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Posted: July 22, 2013 in Uncategorized

At the end of last year I posted a list of things that I wanted to achieve this year. Getting a daygame lay was one of them. On his blog, Krauser, who’s game and posts both seem to be on great form this year, wrote about how he believed doing daygame was like holding up a mirror which reflects back a true appraisal of your own attractiveness to girls. I found the advice he gave in his summary very interesting:

All men build buffers around themselves to flatter their self esteem and avoid rejection. Every single one of us, myself included. Root them out. Figure out how you are fooling yourself. The easiest single step is to go out into the street and open ten girls. Welcome the responses they are giving you. The harsh blowouts and the flat zero-attraction chats are offering you far more constructive feedback than any online forum can. Compile a wealth of this information, figure out where you stand, and then make a promise to yourself that from this ground zero you will build yourself up.

The part about opening 10 girls in the street and seeing how it goes appealed to me, and was a good first step in the journey towards my first daygame lay. So that’s exactly what I did. The following 10 approaches happened over the course of the past 3 weeks, so my memory may be somewhat hazy. This doesn’t matter as we’re only looking for an overview in order to tell we’re I’m at in terms of my attractiveness. All girls were HB7+, mostly 8s.

  1. English girl. Stopped, 10 minute conversation and number close. Flake. Friendly vibe. I was nervous and blabbered on. No teasing, and 0 sexuality / intent.
  2. Koren girl who grew up in UK. 5 minute conversation before she made her excuses and left. She was shy, I was nervous. Very awkward.
  3. Scottish girl. Fun vibe between us, but no intent by me. Got the bf line as I tried for the number.
  4. Stopped her but saw she looked a lot younger up close. She told me she was under 18 so I ejected.
  5. Tried to stop her but she said she was meeting friends. It seemed like she would have stop if I persisted, but I let her go.
  6. English girl, barely scraping a 7. I only opened her because a wing said she was IOIing me. Awkward conversation on my part, so I ejected.
  7. Came in at the wrong angle, freaked her out a little, lost my nerve and she wouldn’t stop.
  8. Hot little Czech 20 year old. Tanned, decent face, great body in a little pair of tight shorts. HB8. Good vibe and teasing by me. Mild intent. Bounced her to a pub for my first ever insta date. Day2’d her a week later. She’s new to London and I get the impression she just wants beta orbiters to take her out (this is happening with other men she’s met). Refuses KClose multiple times. Doesn’t seem that into me. I’m good at the start of the date but don’t work hard enough at the end of the date. Probably too persistant with escalation attempts (this is sticking point for me, too much escalation, I’m sure this is one of the big reasons I have problems with day2s).
  9. English girl. Fun vibe but no teasing or intent. Pure beta style daygame (“I saw you and thought you looked fit”). Number close and flake.
  10. English girl. Looked wary of me (I’m too nervous to smile sometimes in daygame). Turned out she was 17. Whoops. Let her go.

Looking at those results I’m obviously not completely repellent to women (although I already know this from the fact I had a HB7 brazillian who’s more than a decade younger than me text me tonight wanting to come to my flat… ahh night game is so much easier). The main thing stopping me being attractive at the moment is my nerves. It’s not that I’m scared of rejection. Last Friday outside a club I tried to kiss close a girl and she literally laughed in my face. It didn’t phase me at all, so rejection obviously doesn’t scare me (also I went on to bang that girl 2 hours later). What makes me nervous during the day is the fact that stopping girls in the street and hitting on them isn’t really socially acceptable. The only way to get around that is desensitisation and results.

I think it will take me about 200 approaches done over the rest of the year before I become chilled out enough in set during the day to start getting good results. Results will lead to further results. This is because when I start to get laid from daygame, neural connections will form in my brain telling me that approaching girls in the day leads to sex with attractive women. Once that happens social acceptability be damned. These concerns will automatically be overridden by my animal desire to reproduce. Subconsciously I won’t start to see daygame as have realistic reproduction opportunity until I start to get laid from it.

