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For the past couple of months my heart just hasn’t been in the game. I’m not sure if it’s a mixture of health concerns and working long hours at work, but I’m really just not motivated to put in the effort required to get better with women at the moment. When I do go out many of my sets seem flat, the same is true of my day2s. I’m just not enthusiastic enough in the way I communicate my personality to the girls, and also I don’t push deep enough to get a good emotional connection going. I’ve also been forgetting my goals, which has resulted in me feeling like I’m aimlessly drifting through life.

Back at the start of this blog just over three years ago, I had slept with just 7 women, and maybe kissed a dozen more. I’ve now slept with 31 women and kissed maybe 50 more. Not amazing stats compared to some puas, but my point is I’m no longer the guy who’s completely terrible with women. Much of my motivation in the early days came from not wanting to be that guy who doesn’t get laid. That motivations now gone, mission accomplished in that respect.

At the end of the post I’ll think out loud about what I’m going to do next, but first I’ll give you a run down of some of the things I’ve been up to this month in terms of sets.

First off, I’ve had six day2s and no lays. Here they go:

  1. Big assed Brazilian from cold approach. HB6. Was really ill on this date, but it still included some escalation and her sticking her tongue in my ear. She really spoke very little English so it was hard to get a good vibe and have a good conversation, which put me off. Also, on the night I met her she was squeezed into a tiny dress and looked thick and curvy in a good way. I thought she was a high 7. On the date she just looked like a chubby 6. I didn’t contact her again.
  2. South American girl from cold approach. HB6. Was even more ill on this date (was the night after the previous one), but went anyway. Conversation was pleasant but I was too ill to put any spark in it. She wasn’t as attractive as I’d remembered her to be. I ended the date after just one drink. I didn’t bother contacting her again after the day2.
  3. Canadian girl from cold approach. HB8. I met her at the end of the week I was ill, and so my heart wasn’t really in the sarging. This lead to me not opening her despite her smiling at me across the bar. She eventually sent one of her guy friends to open me and make the introduction. If anyone wants to know how to get attractive girls to open them, the formula goes like this: Good hair cut + good diet an exercise regime + great outfit including Armarni blazer + being comfortable in a club + making strong eye contact with girls = attractive girls making the first move. Anyway, we only got a brief chat in the club because her and her friends were leaving. No kiss. She turned up almost 15 minutes late for the day2. I didn’t bust her balls enough for it. The date was hampered by everywhere being really busy. I did well on the overall vibe and teasing. Bad points were I didn’t make her invest enough, didn’t go deep enough with the emotional connection, and I wanted her to like me too much. The last part showed in my words and body language. Due to poor seating at the second venue, I couldn’t go in for the kiss till we’re at the tube station. She told me she doesn’t kiss in public but I just eye fucked her till she blushed a little then went for it anyway. I wanted to see her again but she never returned my texts.
  4. English girl from POF. HB7. I haven’t used POF in ages, and this girl messaged me out of the blue, seeming quite keen. Although she was attractive and pleasant to talk to her personality seemed quite serious. Would have liked to have banged her though. She told me towards the end of the date my personality wasn’t her type. She said that she went for rougher guys with a lower IQ than me. That was the end of that.
  5. Asian / English girl from POF. HB6. After I went online to talk to the previous girl I got a few messages from other girls including this one. We worked close to one another so went on a lunch date. Her personality seemed overly serious, and she acted in a slightly odd way. Can’t quite put my finger on what it was though. Also her face didn’t look nearly as nice as in her photos (8 in her photos, 6 in the flesh). I won’t be contacting her again.
  6. Older English girl from POF. HB5.5. Decent personality, had some fun with her but not overly attractive. She seems very keen (she apologised that she couldn’t take me back to hers because she had work early the next morning). I might see her again and close her, because she is pleasant company and I don’t have any new girls in the pipeline (haven’t been sarging in two weeks).

In addition to this there were a couple of girls I number closed from cold approach where there were logistical issues getting them on day2s, and due to lack of motivation I gave up.

It looks like things are coming to an end with the girl I’ve been banging recently, so lack of sex may well provide me with the motivation I need to kick it up a gear. Looking back over this post, one thing that stands out is that it seems to be a quality issue. It looks like I just can’t motivate myself to put in much effort with girls who are less than HB7s. At the same time I seem to be really struggling to get the 7s consistently and the 8s at all.

I think the way forward is to exclusively go after girls who are HB7+. I’ll have to forgo the ego boast of girls easily being all over me like  girls less attractive than that would be. Martial artists have a phrase “putting on a white belt again” which refers to an experienced martial artist humbling himself by going back to basics because that’s what he needs to do to reach the next level. I think that’s what I need to do. I need to go back and read over some of the more basic game stuff out there. They’ll still be basic things I’m getting wrong. I need to de-prioritize my career (been working too long hours recently) and focus more on building a friendship circle and the accompanying lifestyle. Most of all I need to be prepared to be a chode with the hotter women until I get more experienced with them. Sometimes the only way forward is to take a step backwards.