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I Want More

Posted: August 19, 2013 in Uncategorized

I went to a bar last week that has some significance for me. It’s the first place I ever went out sarging since finding out about game over three years ago. I had never been back, until last week. It is a high end place in Mayfair (the expensive one on the Monopoly board), where drinks are 3 times the price of the UK average. I was taken there by a rich, experienced PUA I met via a forum. I remember thinking that picking up an attractive girl from such a pricey venue and taking her back to my tiny studio flat in a not so nice part of town and fucking her would be impossible. The girls there would never go for me. Well, turns out, after three and a half years of practising game it became possible. I fucked a girl I met there last week. Maybe a 7. She dressed very sexy, and while her body wasn’t perfect she had amazing tits. She wasn’t the only girl I fucked that week. I fucked my regular Brazilian (6 / 7 depends on how she does herself up), who’s a decade my junior.

These things once seemed impossible, or at best improbable to me. So I should be happy with my success, but I’m not. I want hotter girls. The 8s at the moment, but one day it may well be the 9s. I number closed my first 9 last week too, but was too pussy to push the interaction, and she flaked.

I want more.

I want the hot girls, not the OK ones.

And I don’t have a clue how to reach this level.

I’ve recently had a whole list of things in my head on how to improve. I don’t know if they’ll help me reach my aim. Each one could potentially be a post, but for now I’ll just fire them out:

  • I still expect to be rejected when approaching hot girls, so I approach timidly
  • I linger too much before approaching
  • By banter just after opening isn’t sharp enough
  • I don’t persist enough with most girls who at first seem to reject me. If I plow on they may still all reject me, but I need to find that out by plowing more.
  • If it’s crowded I’m afraid to move right through the crowd to get in front of the girl and open (in clubs). I try and wait to tap her on the shoulder. A bit lame.
  • I still waste too much money on BS things.
  • I still need to improve my friendship network. I go out to networking events now, but need to be more proactive when it comes to taking peoples numbers and meeting them again. I’m only used to doing this when I want to fuck someone, not as friends.
  • Need more competition in my life. Had a tour of a boxing gym today. Will join when my current gym membership expires. I fear for my pretty face.
  • Still need to lose a bit of belly, but working on chest / back bulk at the moment.
  • I’ve read more this year, but need to do more, and more diverse reading. I read too much self improvement stuff.
  • Want to try new things more often, I always seem to forget and do the same old same old.
  • When on dates don’t capture the girls imagination enough, with things like roleplay.

So much to do, so little time.