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I’m in one of London’s most popular pickup joints. It’s 11pm and just starting to get really busy. In the previous two hours I’ve been pushing myself to open more sets than usual in order to build social momentum. At this point I’ve opened 4 sets. None of them went anywhere, but I didn’t crash and burn in them either. At last line could have been pushed further, but that’s another story.

At this stage I’m fairly happy with what I’ve been doing, but still I’m yet to run into any strong prospects. It’s about this point that I spot HBAustria across the room, eyeing me up. It’s pretty easy to notice this amongst the crowd since she stands around 6ft tall in her high heeled boots. Tall for a girl. She’s attractive and young. A very solid 7 and looks early 20s.

She’s in a group with about 3 other girls, and she’s alternating between whispering to them as they look over at me and giggling as she looks at me. Once upon I time I would gave assumed this meant she was making fun of me. As I’ve learned to read situations with women better I have come to know that the opposite is true. This means she wants to fuck me.

At this point I really should approach. Two things hold me back. Firstly, I’m still not that at ease with approaching large groups (groups with more than 3 people in). Secondly, I’m sure I recognise her from somewhere, but I can’t remember from where. This bugs me.

I chat to a wing for a while and he opens a set that goes nowhere. I then notice that HBAustria’s set has moved across the room and they’re now stood right next to us. For any noobs reading, a group of girls suddenly moving across the room to stand next to you is a huge IOI. This coupled with them looking at you beforehand is basically a lay that’s yours to fuck up. Thing is I’ve always been more than capable of fucking things up.

So I I open the tall girl, and find out she’s Austrain. Jokes about being a farm girl and yodeling ensue. We both agree we look familiar to one another, but neither of us are sure why. She seems to back off a bit, but on the other hand one of her friends, HBGerman, is really flirty. She’s not as attractive as the Austrian, but still bangable. At this point I decide to take what I’m being offered and so focus my interest on HBGerman.

Despite being physically flirty (e.g. pushing her tits against me, holding my hand), what she’s saying seems quite shit testy. She’s acting very suspicious, asking me to prove everything I say. I don’t jump through the hoops easily. I make her either jump through a hoop herself first (by getting her to prove something to me first, for example), or I side step it by saying something like, “Yeah you’re right. I’m lying. I’m a bad man”.

I decide that I need to isolate her to take things forward. I tell her I want to take her downstairs, where it’s not as loud, to talk to her. She agrees so I lead her downstairs. I get us drinks, and we sit and talk. Pretty standard getting to know you stuff, but she’s still really suspicious and a bit abrasive:

“You liked my friend but then tried with me because you thought I was easy, is that right”?

“You’re not that old, show me your ID”

“Do you even have time for a girlfriend? How busy are you usually”?

In isolation these things are fine, expected even. In this case, though, it was like an unrelenting barrage. After 30 minutes of this there didn’t seem to be an end in sight. PUA dogma teaches guys that they need to pass these sorts of tests in order to fuck the girl. This means they see it as some sort of challenge, and so often hang in the set no matter what. As I’m starting to get more relaxed about getting laid, as I know it will happen regularly now, I’m less inclined to put up with things like this.

There’s a line somewhere between a series of shit tests and a girl just being no good. The line is blurry at times, but it is there. I think if you suddenly realise that you aren’t having fun with the girl, then the lines probably been crossed and its time to walk away. I was close to the line with this girl, but I was never quite pushed over it.

After some more chat I up the sexual tension by slowing down my voice and eye fucking her. After a few minutes of this I get the kiss close.

She says she wants to go back to her friends. She quickly heads upstairs. I follow far behind her because I’m not needy enough to follow her quickly like a little puppy dog. When I arrive upstairs she’s chatting up some tall good looking guy. I’m not going to play her games so I leave her too it and find a good spot in the room from which to cast my eye over the female talent. Within a few minutes HBGerman is making out with the tall guy. HBAustria and some of her friends show up looking for HBGerman. I point them in the right direction. HBAustrian goes to speak to her, and then comes back to me. She tells me, “I’m sorry for you, you seem like a really great guy”, referring to the fact HBGerman has found someone new. It struck me as an odd thing to say, and I really couldn’t work out whether she was taking the piss or just trying to be nice.

I think it’s crippling for most guys when a girl suddenly switches to another guy on them like this. It’s happened to me a few times now, and I’m starting to realise that it’s just part and parcel of pulling in bars and clubs. It still stings my ego a little, but less and less each time. When things like this happen, it always reminds me of how Tyler Durden from RSD describes himself as an “Ice Pimp” when dealing with girls. The game is certainly hardening me against stuff like this, and I am evolving to the point where I’ll soon have ice blood running through my veins when dealing with women. This actually troubles me a little. It’s great for pulling, but I worry about the effect it will have on me in terms of being able to have a long term relationship. You can’t love if you’re too harden to have your heart broken.

I was a little despondent by this point in the night, but decided I needed to through myself back into the game. It wasn’t even midnight yet, and I decided this was a great opportunity to work on my determination and spirit, so I decided to rejoin the hunt. I assumed at this point that the HBGerman / HBAustrian set was over. I was wrong. Tune in for part two to find out what happens. Some highlights include a lap dance, meeting an impromptu wingman with great game who managed to keep my set going at the last moment, and a trip to a casino…