Super direct online dating opener leads to a new notch

Posted: June 9, 2013 in Uncategorized

I had  given up on online dating at the beginning of the year due to many of the girls I met turning out to be fatties. A few weeks ago I was bored so decided to give it one more shot. I sent out a couple of dozen messages and had about 4 girls wanting to meet me. Due to monetary constraints this month I decided to only meet one of them. So far, none of this is particularly new or interesting. What is interesting is an opening message I tried sending to about half a dozen girls. It bombed on all of them except for a blonde eastern euro looking HB7 with huge tits that was wearing a bikini in her main profile picture. Up until this point the opener was part experiment, part joke, but in this case this online interaction lead to my 4th lay of the year. Here’s a transcript of our online chat in full. My thoughts at each stage are underneath in italics.

Me: Would smash

Lol, I’m such a schoolboy

Her: Excuse me?

Me: Smash = have sex with. You’re behind the times.

You know what I mean, sweetie. I’m not going to back peddle.

Her: I’m just not English .. Anyway not interested lol

The ‘lol’ means she’s finding it fun. Probably is interested.

Me: I’m not sure I believe you. Where are you from?

Assume attraction, but snip sexual thread. Note from now on I don’t go sexual at all. You can’t be all pull, and I think getting a girl to ‘agree’ to have sex with you is folly. Now the sexual stuff’s been put out there I can move on, and never need to verbalise it again since I’ve been so direct on the opener. This includes on our two dates. No verbal mentions of sex (but plenty of eye fucking). I think this is important here. If this message had been, “I know you’re up for it, lets get it on” the interaction may well have ended here.

Her: Whaaat? Believe it or not believe it not all the sexy girls r after about sex (only) I like have fun in different ways and sex comes after if I enjoy time with someone but not straight away ! So ur proposition wasn’t right thing to me! Thnx!

Me: That wasn’t a proposition, it was a statement.

I ignore the sexual stuff, and instead of going with her frame,”Yes it’s not all about sex blah blah blah”, I grab the frame by correcting her on the semantics of my opener. This is challenging, and I’m not trying to reason her into bed, “We’re both attractive, so we shouldn’t be ashamed at getting it on”. Tried this before, doesn’t seem to work.

Her: Alright I meant exactly the same ! Just thnx for correcting my English lol

Me: Cool. Now that’s cleared up we can go for drinks sometime.

Have to move things forward, and I do so in a fairly blunt way.

Her: For what? For smashing me after ? Hahah

Me: I don’t know what will happen after… What’s your name? [My Name]

I’m not going to back peddle and deny I want to fuck her. At the same I have to let her know that by agreeing to a date I don’t view it as her agreeing to sex. She’d feel too slutty.

Her: [Her Name]

Me: Hi [Her Name], I’m [My Name]. Give me your number so we can go for a drink sometime.

Her: U were way too cheeky looool

Me: Nah. Just direct. Let’s go out, get to know each other.

She’s loving this. Reiterate that the date will be talking not fucking. I keep it terse because she seems to be responding well to that.

Her: U can be direct as u want but I can be stubborn with my principles too if u looking for fuck buddy u waste ur time as im not interested in shallow people , If u interested more than just a body then u can try ..[Her Number]..

I don’t think this is a great opener, but I thought it was an interesting online interaction worth sharing.

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