While there’s much more to game than approaching and I will continue to work on my value, the way forward in this instance is mass approaching. Oxford Street watch out.

  1. Jim Bacon says:

    Yeah I have very mixed feelings about daygame, as do a lot of people judging by the debates continually raging on the LSS.

    On one side people point out that you can actually get laid from it, therefore just do more of it. The other side say that it is weird, panhandling for sex, therefore don’t do it. Both arguments are a little bit simplistic, but as is usual on bulletin boards, people are more interested in finding withering pithy dismissive lines than actually debating or helping each other.

    Off internet fantasy land in real life 200 approaches is a LOT of time and effort. It took me and my wing about an entire month to get 50 approaches done down in Brighton. Even if there is more fanny per square yard in London, I imagine that after those 10 approaches you called it a day due to the loss of emotional energy. If you tell me that you turned around and did another 20 approaches I would be very surprised.

    Guys like Krauser emphasize daygame, because it seems accessible to fairly sexless men on the internet who are his customers. You might actually get a lot more bang for your time and effort doing something else PROPERLY (e.g. backpacking or gym). But as you can’t make money selling an ebook or hourly coaching sessions for these options they get ignored and de-emphasized.

    Something to keep in mind is that returns on time and effort in a lot of areas are not linear. In a lot of areas there is often a dip on your returns before getting something out of an effort. For example, rather than go backpacking in Thailand for 1 month, someone instead decides to take the cheaper option by going to a med island for 9 days. He then discovers that about 5000 other blokes have had this plan too and there is a horrible gender ratio there. Or a guy decides that a better body might help him pull. The guy goes to the gym, but without consistency due to other distractions in life. He does lose belly fat or increase his lifts a bit, but overall the changes are not visible to girls under clothes. The guy then wrongly concludes that gym is a waste of time.

    One of the real problem with daygame is that it takes your time and energy away from other things. The other problem is that it is a cost and not an investment. After 200 sessions in the gym you’ll look different. After 200 daygame approaches, you’ll be desensitized (not sure if that is actually a big asset) but then after 1 week away from it your brain will work pretty much how it always has and you’ll be back to square one.

    • betatopua says:

      The panhandling for sex thing is mainly just Ryanimal and maybe the odd couple of others that make a lot of noise against daygame. Most of the community is all for it. Their opinions are quite irrelevant to me regarding this matter. I’ll do daygame because of some of the benefits I think it will have for me.

      The main benefit is that at the moment my ability to get girls is quite situational. It’s clubs, maybe bars, or nothing. If I was good at daygame I could take advantage of many opportunities that present themselves in day to day life. In the short time as I hit the learning curve, doing daygame won’t be the most efficient use of my time. There will be a lot of work for little, if any reward. However, once I’m competent it will make me more efficient. Living in central London I could probably open up to 10 girls a week when going about my daily life. This is a very time efficient way to get laid. At the moment I’d struggle to do this, mainly due to day time AA. That’s what I really want out of daygame. To expand my pursuit of women into my daily life, changing it from something I do on the weekend to something I am.

      I think Krauser empathises daygame due to personal preferences more than commercial purposes. It really suits many people as the best way for them to get a high number of girls.

      Gym and daygame aren’t mutually exclusive. I’ll still get my 200 gym sessions in at the same time as my 200 approaches. Yes 200 approaches is a lot of work, but then so is anything worth getting good at. For me the potential pay off is worth the effort. If it wasn’t I wouldn’t be spending every Saturday doing it; my time’s too valuable to me to waste it.

  2. Neil says:

    PUA/seduction community advice doesn’t work. If you want true success with women, you need to be Direct, real and honest instead.

    I invite you to my website and blog,, where you can also download my free ebook all about being Direct, real and honest with women.

  3. Daniel says:

    I am curious, how’s the day game going now?

    • betatopua says:

      I’ve never really done it consistently enough due to boredom / AA. Have improved a little in that I can get insta dates and numbers more easily now.

      Did want to get my first day game lay this year, but it’s not going to happen.

      Going to make this my primary purpose in life in the first quarter of 2014…

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