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Posted: December 4, 2013 in Uncategorized

In the past 4 weeks I’ve got 4 new notches past 5 weeks I’ve got 5 new notches (plus a hand job from a 6th girl), including a 3 week run with a new SNL each week. With 6 weeks left in the year I have already beaten last year’s notch count by a small margin. This all sounds great on paper, but I have a problem.


It’s plain to see that the quantity is there, but I want to drastically increase the quality of the women I fuck. When I talk about quality in this context please note I mean only the physical attractiveness of the girls. Chastity / personality isn’t what I’m talking about. To be more specific, I’d say my average lay is just above the HB6 mark at the moment. I want that average to creep up to a HB7. At the moment I have never laid a girl who I could legitimately call an 8.

Something is obviously going wrong when I’m interacting with the hot women. At the moment I’m not sure what this is. When you’re trying to do something and not succeeding, the first thing you need is data. You need lots of experiences of failure so you can spot patterns. An example of a pattern would be the fact I realised I earlier this year that I was mostly only getting SNLs when the girl asked me to come home with her, or at least massively hinted that we should go home together. Female sexual nature being what it is, if you are waiting for a girl to initiate the extraction to the sex location, you’ll be missing out on a lot of SNLs, simply because many girls will never initiate this. In the later part of this year I’ve asked women to come home with me more regularly, so have got more SNLs since then. I broke the pattern of not trying to extract girls who were ready to leave the club with me. I still don’t do this quite as much as I should, but now I have identified the mistake I can work on this.

These patterns may or may not be mistakes which are stopping you getting what you want. You change what you do in order to break the pattern. If this new approach gets you what you want, great. If not back to the drawing board.

Spotting these patterns requires large amounts of data. If something happens irregularly you won’t spot patterns that easily. If something happens to you all the time the patterns / mistakes will probably be blindingly obvious to you.

So how do I gather data as it relates to trying to fuck hot women? Approaching.

I need lots of data, therefore I need to approach lots of hot women. I know some people in the community talk like approaching is all there is to it. Do 2,000 sets and you’ll from then on be amazing with women. This is obviously not true. There’s a lot of work that needs doing besides approaching. That’s fine. I’m doing much of that work. Having said that, what I need to do now in order to improve is to gather data by approaching large numbers of hot women.

To make sure I get the approaches in I plan to set approach targets. This is something I haven’t done in ages, but I think having set numerical targets is the only way I’ll break the habit of just doing around half a dozen approaches a week, at most.

I’m going to set may targets small at first. I don’t want to constantly be missing them and feeling like I’m failing, and give up. Once I’m consistently hitting them I can start to up them. Here are my targets:

10 sets a week of which:
At least 4 sets must be day game
At least 5 sets must be on HB8+ girls

Hopefully by January I will be hitting this and able to up it to around 15 a week., with 10HB8+ girls. A few months of that and I should have all the data I need to work out what’s going wrong.

  1. Mike Gill says:

    ” I know some people in the community talk like approaching is all there is to it. Do 2,000 sets and you’ll from then on be amazing with women. This is obviously not true. ”

    But the bigger question in your context, have you approached 2,000 girls who are 8+?

    Historically speaking how many girls have you approached who are legit 8+? Another way of putting this, if you just broke down what % of approaches were assigned to each girl on their HB scale how does it break down? If you had the following breakdown if could tell you something

    HB 5 – 30%
    HB 6 – 32%
    HB 7 – 25%
    HB 8 – 9%
    HB 9 – 4%
    HB 10 – 0%

    So if you approach 100 women and only 9 of them are HB 8s, 4 of them are HB 9s and you approach zero HB 10s it’s going to obviously be an issue stastically.

  2. Jim (lss) says:

    In the immortal words of PaulyD “Yea buddy!”. Well done on the 5 lays.

    As always, I think getting on the hotter girls is more of an improved lifestyle thing than some technical thing that you are doing wrong.

    How many girls who are an 8 do you have in your social group?

    • betatopua says:

      Although I think that will help slightly and I will continue to work on my social group in the new year, it’s more of an issue if I as trying to get a gf rather than trying to get laid.

  3. Jim (LSS) says:

    I was speculating that higher quality girls can pick and choose more how they meet the guys they fuck (this is speculation, and could be wrong). But you not getting on 8s might not be due to your looks or approach, it may be that you are falling at the first hurdle. When these girls hook up with some random guy, it is a random guy who is already demonstrating some attractive qualities by being at the houseparty of their mate who they think is cool.

    I’m certainly not saying that it is impossible to go out and pull an 8 back from an anonymous dive bar like PI or TT, but it might be the most difficult way. And when things are difficult, you’ll give up on them sooner or later if you are rational.

  4. […] I will write up each of the next dozen, whether they go well or go badly. I’m hoping to spot patterns to help me determine both what I’m doing right, and what I’m doing wrong. I’ll […]

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