Field Report 2 of 12: Huge Boobies

Posted: December 24, 2013 in Uncategorized

This is a 3rd date with a girl who I met almost a month ago in a bar. The previous two dates went well. She gave me a hand job in her car on the first date, but I’m yet to bang her.

The girl’s pretty. A high 7 or low 8 if you like Indian looking girls (I say looking because she’s mixed race, not actually Indian), but only a 7 if you don’t like this type. She’s very tall for a girl, standing at probably over 6ft when in heels (I’m 5’9″). She has the voluptuous Kim Kardashian type body and always dresses in a glamorous way to show it off: heels, tight, short skirt, epic cleavage. She gets eyed up by men a lot. She just seems the type who’d end up dating some 6ft3 built semi criminal badboy, but she denies liking this sort of man.

In terms of personality she’s very confident and assertive, and won’t shy from confrontation. I think this is a bit of an act to a certain extent, and deep down she is softer than she makes out. I’ve told her this.

For our third date we meet in central London 20 minutes later than planned because she has difficulties finding a parking space. I have a mini rant about how having a car and living in central London is just a waste of time. With the tube network it’s just unnecessary and when you factor in finding parking spaces, having a car becomes a bit like a ball and a chain limiting your movements in some cases.

When we finally make it to the Soho bar (as per a recommendation on a forum) the place is fairly busy. It’s a cocktail bar with no menu. The bar tender just asks me to tell him what sort of stuff I like, and based on this he makes me a cocktail. Nice. She asks for fresh orange juice and he says they don’t have any. She complains about this and points out the fact there’s a whole orange behind the bar. He tells her that would require him to squeeze her an orange juice, and that’s not happening. The guy’s quite funny actually. Eventually she decides on a fruit juice cocktail. After making it the bar tender cuts a huge over sized slice of orange and sticks it in her glass, telling her she can nibble on that if she gets hungry. She’s not impressed. I’m in stitches. I point out a free space at a table and she sits down while I pay.

We chat about various medial ailments we have. I moan about my IBS. I got it this year and it keeps making my stomach swell up to the point I look fat, despite a recent diet bringing my bodyfat percentage down to below average. I tell her how I’m making it my mission to bring it under control next year, despite doctors not being that helpful about it (many doctors claim IBS can’t be cured).

I know another decent bar in the area which probably won’t be quite as loud or crowded so we go there for a second drink. We talk about our musical tastes. She’s really into her music so blasts me for my choices. I tease her about trying to be too cool for school with her musical tastes. I go a little sexual with the conversation, telling her she acts all tough but when I get her into bed I’m going to put her across my knee and spank her before fucking her hard. She notes that my personality changes a fair amount when I drink. She says I get noticeably more chilled out, give much less of a fuck about anything and get a lot more sexual. In other words my game gets a lot better after 2 – 3 drinks. This is something I’ve noticed recently too, and will be something I address in a future post. I need to sort this out if I’m ever to do as well in day game as I do in night game.

We go back to her car and make out a little. I tell her to drive us to get food then back to mine to eat. She says we’ll end up fucking if that happens. I tell her maybe. She tells me she can fuck me whenever she wants. I tell her I may well surprise her. She refuses to go back to mine. She wants to make out some more, but I say I best be heading home. My thinking is she can’t have everything physical on just her terms.

She drives me to a station, and on the way she suddenly winds down the window when stopped at lights. She shouts to this arab guy in the car next to us asking what he wanted (turns out he gestured to her to wind down her window, I never saw this). He says she looks really nice, then looks at me and says, “That must be your brother with you” before speeding off. People who know about game know this is a ploy to frame me as someone who couldn’t possibly be her boyfriend. The girl picked up on this saying that it was obvious he was saying this to be a twat, as I couldn’t be her brother because of our different ethnicities. Usually if a guy gives a girl I’m with a compliment like this to hit on her I’d say something like, “It’s really nice of you to say that, thanks” in a voice that contains a hint of condescension, with the frame basically being, “Aww, isn’t he nice (and non sexually threatening)”. In this case it happened so fast I didn’t get a chance. I will admit this threw me a little bit. As I start to date better looking women I need to get better at handling male competition, both outwardly and emotionally, as I’m going to run into it more and more often.

Not much really happened on the date. We’re still in contact and she wants to meet up when I get back to London after Christmas. I’d say I’m fairly likely to get the lay, but I don’t like the fact it’s been 3 dates without any sex. It’s possible that she’s just keeping me around as an option. All in all she’s a girl I’d casually date, but her personality isn’t the type I’d go long term with.

Things I did well:

  • No huge mistakes made

Things I did badly:

  • Could have spoke more about her job when she brought it up. It’s quite an emotionally charged job so it’s a good topic of conversation and helps me get to know her better.
  • Need to be able to game the same sober as drunk
  • Need to get batter at handling guys hitting on girls I’m with
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