of metrics which I am measuring my actions against every couple of weeks. When I score low (close to zero or minus points), that means I’m not living my life the way I want to. A high score indicates I’m living as I wish to and making good progress to towards becoming the man I want to be. I hope that achieving this will make me proud of myself, which will help with getting girls. Once I score consistently high numbers on this I will add other measures in order to challenge me more and to ensure I’m moving forward. I hope to see a big pay off for this, but I’m guessing that won’t happen till sometime towards the end of next year. Good things take time. This is for the week commencing the 8th of October, as I was making a mental note of things that week.

  • Continue working out hard 3 times a week On a new workout plan. Did 4 days at the gym, plus 3 miles of walking on two other days. +10
  • Do better at maintaining a strict(ish) diet so that I can add lean muscle mass (max 2 cheat meals a week, no missed meals or supplements). On a new fatloss diet. Did really well this week, stuck to it 95% of the time +8
  • Stop smoking 7 packs smoked. -7
  • Approach girls I find attractive during the day on the spur of the moment (i.e. don’t have specific day game sessions, just go after girls I see). Pussied out of opening a few girls, no sets opened. Thought I was going to give up on this but really don’t want to. -6
  • Maintain a better standard of dress at all times, not just when going sarging or on a date (I have a habit of often dressing like shit and not shaving / doing my hair at other times). This is important for the above point. Dressed better on most days, hair done almost every day +5
  • Spend at least 5 hours a week doing productive work (ie blogging, on here or my other blog, career development). Time to  be logged. Did 2 hours +2
  • Spend at least 5 hours a week reading. Time to be logged. I read every time I’m on the tube now, which is 5 hours a week. +5
  • Spend no money on sexual services of any kind. One short webcam session. Whoops. -1
  • Fap no more than twice per week. Whoops. 6 Times. -4
  • Don’t waste money on pointless things like eating out and caffeine drinks when not necessary. Be frugal. Was very frugal. +6
  • Do one interesting / social thing per week that I wouldn’t usually do. Visited an exhibition at the Wellcome Collection. +5
  • Meet new LSS people, befriend the ones I like. Attempt made to maintain connection via text, no meetings. 0.
  • Put in some extra hours at work when required (but not too many). Don’t slack off. A lot of extra work this week. +5.

Shit, better than expected. +28 points. I need to do this more regularly though, as I feel this was one of my better weeks this month!

I can get my points up slightly by ironing all of my shirts straight after doing my laundry every Saturday. This is all that’s stopping me having a perfect score for the grooming metric (I nearly always do my hair now, so the only thing holding me back is wearing old sweaters / unironed shirts out of laziness).

The smoking would be a big win. With the cash from not smoking I could go out sarging 2 extra times a month, plus an extra day 2 a month. This would equal 2 / 3 extra lays a year at my current rate of success, and reduce my risk of heart and lung disease.

The approaching women in the street spontaneously is hard. I know I’m OK at it in a club, and so when I suck at it in the street (which I will do at first) the difference will be so hard it’ll make my ego hurt. I’m seeing so many hotties around that I really do want to do this. At the same time, it’s not priority number 1 at the moment.

The 5 hours of work a week is important to me. Much of this work (apart from writing this blog) will aid my career. Since I only go out sarging 4 times a month and go on a few dates a month at the moment due to money concerns, cash is holding back my number of lays a year. I reckon £6k a year more after tax would almost double my lay rate. This requires a better paying job, which means I do need to spend time planning my career moves / working on my skills. I’ve recently found out via research that IOS development (iPhone / iPad apps) is the fastest growing area in software development. Looking around the salaries they seem to be 20 – 30% higher than for what I do for the same amount of experience (I do PHP development). This has lead me to start learning IOS development, which is great as it gives me a goal to focus on. The only problem is I don’t have a Mac at home (you need a Mac to do IOS development) so I have to learn this stuff after hours at work on my work iMac. After my current work project is finished I’ll set specific goals for my progress in this area, and a time frame in which to achieve this (concrete, deadlined goals which are achievable yet challenging a vital for effective goal setting and progress).

By next year I should be ready to add new metrics to this list. These will probably focus on living a more interesting life (international travel, baby!) and expanding my social circle.

  1. Jim Bacon says:

    Didn’t guys used to be able to stick mac OS on netbooks a couple of years ago?

    • betatopua says:

      Since Apple switched to using Intel processors in their Macs a while back it has been possible to run Mac OS on PC hardware. Thing is to get it just right you need specific hardware. Working out which hardware is sutiable is pretty hit and miss and pretty much requires building a PC from scratch by purchasing the components separately. Not impossible but would require a hell of a lot of research and then the possibility it doesn’t work with Mac OS.

      I may try installing Lion on a partition of my hard disk at some stage, but I won’t hold my breath…

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