2013: Year Review

Posted: January 8, 2014 in Uncategorized

If I had to sum up my progress this year in a nutshell, I would describe it as steady but not earth shattering. As you will see I’ve made incremental progress, but despite this nothing I’d consider really game changing has happened.

Firstly, lets talk about the sex. As with both Krauser and Tom Torero the only stat I know for sure is my new notch count. I don’t know what my open or number close or date numbers are. In terms of approaches I would estimate that I made at least 250, and at the very most around 400. That’s all cold approaches, night game or day game, It does not included the girls I contact using online dating, which is fairly large.

Total new notches for 2013: 16
Online: 3
Night game: 13
Day game: 0
Social Circle: 1

This is a 1/3rd increase from last years notch count of 12. I would also say that my quality has increased over last year. It’s had to quantify, but I’d say it’s gone up on average by half a point. I still did a few rotters this year though.

That’s the lays, but I also had a whole set of goals for 2013. A good thing about having a blog is that your goals are kept on public record, so that both you and others are able to hold you to account. According to this very blog, my goals for 2013 were as follows. The crossed out ones are the ones I was successful in meeting. Comments are in italics.

  1. Become competent at IOS (iPhone/Pad) programming. Due to the ever changing tech market I decided this really wasn’t the best use of my time.
  2. Get a new job with slightly more responsibility. Earning a fair amount more cash now too.
  3. Expand my seduction community social circle by at least a couple of (decent) people. Have realised I’ll never have a huge social circle, it’s not in my nature. Still can do with expanding it slightly.
  4. Go to meet ups regularly. I found a social meetup I like where I can mix socialising, networking and sarging. Need to work on the social side of things.
  5. Make 2/3 new friends outside of the community. I made one friend this year. Yay. Will expand on this next year, but again never going to have a huge social circle, and I’m OK with that.
  6. Travel abroad at least twice. Paris and Belgrade.
  7. Do two interesting things a month. It can be a trip abroad or just going to a restaurant which is a little different. Didn’t keep up with this habit.
  8. Stop smoking.
  9. Stop spending loads of cash on sexual services. Have cut down, but not completely cut it out yet.
  10. Continue reading a book a month. More or less.
  11. Sleep with a dozen women (although I’m more concerned with quality these days).
  12. Start regularly approaching girls in the day time. I made a big effort for about 6 weeks, but I have so much AA in the daytime that it stops sarging being fun or productive.
  13. Get my first day game lay. (As the weather gets warmer next year I’m really going to push for this one. I can do it through sheer volume of approaches if I have to. I don’t think it’s possible for me to do 100 day game approaches and not get laid). See above.
  14. Keep my flat tidy. Did better than last year, but not enough to cross this off.
  15. Get a 6 pac (I’m so close but need to stop dieting now) Came close but only started dieting in November. 2 months wasn’t enough.

I achieved about half of my goals. All in all I feel like I moved forward this year, but my life is fundamentally the same. I want to make changes so big that I feel like I’m almost living a new life. My goals for next year (I’ll post about these soon) should reflect this.

I think my two main problems (apart from my lack of discipline) were that I set too many goals, and didn’t focus on one goal at a time. I will addresses these points in the way in which I go about setting next years goals in my upcoming post.

  1. GunsofApollo says:

    Hey man, I just got back on my blog and decided to stop by. Glad to see you’ve kept at it for the past year. Anyone who doesn’t do an analysis of the pasts year’s goals or accomplishments around this time doesn’t take themselves very seriously. Nice to see you’ve crossed a lot off the list. Ever think that maybe your doing a bit too much to get girls?

    My new blog will be red pill-ish. But I’ve met a great girl and been in a relationship so now I tow the line between life advice/obersvations and not wanting to become a keyboard jockey. It always just blows my mind to see so many red pill/pua and men’s improvement blogs – but I have yet to see a women make a blog and systematically set goals for meeting and pleasing men. That’s the sort of realization that makes me think self confidence, career, and fitness are the top – the rest will come.

    • betatopua says:

      Well I just got a new job and I’m working hard at the gym. I think all that stuff is important, but you’re not going to go through a lot of women unless you spend some time focusing on just fucking women. Just letting this take care of itself is enough to get a decent gf (which is fine if that’s what you want), but is not enough to be a player.

  2. krauserpua says:

    It sounds like solid progress to me. 16 lays per year is bloody hard work from cold approach. So in six months you got what most men get in their whole life.

    “I still did a few rotters this year though”

    haha, who hasn’t?

    • betatopua says:

      I remember Uncle B on the LSS said he’s slept with FHM high street honey’s on the one hand, but on the other he’d done plenty of rotters. I think a player will always end up shagging rotters. If you’re going to go through lots of women you need a high drive for fresh pussy. You will always run into situations when you can either shag a below par girl or go without for a while. If you have fresh pussy hunger you’re going to be driven to fuck the rotter rather than abstain.

  3. bhodisatta says:

    Well done mate. Those results are amazing. I think 16 lays a year is loads… you in the top 1% of men now.

    IBS? Don’t know if you’re guzzling protein powder as part of your new regime but I used to find it gave me IBS. there’s nearly always a trigger food. coffee can do it. cottage cheese is terrible for it. peppers too. just switch up your diet and track what you eat.

    Hope to see you at Nick’s book release thing.

    (ps. reserve yourself a copy asap. dude I’ve read it and it’s massive, about 500 pages long and full of graphics, professionally laid out and is really deep plus about 3/4 of it is relevant to all game, not just daygame. you will be fucking kicking yourself for not getting one when you see it. you have been told! i’m not saying anymore).

    • betatopua says:

      The IBS actually started when I wasn’t taking much if any protein powder. There’s a new IBS treatment I plan to try, it’s not quite been passed for NHS useage yet so it’ll cost me a fortune though.

  4. bhodisatta says:

    ps. could you update your link to my blog please? the new one is http://www.bodipua.com

  5. Mikeg says:

    Interesting stats. I’d be curious to see if you could break down those stats even more, like rank lays out by the HB rating. For example;

    Online: 6 6 7
    Night Game: 4 5 5 5 5 6 6 6 6 7 7 7 8

    It’s interesting how much more successful night game is for you at this point. In a way it’s logical since I fully believe that the world tends to reward risk and online dating is about as low of a risk in approaching for a guy as you can get. This is why I still believe day game is the most reward for guys given the effort since its the balliest.

    • betatopua says:

      I’d guess:

      Online: 6.5 7 7.5
      Nightgame: 4 5 5 5 6 6 6 6 6.5 6.5 7 7 7

      I’m more likely to fuck a minger during night game. There is a reason for this. Some of the girls who I fucked from night game, I would never message via online dating, and would ignore if they messaged me. With night game I really go out to get laid that night. After I’ve had a few drinks and the night is drawing to a close, I will opportunistically fuck a rotter, because the choice is that or go home alone. You’re never really faced with that choice the same way online.

      Assanova once wrote a post on Aaron Sleazy’s forum stating that all his friends that did both online and cold approach got the same average quality from both. I’d agree with this. Although PUAs like to believe showing balls via a cold approach gets you laid because the women likes this, I think that’s rarely true. Cold approaching just gives you opportunities and therefore more sexual freedom.

  6. bhodisatta says:

    A ‘4’? Pics or it didn’t happen!!

  7. Jim says:

    What is the new treatment for IBS?

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